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A pale boy with knee long night black hair sat on a windows seat, staring out into the rainy dark day. His eyes were dull and in his hand was a piece of old yellowish paper. It was his birth certificate and his adoption papers. He could hear more yelling coming from downstairs. They where at it again, always at it since he was little. He knew they only stayed together to help 'raise' him right, he just wished they'd get it all over with and divorce already.

Large almond shaped Sapphire Blues blinked to re wet the eyeballs and he looked once more at the papers. He finally knew why he was different then his parents. They had found his mother near birthing time and took her in, and calling for a doctor to deliver the baby at their house. Due to some complications she had died after birth, but not before naming him Harlan or Harry for short if he felt like it. She had told the doctor the name of his father from America Charlie Swan from a little town named Forks, Washington on the Olympic peninsula.

After she died the Potters quickly snatched him up and adopted him, due to complications Lily couldn't give birth. He heard shattering of something being broken and more screams coming from his 'mother'. He pulled his legs into his body, hands covering his ears. He stared at the papers in front of his feet. He wanted to leave, start somewhere new, he knew what he wanted to do then. He wanted to meet his father, maybe go live with him. It'd make it easier on the Potters anyways. He dropped his hands, ignored the slamming of doors and silence. Getting up, he went to the desk in his room and took out a few scraps of papers and a pen and started on the hardest letter he had ever had to write. 'Dear Mr. Swan.....' It took him over two hours to get the letter saying what he wanted to say.

When he was finished, he was called down for dinner. Taking a deep breath to calm his shaking nerves, he headed down to eat. It was in the middle of dinner he sprung his request onto them. " I want to go live with my biological father " he said, the sounds of utensils scrapping dishes stopped. It was a stunned silence that he glanced up to see them staring at him. He pushed on, not giving them time to reject his request. " I just think...it'd be nice to know my real father and while I'm gone...you two can finally separate and find the one your heart really belongs to... I know you both wanted to stay together just for me, but i think it might be time to let go and find our own ways. " he said, pushing his salad around his plate. Harlan wasn't a meat eater, he was a strict vegetarian, except he did drink milk.

Lily and James stared, surprise and horror written on their faces. "Harry...my god.. I'm so sorry, We..I..didn't think we were hurting you this way. " said a horrified James. Harlan shrugged his shoulders, keeping his head down. Lily looked at James, she did still love him, but it changed over the years to a platonic love.

She sighed and rested her head in her hands. " you might be right Harry, We haven't been raising you the right way by putting you in the middle of our fights..and blurting out you where adopted like that. " she said, tears gathering in her eyes. " It's okay!... yes.. it hurt, but I..got over it. I do love you both, your my parents still, just another set of them. I will keep in touch always and visit when I can. " he said, looking up at them both, pleading with his eyes for them to understand what he was saying. He didn't want to stop being their son, just, wanted them to be happy and to meet his real father. James sighed, " lets first contact your father and tell him everything. " he said. Harlan nodded " alright, I'll write a letter to him " He said, smiling lovingly at his parents. " i really want you two to be happy and i feel this will bring us all happiness. " he said, blushing. James and Lily nodded and the three finished dinner.

Harlan after cleaning his plate, headed up to his room, heading to his bathroom to shower. He glanced at the letter already written and in its envelope and the address he found on his search through the web. He grabbed his pj's and a fluffy black towel and went to shower.

//Darkness was all around him, he was naked, his pale and short body, partially covered by his hair. He heard soft spoke loving words, he could feel loving cold caresses over his body, making him bite his lip, keeping the whimper from escaping past his blood red lips. He gasped when he felt those cold lips touch his sensitive neck, making him unable to stop the mew from leaving his lips, pants for air. He felt like he was drowning in the sensations he was experiencing. //

Harlan gasped, sitting up, eyes wide in suprise, cheeks flushed red and his body trembling. He could already frrl the tell tale signs that he was sexually brought to the edge of orgasim but tauntingly left without release. He gripped the sheets to get his breath calm before struggling up on shaky legs to go take a long cold shower.

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