This is Pine Valley, right?



This is the sequel to Carly, Is that you? Reese never lied to Bianca, Reese is really a hit-woman and the architect is a cover. Bianca realizes that Reese takes out bad people. Carly is friends with Bianca because of Kendall and her knowing each other in Florida. Kendall was never in a coma, she broke her leg and the donor came from someone else. So, Carly is coming to Pine Valley because everyone wants to present Carly with a party and donation. However, someone is going to die…

Part One- Italy(Before the Hurricane)

Reese had her I-pod on, she was playing the theme music to Planet Terror and just got the boots to match, she decided for this hit, she was going to go casual. Miranda spilled juice on her best hit-woman pants. So as she was playing the music, she set-up and realize that the target had to make sure he was there when he was suppose to be. She had a dinner date that she couldn't miss and the house that she was building for Bianca. She got the aim, he was there and as he picked up his drink, he was planning the next shipment of drugs and what port to put them through...Then he was thinking someone just shot me between the……..Reese broke down her weapon and walked downstairs then dropped her brunette wig. She got into her car and left. The phone rang, "Hi honey." Reese said and Bianca responded, "So Jane, how late are you going to be?" "Don't worry baby I'll be on time."