Ikuto: That is in an hour.

Amu: Oh crap! I gotta clean the house. You can stay if you want. Just don't tell them your living with me, at least tell them that you are jut staying with me until your apartment is fixed.

Ikuto: Gotcha. I'll watch out for them.

Noon Ikuto's POV

Ikuto: I can finally see someone, oh Kukai and Kiddie King. Gosh. I have been waiting out here for an hour. I guess it wouldn't hurt to scare the Kiddie King and his friend. Amu is outside brooming after all. They hid behind a bush close to where Amu was standing. I just listened in on their conversation.

Kukai: I want to give a good old scare to the joker. How about that Tadase?

Tadase: I guess it is okay.

Ikuto: I don't suggest you do that! I said hanging upside down from a tree so I scared them because they weren't expecting me.

Kukai: Really? I am going to try it anyway. I am just going to jump out of this bush and grab onto her shoulder.

I already saw the rest of the guardians coming so I decided to rush them so that they could see what would happen. The Kukai kid stayed put until everybody got there. The minute after they got there Kukai pounced out of the bush and touched her shoulder. Everyone was surprised at what they saw; everyone except me at least. She flipped Kukai in a 180.

Amu: Oh my god Kukai! I am so sorry! I didn't know it was you. It is just an automatic reaction when I get scared. I took karate after having so many scumbags around me. And I just use that for self defense and…

Kukai: I'm okay. Don't worry about it. Just let me sleep for a few seconds.

Nagehiko: He is out cold.

Amu: I said I was sorry, right?

Rima: Yeah but that is surprising.

Tadase: Hinamori-san, where did you learn that?

Kairi: That is the 180 degree tigers flip. Where did you learn that?

Amu: I took karate then I did a little research of my own. I know many moves, and some of them are original. But those are combos and you don't want me to use them anytime soon.

Kukai: I'm okay.

Ikuto: Told you that you shouldn't have done it.

Kukai: I should have listened. But how did you know that would happen?

Ikuto: After following her one day, I did the same thing and she flipped me over. I blushed but it was barely noticeable. Everyone went in to the house and looked around. Tadase pulled me in the middle of the tour into Amu's room.

Tadase: What are you doing near Hinamori-san.

Ikuto: Nothing. I started walking away and he pulled me again.

Tadase: It is not nothing, or else you wouldn't have been here.

Ikuto: I am just staying… I mean living with her.

Tadase: Yeah right; just know that Hinamori-san is mine.

Amu walked into her room and saw us there.

Amu: What are you guys doing in here?

Ikuto: We are just talking.

Amu: Okay. Don't fight. I have only had this house for a week. If you break anything, I will lock you in your room and make sure the windows are shut tight.

Tadase: So you are living with her!

Amu: No he is staying with me until his apartment is fixed.

Ikuto: Don't doubt our love amu-koi.

Tadase: Love?

Amu: No there is no love between you and me. He is lying like always Tadase.

Tadase: Oh! That's okay. Well, let's catch up with everyone else.

Ikuto: Ahhh! Amu! I was just starting to have fun like the good old days.

Amu: well the good old days are over, and you know that.

Ikuto: Fine. I just grabbed onto her, as she tried to move around. She was wobbling all over the place.

Amu' POV

Ikuto had told Tadase that he was living with me but he was way off. He was only staying until his apartment got fixed. The guardians went home around 6. Ran Miki and Su were just drawing in a journal.

Amu: Ran, Miki, Su! What journal are you drawing in? Nooooo! That was my diary. I put all my emotions in that. Just then, Ikuto wrapped his arms around me.

Ikuto: Does it say anything about me in there Amu-koi?

Amu: No.

Ikuto: Well let's see. I tackled Ikuto the minute he put his hands on that journal

Amu: Ikuto I will not let you go. Miki don't read that to him. That is my diary ever since I got you guys.

Ikuto: Read it to me.

Miki: Ikuto isn't really a bad guy… I tackled her there. Ikuto reached out for the journal and started reading but I noticed seconds later.

Ikuto: Is that what you really think of me Amu-koi.

Amu: No! Miki! I am so going to get you for this. Watch out. And don't close your eyes when you sleep.

Ran: She doesn't need to! She is going to…

Miki: Ran! Shut up!

Amu: Oh I know. You are going on a date… with Yoru! Miki, Miki, Miki. The world of dating can be harsh you know. But with Yoru! Miki was blushing to death.

Ikuto: Yoru is going out with Miki? He was so surprised so I took my journal out of his hands.

Amu: I am coming to get you Miki!

Miki: Yoru!!! Amu is trying to kill me.

Amu: Why are you calling Yoru's name specifically? Yoru came flying in to help her, but I caught him too.

Ikuto's POV

Miki called for Yoru but then Amu caught him too. She had a scary star in her eye. I was afraid that she was going to kill my chara too.

Amu: Miki! Now you will be forced to see me squish you boyfriend like a balloon. And Ikuto! I will squish your chara like a balloon as payback!


Ikuto: No.

Amu: I'm just playing with you! I'm not going to hurt Yoru; as long as he doesn't get in the way of your punishment. I am going to hurt you and Ikuto.

Ikuto: Why me?

Amu: Because I told you not to stay that you are living with me but just to play around Tadase you told him just that.

Ring Ring Ring!

Amu: I'll get the phone, but you stay here.

There were a lot of phones in the house. She went to the one downstairs. I heard her say Tadase, so I took the phone in her room and put it on speaker without talking.

Amu: Hello?

Tadase: Hello Hinamori-san.

Amu: Oh Hello Tadase. What do you need?

Tadase: Well I just wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date tomorrow.

Amu: Okay!

Tadase: Do you mind if you don't ell Ikuto? I don't want him following us around.

Amu: Okay. I will try. Bye

Tadase: Bye Hinamori-san

Ikuto: That ass is trying to take Amu from me. I have to follow them around and see what's going to happen.

Amu: Hey Ikuto come down for dinner!

Ikuto: Well you are in a happy mood. What happened?

Amu: Nothing. I am just happy that I got to see everyone today. I still feel bad for flipping Kukai though.

Ikuto: I warned him not to do it.

Amu: That is nice. Here is your food.

Ikuto: Hmm, would you like to feed this to me too?

Amu: Hmm, I don't know. Should I or not?

Ikuto: I think you should. You are in a happy mood.

Amu: Fine, but just once. Here you go.

Ikuto: Thank you.

I already finished eating my dinner so I am going to take a shower. Don't come anywhere near my room.

Miki: What are you going to do Ikuto?

Ikuto: Follow them. I have to change my scent so that she doesn't sense me though. After she takes a shower I will tell her that I am going to be out when I am really just going to be following them.

Amu: Hey Ikuto come up here!

Ikuto: Sure!

Amu: Before I take a shower, I want you to know that I am going out tomorrow.

Ikuto: Okay. I have plans too.

Amu: Really? What are you going to do?

Ikuto: What are you going to do?

Amu: Go shopping. You?

Ikuto: None of your business.

Amu: Hey that is not fair.

Ikuto: Life isn't fair. Just go take a shower.