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So I thought I might just post a few of the bits and pieces I have written for plots that get stuck in my head. These are just scenes that I have come up with for stories that I could write in the future. If anyone wants to make a story out of them, let me know I would love to read it, and share a few ideas that I have.

All of them are un-beated, so there are probably a magnitude of mistakes.

HP/24 Crossover Outtake

This was brought up a few years from canon to fit the time and technology that I need to use. I have dropped this back to the end of Season 4 and Jack isn't wanted by the government and the Chinese, so this would be Season 5. We are never given the ages of the characters (at least not in what I have seen), so I am playing around with them to make them suited to the story.

The ring of a mobile phone broke the silence of the dark house. The two occupants of the bed were woken by the sound, one of them reached out to their bedside table, picking up the phone they answered it.

"Hello? This had better be good, its 2am in the morning, and I have had a busy night." The voice was male and filled with sleep.

"Well you shouldn't have been up so late last night then." The voice chuckled "I am sure the two of you had fun though."

"Bill! What do you want?"

"We have a situation, and I need you and your wife onsite now."

"Call Jack, he is back from holidays so he can handle it. I just finished a big case, and want a rest."

"I already have, but I need both of you together on this one, and I also need my number one analyst."

"Fine, you are going to pay for this though."

The voice on the end of the line chuckled.

"Just get in here." The connection ended.

The man dropped back into his pillow sighing.

"Who was that Harry?" the body next to him asked in a tired voice.

Harry Potter, 21 years of age, and hero of the British wizarding world, now a Federal Agent for the Counter Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, turned to his wife of 6 months, Chloe O'Brian Potter. Even though it was frowned upon in their field of work, they still got married. Harry was never one for rules.

"Bill. There has been a 'situation'" Harry emphasized the word situation.

"Does he ever sleep?"

"Apparently not."

"Why doesn't he just call Jack, you need a break."

"He did, says he wants both of us and his 'number one' analyst." Harry said as he began to roll out of the bed, and heard Chloe give a very un-lady like snort as she too began to roll out of bed, and proceeded to get dressed.

Fifteen minutes later the couple were pulling out the driveway and heading into their office to find out what this situation was and why they had to be dragged out of bed. Chloe was driving, which Harry didn't mind even though he was the better driver; it allowed Harry to have a bit of time to think back to how he had gotten into this situation.

After finding out that none of his friends were loyal to him, he started to make his own paths. He knew he couldn't fight and kill Voldemort on his own, so after finding out his mum was an unspeakable he approached the unspeakables for help, they agreed on the spot. They gave him a bit of training; he had said that he was going to leave the wizarding world when it was all over, so they trained him to use non-magical weapons and how to fight physically. In a stroke of brilliance and logic realised that Harry didn't have to fight the Dark Lord Voldemort, just had to kill him. There was no amazing display and epic final battle, the unspeakables had just stormed Voldemort's hide out, Riddle Manor, while his top Death Eaters were on a raid.

The younger Death Eaters were dealt with without any problems, and the unspeakables caught Voldemort. They had taken him straight to the Death Chamber and the Veil in the Department of Mysteries, where Harry pushed him though the Veil. No blood loss, not big battles, quick and simple. Harry left Britain the same night, and moved to America. The news of Voldemort defeat had come out the next day, and Harry was no where to be found. As far as he was aware they still didn't know where he was, and still had search parties looking for him, and that was four years ago.

After he had re-located to America, he stayed well clear of anything to do with Wizards. He emptied his Gringotts vaults, his money was moved to a non-magical bank, and his heir looms locked away in a truck that he kept hidden, as well as his wand. After a bit of touring around the world, he decided to settle down, it was only a few weeks before he was restless, and needed to do something. He searched around for a few jobs, but could find nothing that appealed to him, that was until he met Chloe.

It was late at night and he had just left a nightclub to see Chloe getting chased and shot at by a few thugs; at least that is what he thought they were. She was limping and looked a mess, she had obviously been beaten, and one of the bullets must have hit her. Harry's Gryffindor side kicked in and he stepped out to face them. The fight was short as the unspeakables had trained him well in the art of physical combat. Chloe had passed out from loss of blood and exhaustion, so he took her back to a large flat that he had inherited from his dad, and took care of her, healing her up.

He got her to tell him, who then men were, why they were chasing her, and where she worked. When he found out about CTU his saving people side kicked in, and he joined immediately. He moved through the ranks quickly, his prior training helped in that respect. A lot of people were in awe of how well he could fight. It wasn't long before he was a top rank Field Officer.

Although it was frowned upon he and Chloe had started dating, and just six months ago married.

Although he had to kill, and the hours really sucked, he enjoyed what he did, and certainly liked his life now.

He was broken out of his thoughts by Chloe's voice informing him that they had arrived. Quickly getting out of the car, the two walked side by side through the car park and into the CTU headquarters. Scanning their cards at the door, they entered and moved quickly through the corridors to the main area. Harry could see a group already gathered up on the meeting room. Bill was there, Jack was there, Harry even spotted Tony; something big must have been going on for them to call in the three best field agents.

Harry and Chloe climbed the stairs and walked straight into the room. Opening the door, Harry got straight down to business.

"Ok Bill, why have you dragged your three best field agents and top analysis in here at this ungodly hour?"

"We have a big problem."