Chapter 1- For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll

Leah sighed trying to suppress the pain that continuously shot through her body, she sat down on the steps behind the church desperately trying to think of a way out of this horrid day but it was too late there was only half an hour till the wedding began and she had to watch as the love of her life and her cousin who was like a sister to her get married and start a new life together.

The new life that was supposes to be hers.

Leah felt a hot sensation suddenly consumed her, her hands began to shake and she felt her eyes well up, this was all suppose to be hers. It was suppose to be her big day, her dad was suppose to walk her down the aisle, all eyes should be on her as she glided down the aisle towards her prince, but in reality it wasn't her big day, her father will never be the one walking her down the aisle, all eyes wouldn't be on her in fact if she was ever noticed today it would be only out of pity and Sam will never be hers ever again. The recognition of all this information finally caused her hidden tears to spill over and she finally gave in to all the emotion, Leah sat with her head in her hand silently cursing she never wanted to give Sam the satisfaction of making her cry but yet again Sam seem to always win. The pain was still fresh as if Sam had broken up with her just hours ago, she felt the tug on her heartstring as she imaged what it was like before Sam has broke her heart, how happy she was, how he made her feel, he was her everything and she was his, but now she was nothing, she was like any other girl on the street. Leah struggled to compose herself, but she didn't care, all she wanted was to get this day over with without anyone seeing her cry.

"Leah" a husky voice called

Leah immediately recognized the voice and cursed under her breath, so much for not letting any one see her cry, she didn't turn around to greet the person she just sat silently with he hands between her legs.

"Leah" the voice bellowed in annoyance

Leah turned to where the voice called from, her face streamed with fresh tears, her eyes where red and puffy. Leah heard a gasp from the unwelcome visitor.

" Oh Lee"

" I'm fine" Leah said as she wipe what was left of the tears of her face

"No your not, look at you, you're a mess"

She shook her head and shakily replied "I'm fine Jake , I just need a minute"

Jacob shook his head and pulled Leah in to a bear hug, " It's ok, Lee, let it out I'm here for you"

At first Leah just sat in Jacob's arms as he rocked her back and forth, silently thinking that she had finally let all of the tears out however when she suddenly heard the toll of the wedding bells it sent her into another emotional breakdown and she dug her face in to Jacob's warm chest.

Looking back at everything, that has happened over the past year, Leah never though that it would be Jacob that was comforting her, her and Jacob hated each other and were always getting on each others nerves. However after Jacob broke away from Sam's pack and Leah followed they both realized that they have so much in common then they realized, they both had lost a parent, they both had lost the love of their lives and they both had deal with the pain of this lost. It was funny how life worked out, the person that you dislike the most maybe the one that helps you pick up the pieces of your broken heart.

Jacob rubbed the small of Leah back while whispering in her ear "Its time Lee" , Leah pulled away from Jacob's strong grasps, and nodded. He wiped Leah's tear stained face and smiled at her.

Once they stood up Leah looked at Jacob "well how do I look?" she half smiled resigning herself to what she had lost.

Jacob smiled he look at the big puffy little bow peep looking dress with a matching frilly hat that Leah was wearing.

"Fan-tas-tic " Jacob said coughing trying to suppress the laughter

Leah glared at him coldly "I didn't mean the dress, I mean my make up"

"ohhh, ah fine to you didn't smug you make up, but the dress it looks umm well it looks…." Jacob busted into a fit of laughter before he could finish the sentence.

Leah groaned "I look like I should have a flock of sheep following me"

Jacob tried to restrain his laughter "oh its not all that bad, I mean at least you didn't have pirouettes' now that would have been hilarious" (A/N- pirouettes' are the fancy umbrellas)

This time Leah smacked him upside the head before she admitted "oh no Emily wanted us each to have our own personal style so we each were gonna get a pirouette but lucky Rachel and Kim talked her out of it" Leah sighed in frustration

Just picturing it made Jacob bust in to a new fit of laughter which caused tears to stream down his face " oh what I would give to see that"

Leah smiled and laughed along with him, Jacob raised an eye brow at her

" Its funny cause, its never gonna happen" Leah simply stated a evil smirk falling upon her face causing the smirk to be wiped off Jacob's face

Jacob placed his hand Leah's shoulder and gently squeezed it " Are you gonna be alright?"

Leah looked up at him " Were you alright when Bella married Edward?"

"touché" Jacob said

As they walked towards the front of the church, they got there in time to see a glimpse of the groom and the groomsmen's arrival. Leah glanced up and saw Sam standing on the curb next to the Limo talking to Paul , her breath got caught in her throat Sam look so handsome in black tuxedo that Leah did a double take to check if it was really him. His hair pulled back from his face and was tied in a conservative bun, his tux fit his body as if it was made just for him, it outlined his broad, muscle- bound chest, his strong arms, his perfect body. His face glowed with a mixture of pride, happiness and contentment there was no sigh of anxiety in his beautiful face, this caused Leah a great deal of pain because she knew that Sam wasn't worried because he was making the right decision. She felt her stomach drop as she watched Sam laugh and joke around with his brothers, she watched as Jared punched his arm and Embry laugh at something that Quil has said. Seth, Colin and Brady were all standing in a little group of there own there eyes were fixated on the newly arrived girls. Sam's smiled brightly as he occasionally looked at his watch to make sure he was in time to see he beautiful bride glide down the aisle . Leah's thought were cut of by Jacob's warm hand on her shoulder.

"Leah, it's just about time for the bride to arrive, so I'm gonna join the groom, I am the best man remember"

Leah nodded "Thanks Jake"

Jacob nodded and pulled Leah in to a hug " does anyone know you're here?"

Leah nodded "I told the girls I was going to check if the church was ready you know being the maid of honor and all, but they probably knew I just wanted to get out of there "

" I don't want to leave you here all by yourself"

"Ill be fine Jake trust me, I got to get used to being alone anyway" Leah clenched her teeth

" You will never be alone Leah, never ill always be here and so will Seth, Quil and Embry we will always be here, don't forget that"

"thank you Jake, I owe you so much"

" Ill see you there, no more tears ok" Jacob advised

Leah nodded and Jacob left to join the others

Leah watched as everyone began descending into the church, she saw Charlie and her mother hand in hand, Billy beside them. The Cullen's has also arrives, Sam felt so bad about what happen with Reneesme that he wanted to make it up the them by inviting them to the wedding hoping that he would be forgiven. Soon enough all the guest has went into the church leaving Leah outside waiting, but she didn't have to wait too long as she saw the white limo pull up to the curb behind the identical white one that Sam has pulled up in. She stood there as the driver opened the door revealing Emily, her father, her mother, the bridesmaids, little Claire who was the flower girl and Matthew Uley who was Sam's nephew. Leah but on a brave face and smiled as they all came into her view. Leah could tell the Emily was nervous the she looked up and a small smile etched upon her ruined lips. Rachel handed Leah her bouquet and they all walked in to the church they took their places and the music began to play……

Claire and Matthew were the first ones out the glided down the aisle Claire look beautiful as she lightly dropped the petals however Matthew was struggling to walk and balance the rings on a pillow but he made it without dropping them. Next up was Leah, the music began to play as everyone became restless, the doors of the church swung opened, Leah took a deep breath and stepped into the light with the others following swiftly behind her.

Leah could feel the her palms begin to sweat as walked down the aisle she saw Sam's family and Emily's too, Sam's family giving her sympathetic looks while some of Emily's cousin's glared her, she disregarded all the looks and swallowed the big lump in her throat she looked up to see Sam looking in her direction but it was as if she wasn't there like she was invisible his eyes focused at the door way were Emily would be in a matter of minutes, despite the soft music blaring in the background she could hear her heart shatter into a million pieces. What seemed like forever walking down the aisle finally ended with her talking her place at the alter, she looked up to see Jake's concerned look and Paul, Quil, Embry and Jared's snickers Seth, Colin and Brady just looked astonished, Leah growled knowing they were laughing and reacting at the monstrosity called a dress that was hanging of her body, Jake silenced them and she mouthed thank you towards him. Leah's eyes focused away from the groomsmen and towards the crowd, the first person her eyes went to was her mother, Sue's lips was contorted with pain for her daughter, her eyes glowed with compassion and sorrow, Leah eyes shifted towards Charlie and Billy who also gave sympathetic looks.

Suddenly the music came to an end and the soft tone of a new song began to echo in the church, Leah immediately recognized it as the wedding march, Leah bit her lip so hard that she tasted the sour metallic tang of the blood. Immediately everyone stood up and Emily came in to view with her parents by her side . She was stunning and practically glowing as Leah turned her gaze she saw Sam's lips etch to a wide grin it was like he only existed when Emily was with him. As the bride finally made it to the alter she kissed her parents and her father placed her hand in Sam's, Emily turned and smile at Leah handed her the bouquet, Leah half smiled and took it from Emily hoping that Emily's gaze would be off her soon. The priest began the ceremony and it was that this point that Leah went numb her mind flickered back to her past and everything that she had been through with Sam it was as if she was dying and she was seeing her relationship with Sam flash before her eyes. He was her everything- her first kiss, her first boyfriend, her first time and everything in-between she literally gave that everything in that relationship because she believed in it so much and how look at were she was….. she was alone, in a pink frilly puffed up monstrosity trying to hold back the tears for a man that she cant seem to let go off……. "This is gonna be a long day" Leah muttered under her breath.

The ceremony felt it was dragging on for the sole purpose of pissing Leah off and true be told it was working. "Now for the vows" The priest said as he turned towards Sam, Sam nodded and he began 'oh god, help me' Leah though as she tried to violently suppress the food that was threatening to surface.

"Emily, you are my life. Before I met you it was as if I wasn't existing I was alive but I has no purpose, no reason until I met you and my whole world changed. I have never felt this way about anyone before, you complete me and I couldn't imagine myself without you. You are the most beautiful, caring, gentle person that I have ever met and I promise I will spend the rest of my life making you happy. I love you so very much.

There was not a dry eye in the church, Leah felt her heart being ripped out and stomped on as the words repeated in her head 'I have never felt this way about anyone before' a shooting pain ripped through her, as she remembered Sam tell her those exact words.



On First Beach in La Push ……………………

The night breeze was cool, calm and clear, the stars shimmered in the darken sky, the crackle of the fire was the only sound that echoed through the night as they sat in each others arms

" I could stay forever like this" Leah smiled as she lean closer to Sam

Sam could feel the cold radiating off Leah's body and took off his jacket and placed it on Leah's shoulders, she smiled and placed a chaste kiss on Sam's cheek

"Thank you" She smiled

Sam hushed her and placed his hands on Leah's face, she shivered under his touch, he gently rubbed his thumb against her soft cheek as he looked deep in to her eyes.

Leah smiled pulling Sam's hand from her face and kissing his palm she breathed in the crisp air taking in the moment .

They sat there in silence for almost five minutes; looking into each others eyes not speaking but some how so much was said.

It has been a year since Sam and Leah has started dating and it was the most amazing year of their lives, Leah knew she had found her other half, her reason for being, her soul mate. The idea of it just brought a smile to her face and tears to her eyes, the tears formed in her eyes quickly blurring her vision and as she blinked to recover her vision only to have the hot tears rush quickly down her beautiful face . Sam saw this and immediately became worried

"Lee-Lee, what's wrong?" Sam asked his voice elevated with worry

Leah shook her had and place her hand towards his face " I'm happy" she said simply

Sam grinned widely "well if this is happy, I don't ever want to see you when you're upset" he joked lovingly

They both laughed

Sam then turned his body away from Leah and picked up a CD player and he inserted a CD, and pressed play. A sweet song began to fill the air and Leah recognized it as their song, the song that they danced to on their first date, KC and Jo Jo – All My Life . Sam stood up and reached out for Leah "dance with me, Lee "

Leah smiled and took his hand eagerly as the song began to play Sam pulled Leah closer to his body to shield her from the cold, she smiled pushing herself closer towards him as the danced together they never took their eyes off each other and even when the song ended they continued dancing, swaying to and fro to the sound of the water gently caressing the shore.

"Lee" Sam said nervously

Leah looked into Sam's eye she suddenly felt ill, worried for Sam

"Sam, whats wrong?, are you ok?"

Sam smiled "Lee- Lee" he said again urgently


"I love you" Sam said passionately "I have never felt this way about anyone before"

Leah's heart felt her heart skip a beat, her eyes widened and her hands began to shake as she placed it on her mouth, and tear once again struck her face. This was the first time he said I love you, Leah immediately she felt her heart beat so fast and she was blubbering all the place but she managed to calm herself down enough to say those words Sam was longing to hear.

"I love you too" she nodded profusely

Sam grinned and kissed Leah passionately when Sam released her Leah smiled she kissed Sam again this time rapping her arms around his neck and standing on her toes so she could be able to reach him properly . Sam felt the hot tears that fell from Leah's face and then felt another set of tears, his own. He felt Leah's hands move from around his neck down to the buttons on his shirt without breaking the contact. Sam immediately stopped kissing Leah and look at her

"Lee" Sam said looking at her

Leah look at Sam and nodded " I'm ready" she said honestly

"are you sure?" Sam didn't want her to make a mistake especially since it was her first time

"yes, I'm sure, I promise"

Sam nodded and pulled toward the blanket on the sand and laid her down slowly and kissed her hand, her head, her lips, her neck and her stomach. She giggle at Sam's touch but the giggling began to fade as she was brought back to reality by the loud sound of clapping.

End of Flashback


Leah came back looking dazed, like she has just woke up, it took a second to realize what was going on , everyone in the church was standing clapping and whistling Leah looked over at Sam and Emily who were locked in a eager kiss tuning out the clapping of the audience. Leah cringed at the kiss and turned her face slightly only to have Jacob's eyes focused solely on her, concern in his face. Once the couple pulled away from their kiss Emily spun around to retrieve her bouquet with a wide grin on her face, Leah who was still dazed didn't react to until Emily placed her hand on Leah's shoulders. She passed Emily her bouquet and watched as the happy couple existed the church Sam carrying Emily in his arms. Jacob turned to Leah "are you alright?" he asked as he took her hand so that they could walk down the aisle, Leah shook her head "no, I don't think I am" Leah frowned, Jacob placed his hand in hers. On the way out, Leah caught a glimpse of Edward's troubled face, only then that she realized that he probably saw everything that she was thinking, Leah gave a half smile Edward's way and then moves her focus back to walking down the aisle. As soon as she was out if the church she let go of Jacob's hand and look towards Sam and Emily she sucked in a deep breath and quietly said " Goodbye Sam".