Detective Ema Skye was in a great mood. Though she couldn't quite put her finger on the reason why, she was having an incredibly smooth, problem free week.

On Monday, she had arrived to work seconds before the Chief walked by her desk. The weekly meeting went by without any disasters, and she managed to slide by without picking up any new cases.

On Tuesday, Ema stepped into the precinct at the same time Mike Meekins walked in with two dozen donuts and muffins. She even managed to get a fresh cup of coffee from him before he spilled the rest on his way to the meeting room. To top it all off, the forensic investigator had called in sick that morning, leaving the forensics lab empty for the day - and free for Ema to scientifically investigate to her heart's content.

And yesterday, besides having another day to enjoy the forensics lab as she saw fit (the poor man had contracted laryngitis or something to that effect; she was a little too busy planning her day to have paid attention to the details), Ema managed to finish typing up all her reports in record time and went home early – for the first time ever!

Yes, this was undoubtedly an amazing week for Detective Ema Skye.

It wasn't until Ema returned from her fabulous lunch break on Thursday that she figured out why she was having such an enjoyable week.

"Fop, again?"

The Chief blinked in confusion. "What was that, Skye?"

Ema awkwardly cleared her throat, "I said, "Come again", sir?"

Giving her a somewhat curious yet concerned look, the Chief proceeded to repeat what he had said. "The case was reported just after you left for lunch. I've already stationed a few patrolmen to maintain the integrity of the crime scene, so I'd suggest you make your way over there after you've spoken to Prosecutor Gavin. I'll be waiting for a report of the situation from the two of you at the end of the day, so try not to dilly-dally all afternoon, Detective."

It was only through intensive daily training that Ema was able to keep a fairly neutral expression; she could feel her eye twitching and the edges of her mouth tightening. "I understand, sir. I'll go see Prosecutor Gavin immediately."

"Good. I've briefed him already so I'm sure he can't wait to see you, Skye." He monotonously replied before promptly turning away, leaving Ema to release her facial muscles to settle into a disgruntled frown and cold glare. "Oh, and if you need anything…" Upon seeing her expression, the Chief hurriedly muttered, "… I'm sure Gumshoe's around somewhere." - and rushed back off to the safe confines of his office.

Realization dawned upon the young, previously-happy, police detective of twenty-six. "That glimmerous fop!" she angrily muttered at the new case file that was dropped on her desk. "And the week was going so well too," she sighed. Gathering all her scientific tools into her bag, Ema picked up the manila file folder and dragged her feet all the way out the door. The faster I get this over with, the faster I can get back to my fop-free week...

Ema didn't always hate the Prosecutors' Office. It was actually quite a beautiful work of architecture and filled with all sorts of history. She remembered the countless stories Lana told her about all the great prosecutors who had worked there over the years. It used to be fun visiting Chief Prosecutor Lana, trying to help her big sisters solve cases. And of course, how could she ever forget the excitement of meeting the "King of Prosecutors", Miles Edgeworth or the thrills of doing a real scientific investigation with then-Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright. But apparently seven years had changed a lot of things at the Prosecutors' Office. A new breed of prosecutor had taken over - a glimmerier, foppier breed.

Ema Skye stared at the familiar large directory in the front foyer: PROSECUTOR KLAVIER GAVIN - RM 1202. With a heavy sigh, she pressed the up button. Standing alone in the elevator, Ema reminisced about her oh-so-enjoyable week – which is when it occurred to her how odd it was not to have seen or heard from that glimmerous fop of a prosecutor for three consecutive work days. After all, even if he didn't have an urgent case to discuss, he would still saunter around the precinct creating unnecessary commotion - or in his words, "Livening up the house". Thinking back, it was peculiar that she hadn't seen him for all that week…

The elevator dinged loudly as it slowed to a stop on the twelfth floor. Clutching the case file a little tighter, Ema stepped out of the elevator into the quiet hallway. Immediately, her sharply tuned detective senses picked up something scientifically wrong. She slowly walked towards the reception desk only to find an "Out to Lunch" sign sitting where the secretary usually was. Pausing for a moment, Ema glanced from the sign to the phone on the desk and back. I guess I should buzz him before I just storm in…

Taking a step closer to the desk, she heard the floor creak under her weight as she leaned over towards the phone. Ema froze, her hand extended out in mid-air.

How could she have not realized the problem? It's never this quiet here! Focussing down the hall, Ema turned away from the desk and began to step cautiously towards the office at the far end. The silence was extremely disconcerting for the young detective. Though Rock God (Ema scoffed at the term) Klavier Gavin's office was soundproof, his door was almost never shut tight. "But, I must always welcome lovely fräuliens who wish to visit!" He explained that one time Ema complained to him. Even on the rare occasion the door was closed, Ema could still hear (and feel) the excessively loud pounding of the bass the moment she stepped out of the elevator. Except for today, where said detective was softly creeping toward the aforementioned prosecutor's office.

When she reached his door, Ema gently hovered her ear against the door in attempt to make out any sound within the office. Maybe the fop forgot the appointment and went out for lunch with his secretary, Ema wondered as she closed her eyes to focus. Actually… I wouldn't put it past that glimmer--

A male voice was speaking in a language that Ema definitely could not understand. She let out a breath that she didn't realize she was holding. And here she was worried that something was wrong.

"Stupid fop…" Ema grumbled as she straightened herself. Taking a breath, she gave the wooden door a few hard knocks. Hearing no response, she sighed and instinctively reached for the doorknob. This definitely wasn't the first time the Rock God was too "busy" to answer his door - his attachment to those stringed noise-makers was an affection that escaped Ema's scientific understanding. Sometimes, she wondered if his loud music was permanently impairing his hearing…

Her thoughts were cut short as she forcefully opened the heavy door with pent up annoyance. "I have places to be so let's… make… this… fast…" Ema's voice trailed off as she took in the scene before her.

Her eyes first found the purpose of her entire trip, Prosecutor/Rock Star Klavier Gavin, who was standing with his back against the large glass windows, staring at her with wide eyes and mouth open - presumably in midsentence. Then her eyes fell on long gold locks flowing down the back of what Ema predicted to be a beautiful woman. It felt like the woman turned in slow motion to meet Ema's eyes, simultaneously affirming Ema's hypothesis. The tension in the air was overwhelming to the point of suffocating.

Feeling like a kid who had just walked in on two grown-ups talking about important grown-up things, Ema froze on the spot, eyes darting back and forth between the two in the room.

The silence was finally broken by a single whimper.

Ema's eyes couldn't help but shift towards the source of sound. She found herself locking stares with two all too familiar ice blue eyes. Except, they didn't belong to the prosecutor who was now swiftly walking towards here; they were the tear filled eyes of a toddler, sitting on a pile of lyric sheets mixed with case files.

Now, Ema is a detective, so it didn't take her long to put two and two together. Looking up from the young child, she was met with the ice blue eyes of a prosecutor, whose expression made the situation before her come into clarity.

After careful scientific analysis, this is definitely not good.

"Why don't I just meet you at the crime scene?" Ema blurted out, trying to keep her voice steady. Her eyes darted towards the doorknob that she was tightly clutching. Despite her proposal, she still couldn't will her legs to move and - dammit - Prosecutor Gavin was getting closer.

"Actually, I can send you the report and the evidence list when I'm done. I'll have that ready for you in a few hours." She was able to force her foot to slide a small step backwards. Now just gotta close this REALLY heavy door...

"Fräulien-" Klavier's voice cut through Ema's ingenious plotting. "-Skye."

Ema's sharp senses were now on overdrive: he never called her by her last name. Something akin to panic overtook Ema as Klavier gently took her by the wrist and pulled her hand off the doorknob.

"Please come in. We've been waiting for you."

A pathetically weak laugh escaped Ema's throat, as Klavier "moved" her into the room and closed the door behind her.

Author's Notes:

[2009.02.08] Many apologies. l fixed a few typos and grammatical problems due to a 5am proof-reading job - please feel free to point out more! All forms of constructive criticism are welcome and greatly appreciated!

[2009.02.10] Did some research using Court-Records(.net) and updated some small details that may affect the story later on.
1) I was going back and forth on this but final decision: Ema should be 26. For those who are interested as to how I ended up with that number...
In PW: AA, Ema was 16 during the time span of Case 5, which took place in Feb 2017. In AJ, Ema is 25 throughout the entire all four cases, from April - October 2025, which is when the last case in AJ ended. Doing the math, it has been 8 years since the end of PW:AA and the beginning of AJ, but Ema is 9 years older than her former PW self. Therefore, her bday must be between Feb and April. If you go on to read the next chapter, today's date is February 9, 2027, just over a year after the last case in AJ and (as I have right now decided) before Ema has turned 27. As for Klavier, we'll just say he's a January baby and is now 26! Scientifically sound? I sure hope so! ~hehe
Keeping all this in mind, Ema's had another lovely year+ working together with Klavier.
Ah... the main reason I'm trying to be accurate with the ages is that it will affect the timeline of this story - and I realized that it would be helpful to have a chronologically coherent story!
2) I'm going to go with the assumption that Prosecutor Klavier Gavin has taken over High Prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth's office which was 1202. So now Prosecutor Gavin's office is 1202.