I thought I might just post a few of the bits and pieces I have written for plots that get stuck in my head. These are just scenes that I have come up with for stories that I could write in the future. If anyone wants to make a story out of them, let me know I would love to read it, and share a few ideas that I have.

Had this lying around. Just another plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone. Very fragmented, but if all put together a good story could probably be made from it.

All of them are un-beated, so there are probably a magnitude of mistakes.

Kick, Punch, Duck, Jump, Duck, Punch, Punch, Kick.

Buffy Summers let everything loose on the vampire in front of her. Seeing her opening she thrust forward with a wooden stake, straight into the vampire's heart. The vampire turned to dust and blew away with the wind. Turning to her next opponent she quickly took in the situation. She was surrounded by demons and vampires, far too many for her to handle on her own, no matter how good she was.

'Where are they?' she thought to herself, before focusing on the task at hand again.

"Ok, who's next?" she said in a cheery voice waiting for her next attacker.

Two vampires and two slimy demons stepped towards her. She sighed and dropped into her fighting stance. Just before they were in fighting distance there was a flash of light hitting one of the demons, followed by the demons head going missing, and a vampire was struck between the eyes with a knife. The knife fell to the ground as the vampire turned to dust. A black haired female teenager, black lipstick on her lips, and dressed in a full black leather outfit, that would be the fantasy of many men, stepped up to her left, followed by a black haired male teenager, wearing black jeans, and a black leather jacket that was zipped up to ward off the cold stepped up to her right.

"You were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago" Buffy growled.

"Her fault." The boy motioned to the girl.

"Harry Potter, don't you dare blame this on me!"

"Hey you are the one that asked me to join you."

"You didn't have to!"

"I'm a guy, you offered, who am I to say no?"

Buffy had gone red listening to the new couples banter. "Stop, stop, stop! I don't need to hear about your sex life!"

"You sure B?" the girl asked clearly amused. "Doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy?"

"YES!" Buffy all but shouted.

"It does?" Harry asked.

"What?" Buffy realised she had been played, again. "Yes stop talking about it; no it doesn't make me all fuzzy."

The two teens started laughing at her.

"Can we just kill the bad guys?" Buffy wined.

The three teens turned back to the dark creatures in front of them. None had even moved during their argument.

"How much does your IQ drop when you die? Because seriously when we are distracted is the best time to attack." Harry asked his female companions as he surveyed the creatures in front of him. "Big slimy guy with that mean looking axe is mine." Harry gave a feral grin before he disappeared with a pop.

"Fine, I get the vamps, Faith anyone who is not already claimed."

"Hey why do I get the rejects?" Faith asked.

"I called first." Buffy said with a grin then jumped back into the fight. Faith sighed and joined her.

Harry reappeared behind the slimy demon. A sword faded into view in his hands, which he used to tap the demon on the shoulder. The demon swung around with the axe, Harry ducked under it before he brought his blade up to meet the demons next swing of the axe. The blades clashed with the sound of metal on metal. The dance had begun.

Harry Potter marched into the Great Hall of Hogwarts like a man on a mission. He had been entered into a tournament that he wanted nothing to do with. Everyone in the hall turned towards him as he stormed in and went straight up to stand in front of the head table.

"I refuse to participate in this tournament, magical binding contract or not."

Before anyone could say a word Harry was surrounded by a fabulous light show.

"Harry what have you done?" Dumbledore said in a defeated voice. Everything was falling apart.

"I said I didn't want to compete."

"You broke the contract, your magic?"

Harry shrugged, "magic is overrated, creates more problems than it solves." He pulled his wand from his pocket, snapped it and walked out of Hogwarts.

He stepped past the gates, and started laughing. Some people were so gullible. A ball of light appeared in his hand, he tossed it from hand to hand before it disappeared. Technically he was never bound by the contract as he didn't enter himself and agree to be part of the tournament. A fancy light show, snapping Draco Malfoy's wand, which he had borrowed earlier, and he was now free. Treated like crap, no teachers stood up against bullying, a world so far in the past, so backward, and stuck in a prejudice mind frame. Who wanted to be involved in a world like that?

With a look up at Hogwarts, he disappeared.

Harry was forced to take a couple of steps backwards and go on the defensive as the demon rained some powerful blows down on him. Harry tried to get back on the attack but a vicious sweep from top to bottom jarred his arms as the sword was hit hard. He had to move fast to block another blow from his right, but the earlier jar had weakened his arms; the sword was knocked clean from his grasp and flew about ten meters to his left.

"Fine, no more Mr Nice Guy" Harry growled before he pushed both his hands forward and let loose a blast of magic. The demon was hit in the chest and sent flying backwards, smashing a few headstones on his way. Harry summoned his sword before he use his magic to help him leap into the air. He did a fancy summersault mid-air before handing on the ground next to the demon. Before the demon could fight back Harry drove the sword straight through its heart, before pulling it out and swinging a larch arc to cut of the demons head for good measure.

He looked back towards his companions, Faith was fighting the last of the demons, Buffy was fighting the last two vampires.

Harry wandered down the streets of his new home Sunnydale. He had been there less than a day, but already thought it was a pretty good town. The weather was much better than dreary old England; there were no expectations on him so he could be the person he really was. The sorting hat was right; he would have done very well in Slytherin. He was powerful, cunning, and very manipulative. It was far easier for the Boy-Who-Must-Have-Hyphens-In-His-Name to be in Gryffindor where everyone thought he should be, much easier to get away with things.

One thing he thought strange of his new home was everyone was friendly, but all gave him the warning not to go out after dark. Naturally Harry was walking down the streets after dark. Other than 12 graveyards, freezing cold, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That was until he heard a grunt, some yelling, and fighting coming from the graveyard to his left. Deciding to investigate and see if there was a damsel in distress he could save, he entered the graveyard and jogged towards where the fighting was coming from. He stepped around a tree and stopped in shock at the scene. Two teenaged girls were fighting what looked to be a very strange breed of vampire. They were using martial arts to fight them, and the vampires were also fighting with martial arts. Vampires who knew martial arts, who knew?

They clearly didn't need any help and had the situation under control. One of the girls was short and blonde and wearing the latest expensive fashions, comparing it to the other girls he had seen around the town, she almost looked like your typical blonde bimbo. Her moves were flowing and majestic. The other girl was more interesting in Harry's view. Everything was black. Black hair, black lipstick, black leather clothing, black boots. A street girl who had, had a hard life. Her moves were fast and aggressive. Vampires were fast and strong, yet these girls were faster and stronger. An old memory of something he had read in a book came back, Vampire Slayer. Yet the book said there was only ever one. In front of him were two. He tried to remember more, they fought vampires and demons to protect the world, and were most commonly found at a Hellmouth. Harry looked down at the ground.

"Oh bugger!"