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This fiction is rated R for a good reason. It contains sex (though not raunchy), implied rape (meaning no graphic descriptions are given), violence, occasional profanity, graphic descriptions of torture, etc. and I've been told I convey imagery rather well with words. Ask yourself if you're alright with me painting these pictures in your minds ahead of time or forever hold your peace.

You've been forewarned, this was not written for the faint of heart.

For the purposes of this fiction we are striking the events of episode 12: "Expecting" from the record – it never happened.

This is set right at the end of season one, picking up during the season finale and taking a completely new path.

The first 13 chapters are fairly short and move fast, after that they open up and are on average seven times longer per chapter. That's when it really gets rocking ;) LOL

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From Season 1, Episode 22: "To Shanshu in L.A."

The Ritual of Raising cast over the box and five vampires chained to it – including Latin translation:

"Five are without breath
yet they live
Five are without time
yet they live
Five are without soul
yet they live
Five are without sun
yet they live
Five are dead
yet they live"

Spoken by Lindsey in Latin:

"And the five shall be a sacrifice
And the one who is dead shall live
Even as life and death are not two things but one
In darkness is the light, in light is the darkness
Arise! Arise! Arise! Arise! Arise!"

The five vampires are turned to dust and bones as the earth shakes and a whirlwind begins to spin around the box. The whirlwind sucks the vampire dust and bones into the box and a ring of light explodes outward.

And the Raising is complete…


Candle light flickered across water-slick stone walls, the only source of warmth in this God forsaken place. She could smell incense; hear water dripping, chanting…

And someone screaming in absolute, unbridled agony.

There was something about the voice behind those shrieks of anguish that pulled at her, squeezed her heart inside her chest and nearly maddened her with the need to help them.

She could see blood running across pale skin, skin that was gradually being inked with strange symbols.

Her visions always brought emotions with them – she was used to panic and fear but this was something different.

There was a resolve here, a terror for the safety of someone not present…

His voice thundered through her as a wall suddenly blocked out the scene, the plea he was sending to her with every ounce of his soul resounding in her mind.

"No…ya can't be here…
Stay away…
ya have ta stay
away from me!"

Cordelia cried out and sat up on the couch, looking around her living room with wild eyes. Her hair stuck to her sweat-soaked brow and in an instant Angel was there, wiping it away and staring at her worriedly as she clutched at his arms and gasped for air.

"Hey, hey – you're alright, it was a nightmare. You're safe." He said in a soothing tone but she continued looking around them frantically. "Cordelia! Look at me. You just fell asleep for a while…you had a dream…" She wasn't calming down though, after a moment of listening to her pounding heart– smelling her fear his brows drew in confusion. "It wasn't a vision, was it?" True he'd only been staying in her place for the past week but he couldn't remember her ever mentioning a vision hitting while she was asleep prior to that.

"I…I don't know…" She said softly, focusing on Wesley as he approached with a worried expression on his face. "It felt so real."

"What did you see?" Wesley asked. He and Angel exchanged concerned looks. She'd had a great deal of nightmares since she'd been released from the hospital; it was to be expected after having her mind opened up to all of the pain of the world but there was something in the haunted look in her eyes in that moment which gave him and Angel pause.

Like always now when she awoke from a 'vision-fit' she closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing, replaying the images in her mind and speaking in a trembling voice. "Umm…it's a room, or a basement, I'm not really sure which. The walls are like this really old stone and there's water leaking in from above. No windows. There isn't any light other than candles…"

She took a deep breath as the voice replayed in her mind again, 'stay away from me' he'd warned but she forced herself to continue.

"There are people in hoods, chanting, a stone table or something in the middle of them, it's an altar…" A cry escaped her as she recalled more details, a renewed sense of panic filling her. "A knife – they have a knife, and there's blood – there's so much blood. They have him chained down to the altar, I can see the shackles cutting into his wrists – he's been fighting to get away, trying so hard but he can't…they're marking his skin with these symbols, and he's screaming….God, Angel – he's screaming!"

Angel's eyes narrowed on her as she clutched at him with one hand, covering her mouth with the other and crying hysterically. She didn't usually get so involved in the emotion of her visions; something made this one personal for her. "You said 'he's screaming', what does the guy look like?"

Cordelia shook her head feverishly, her eyes widening in horror. "I can't see his face but…but…I can hear his voice…he told me…he begged me to stay away from him."

She wasn't telling him something here and Angel studied her eyes deeply. "Cordy, who is he?"

At the other end of the city Lilah, Holland and Lindsey entered the vault holding the box from the ritual Angel had so rudely interrupted. It hadn't made a difference, even though Angel had managed to gain the scroll of Aberjian and cut off Lindsey's hand to do so they'd still succeeded in the Ritual of Raising.

"The senior partners were very impressed with your sacrifice." Holland said with a smile. Lindsey could only manage a look that bordered on stifled rage as he stood with his arm in a sling. "Trust me; we'll even the score with him." He added.

"Yes, we will." Lindsey said determinedly.

"Beginning with what's in that box." Holland said, his smile widening as he watched Lilah approaching it.

"We are all very pleased you're here." Lilah said softly as she bent to peer through the bars at the top of the crate. "I know it's a bit confusing – but it's going to be better soon, a lot better…" She smiled at the shivering, naked form of the dark haired man huddled within the box, watched his horrified blue eyes darting around in uncertainty before calling him by his name, "Doyle."

"And it's not even possible, right?" Cordelia continued to ramble. "I know it's crazy but…but God, I know his voice, Angel. I could feel him. It doesn't make any sense, though. I mean he's…gone…" She still had difficulty using the word 'dead' when speaking of Doyle, it brought on too much pain. "So how could anyone hurt him? He's in heaven or wherever the good guys go, right? Right? Angel?"

He was leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, staring off into space intensely and unable to form a response. Cordelia was pleading for him to tell her that what she'd seen wasn't real but he didn't know if that was the truth or not. He didn't even have the Oracles to consult on the matter anymore thanks to the bastard demon that killed them to sever his connections to the Powers That Be. It was the same reason he'd opened Cordelia's mind to a never-ending vision.

"Well, there is one…possible translation…of this word here…" Wesley said distractedly, looking back and forth between three books and the scroll. He'd been at this for days now, trying to translate the prophecy that pertained to Angel and establish what had been raised. "I originally thought the translation would make no sense but in light of this new spot of information I think it may be…" His body went rigid as he looked up at Angel and pushed his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose. "Oh dear…"

"What is it?" Angel asked, now in full-on brood mode.

Wesley sighed. "I can't find the word to translate it directly but if it is broken into parts it would roughly mean something like 'view speaker'; I dismissed it thinking it made no sense…however, in this case…"

"But I'm a 'view speaker'." Cordelia said quickly. "I mean I view the visions, I tell you the visions – and…" Cordelia could only whisper now, her chest constricting painfully at the thought. "Doyle…"

"What would Wolfram & Hart want with him?" Wesley thought aloud.

Angel shook his head. "I don't know…but you can bet they wouldn't bring him back for a happy reunion with us."

"Why…" Cordelia's trembling voice cut in on the conversation. "Why would he tell me to stay away from him?"

Angel's lips formed a tight line; his eyes were practically black with the rage that was boiling up inside of him considering the answers to that question.

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