Amu, Kukai, Rima, Tadase, Utau- 18Yaya, Kairi- 17Ikuto- 20

(It's my first fanfic, so wish me luck:)

Amu: I'm finally turning 18. I am so happy! I wonder what mama and papa are going to get me!

Mama and Papa: Happy Birthday Amu!

Amu: I looked round for my present because they usually hold it in their hands when they say Happy Birthday. I tried to act like my outer character; "so where's my present?"

Mama and Papa: It's not here!

Amu: Why are you so happy about that? Does that mean that it is being shipped?

Mama and Papa: No… we actually have to drive you to your present.

Amu: Okay lead me away. But first, where is Ami?

Ami: I'm right here! Let's go drive Amu to her hou-present! Amu didn't notice the screw up because she was still wondering what it could possibly be?

My parents practically pushed me into the car. They were all so floaty. I was starting to get really curious about this present of mine. About half an hour later, we arrived at a nice house.

Mama and Papa: Happy Birthday Amu! Welcome to your new house!

I was in utter awe. I was about to start screaming, when I kept my cool and spicy character up.

Amu: Where are the keys? Mama held them in their hand and my Papa started crying in the corner. I walked in, to see that the house was huge. The kitchen was beautiful and the bathrooms too! When I went upstairs though, I saw a strange door that had a sign saying 'EXTRA PRESENT FOR AMU' I was really worried on what else they could give me. The lights were off and the minute I turned them on, the guardians pounced on me. I let out a yelp before they attacked me though. I was so happy to see them. Nagihiko had to go back to London after elementary school. Rima's parents had to work somewhere else so she had to move. Kukai was recruited for a soccer team. Yaya became a babysitter out of town when her parents moved. Kairi was off in a ninja academy somewhere. And Tadase moved to live with his aunt and uncle.

Everyone: Happy Birthday Amu!

Amu: Oh my god. How did you guys get here? We all split up after elementary. How are you all doing? What's going on in life with you? Any relationships? You guys have to tell me everything I missed, since none of you contacted me.

Rima: Slow down with the questions Amu.

Kairi: You have grown a lot.

Rima: Yeah! Your hair is down all the way to the middle of your back.

Kukai: Not to mention, you have grown a little taller, but we have out grown you now. (None of they guys really wanted to mention that her chest got bigger and so did her ass).

Rima: So… have you had any relationships, in the last 5 years?

Amu: yeah. Most of them were scum bags, so I gave up on dating a while ago.

Rima: That sucks. Well… I am dating…

Amu: Who? Spit it out Rima. Why am I doing your job? Oh Well. Tell me now! I looked over for a sec to see Nagihiko and Rima looking at each other while blushing.

Amu: OMG!!! Really? I can't believe it. I always thought that Rima was going to kill you! HAHAHA! I'm sorry. It will take me a while to get used to.

Papa: Sorry, but visiting hours are over! Amu has to work tomorrow.

Amu: Wait! Each of you put down your phone numbers, so that I never lose you again. I missed you guys so much! I'll call you tomorrow though during my break. We can 6-way!