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Harlan and the girls spent their drive listening to an assortment of genre of music. They took a stop at a Starbucks near the off ramp on the way to Seattle. Like all usual Starbucks, there was a bit of a line wait. Harlan stared at the menu, focusing on what he wanted his drink to be and what sounded better. Sasha was getting a Venti Shaken Iced Peach Green tea, Kumiko was ordering for herself and Sasha; she was getting a Venti white chocolate mocha with a hint of peppermint and whip cream. Harlan ordered himself a Grande 5 pump mocha, 2 pump toffee nut , 1 pump Chai Frappuccino with whip and extra mocha drizzle. He knew he was being a little too detailed, but it has been a drink he's been wanting to try out. He bounced over towards Kumiko to wait for his order. Hannah ordered a tall Tazo Green Tea blended crème Frappe, a Raspberry truffle cake pop and a salted caramel cake pop. Jessica snorted at Hannah's order

"Hungry? " She teased, stepping up to the counter.

"Of course, I have to eat to keep my figure" she winked and flounced over to the others.

Jessica snickered "I'll take a Venti White Chocolate Hot Chocolate with whip cream. Could you put some mocha drizzle on it please? Thank you "

She ordered paying up the bill. She headed to the waiting area, the others already sipping they're drinks waiting for her. Soon they were back on the road, a little over an hour to the hotel.

The hotel they arrived at was a Hyatt place; it had lots of windows and sharp points. Hannah's Uncle ran the hotel and was able to save them a suit and kindly charged them less than it costs for the stay and let them park in the staffing section. Hannah's Uncle Charlie loved her very much due to him not being able to have his own children. He personally got them checked in and showed them around. The Lobby was spacious and free of people; they showed where the complimentary hot breakfast was served. The room had two queen size beds, adjacent to the beds there was a good sized couch that turned into a queen sized sofa bed. The room was done in colors of Beige, browns and blues. Hannah gave her uncle a big hug and a kiss to the cheek and thanked him for everything he helped with. The rest gave him a big THANK YOU as well. It was amazing how fast they got the room messy, probably under five minutes. Bottled drinks placed in the mini fridge and laptop hooked up to the TV for whenever they wanted to watch movies, they sat down on the couch to decide what they should get for dinner.

"Maybe we should split up and all get something we want. You know something we can't get at home. "said Jessica.

"I like that, let's do that! " Sasha exclaimed, bouncing in place.

Kumiko and Harlan voted to go with each other while Sasha, Hannah and Jessica went together. Setting off on a serious dinner search, they headed in separate directions and will meet back up in front of the hotel. Kumiko and Harlan struck luck first with a small little Thai restaurant where Harlan decided on an appealing Green curry with Green beans, bamboo shoots and onions over rice. It didn't take too long to get his food back, so they headed back on the road to find Dinner for kumiko.

The three girls where having a hard time figuring out what to eat, options around, but still hard to choose. The settled on a dinner called Slater's 50/50, a design it yourself burger joint. They were given a paper to choose how they want they're burger. Jessica chose a 1/3 lb. fried chicken burger topped with mozzarella, red onion, avocado mash with Frank's hot sauce on a white brioche bun. Hannah picked 50/50 patty with tomato, thick cut bacon sauced with mayo and ranch on a bacon Pretzel bun. Sasha didn't go as out of the worldly, she chose a regular beef patty with hot sauce and ranch sauce and baby greens, tomato, red onion on honey wheat bun. They split a side of fries and got ketchup and ranch for them. They headed back to the hotel and waited for the other two in the lobby.

Kumiko had set her mind on Wingstop, 8 piece regular hot wings Original hot sauce and lemon pepper sauced. She ordered fries to go with ketchup, ranch and hot sauce for the fries.

"Could I try those dips Kumiko? They smell really good. "

"Sure Harlan, Could I try your curry too? "

"Of Course! I can't wait for tomorrow, It's gonna be a blast!"

Kumiko nodded as they hurried back. They saw the girls and headed up to the room together, talking loudly about what they saw for options tomorrow. Soon the small table in front of the couch was piled with different food containers, sauces, napkins and utensils. The TV was turned on and searched of for shows to watch and found, they left it on Family guy. Hands were reaching and sampling each other's foods. There were laughs and soon finished containers thrown away, sleepy friends and around one in the morning the last person turned the television off, looked at her sleeping friends. Jessica had fallen asleep on the couch spread out, Sasha and Kumiko on one of the beds and Harlan on the other. Hannah yawned as she crawled inside with him and snuggled close to the snuggler.

Soon the room was quite and dark, not a peep sounded.

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