Title: They're Finally Getting Married

Pairing: Sylar/Elle with many cameos

Rating: PG-13 for some suggestiveness at the end

Summary: Sylar and Elle's wedding. Very AU. This is the first part of my birthday present for faded_facade . The honeymoon should be coming up in a couple of days.

"Are you really sure you're ready for this?"

Elle smiled, turning to her invisible friend. She was dressed in a long white wedding gown, sleeveless and with a long train. It was a little old fashioned looking, but she didn't care, because it had been her mother's. Angela had found it among Bob's things and gave it to Elle as a peace offering when they had made the engagement official. Her blonde hair was held up in a tasteful bun, a few tendrils falling in her face as she secured the veil on. It was her wedding day, and she had managed to get Claude to agree to walk her down the aisle. The only catch was that he was doing so invisibly. Only she and Gabriel would know, but that was enough. After all, the English man had been the only kind figure she ever knew back at Primatech, and her own father was dead, so he made perfect sense for giving her away. Everyone else thought she was walking down the aisle by herself in honor of her father, but that was okay. They didn't need to know the truth.

"I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be," She replied nervously.

After four years of being together and raising Noah, Gabriel had finally proposed to her. It had been almost picturesque, taking her out to a nice dinner while Peter babysat, and then during desert of pie and champagne, he pulled out a small piece of metal, melting it and turning into a small golden band, fixing in a diamond. He then got down one knee, holding it out to her and he asked her the question she had never expected to hear. She had cried, wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him, and then said yes. It was the second happiest day of her life. The first had been when Noah was born.

If someone had told her four years ago, when she was on a beach with Gabriel, and he was trying to revive her with his blood, apologizing profusely for what he had almost done to her, she never would of thought they would have been able to come so far. And it hadn't been easy. She had been hesitant to trust him again, but when she found out she was pregnant, she put her own feelings aside for the sake of their child. They had both been raised in less than loving homes; she refused to allow the same to happen to Noah.

But they had done their best, and while they weren't perfect parents, they were better ones than anyone had expected them to be. Noah brought control to both Elle and Gabriel (Sylar seemed to finally be at rest, he hadn't killed since she told him of her pregnancy) and trust too. If this small being could trust them, perhaps they could trust one another as well.

Elle was jarred from her thoughts as she felt her arm being tugged, pulling her out of the bridal room. "Are you daft?" Claude asked briskly. "No woman is supposed to be late on her own wedding day. I don't think any of us want to see what that fiancé of yours might do if he thought you weren't showing up for this."

She laughed softly, nodding her head in agreement with him. "I suppose you're right." She squeezed Claude's arm a little as he began walking her down the aisle. "Thank you"

He chuckled softly. "Careful, girly, they're going to think you've started talking to yourself."

It wasn't a big ceremony, though she was surprised at just how many people did show up at the wedding of two former psychopaths. In front row on the Bride's side was the Bennet Clan, even Mr. Muggles was sitting in Sandra's lap.

Peter was standing at Gabriel's side as his best man, and Claire had already headed up the aisle as the Maid of Honor. Her father had protested her being involved with the wedding, but Sandra had quickly put that argument to rest. They had named their child after him, they were practically family now.

Angela had gone against the good advice of both her sons, sitting on the "groom's" side. Of course, she wasn't Gabriel's mother, but she still felt entitled to be there. Misguided or not, if she had set him on his path of redemption, he and Elle never would have ended up together. She was sitting by herself as her other son, Nathan, was not in attendance.

One of the biggest surprises was the fact that Mohinder had agreed to come. Especially considering who he had as a date. Elle had felt more than a little awkward when her former partner had told her he was bringing Maya, but she had given the scientist a strict warning. If either one of them did anything to ruin her perfect day she would fry them to death.

Matt and Daphne were there with Molly (and her date, Micah) and three year old daughter, Danielle. After a few years, Sylar had went to make amends to Matt, and to apologize for terrorizing Molly so much when she was younger. Once Matt read his mind and saw he was being honest, he accepted the apology. It was during this meeting that Daphne and Elle met, the fast talking blondes becoming quick friends.

That was why Danielle was dressed as the flower girl, walking next to Noah, the ring bearer as he made his way up the aisle in front of Elle. They both looked so cute; Elle was hoping the photographer was getting plenty of pictures of them. At one point, Noah tripped and fell down, causing the ring to roll away from him. Everyone in the audience ooed, thinking he had levitated it back to himself. What they didn't know is that Claude had left her side to go fetch it and hand it back to Noah before returning to her side. Elle grinned a bit at that. There was nothing she liked more than being the only one on a secret.

Soon enough, they made it to the front of the aisle and Claude carefully handed over Elle to Gabriel, leaning in to whisper to the watchmaker. "I'm sure you bloody well know this by now, but if you hurt her, it's not me you're going to have to worry about. She'll kill you herself."

Gabriel gave an uncomfortable little chuckle at that, pushing his glasses back up a little. Although he had met Claude on a couple of occasions before this, the man always unnerved him a little. His power of invisibility, however, had been the second Gabriel learned to pick up through empathy. It had been when Elle was about eight months pregnant and had been one of the first real signs that he really did have the strength to put Sylar to rest.

And with that the invisible man made his way down the aisle, finding a place in the back to stand and watch the rest of the ceremony.

Elle turned to face Gabriel now, smiling up at him behind the veil. They took one another's hands and turned to the priest now. Butterflies stirred in her stomach but she couldn't imagine why. What could possibly go wrong?

And as the priest began to speak, going on about the meaning of love and how they were to hold and honor one another for the end of time because marriage was a commitment. A promise. And then he got to the part where he asked if anyone objected to the union of these two in marriage.

The first to stand, or attempt to, was Bennet, but he fell down onto the ground, cursing, yelling at Lyle for trying his shoelaces together. Lyle denied it to the end. Elle and Gabriel just smiled at one another; they'd have to thank Claude for that later.

The second person to stand was Mohinder, despite Maya pulling at his sleeve and telling him to sit down. "You can't let those two get married! That man is a brutal serial killer; he's murdered too many people to be happy now. He murdered my father, and hers too, you can't honestly think this is a good idea, can any of you?" He asked, looking at the other members of the wedding party.

Elle broke away from Gabriel for a moment to turn to face the audience, cupping her hands as they glowed with electricity. "We're both repenting and trying for a better life, but I swear to all that is holy, if you do not sit down Fight Club, I will break my sobriety and kill you. And I've been clean for four years now. Do you really want to do that? Do you?"

Mohinder nodded numbly and sat down, where he was promptly lectured by Maya for making a scene. Though it had taken her a long time to forgive Gabriel, she realized now that his powers had had a control over him that was even stronger than hers had been. But this woman Elle had helped him learn control. She was glad for both of them.

Elle took a deep breath and let the electricity from her hands die down. She smiled at the congregation. "Does anyone else have any objections?" Everyone wisely shook their head. An angry bride was bad enough, but an angry bride who could fry you to death? That was a risk no one was willing to take. She smirked a little. "Good." She turned to the slightly frightened looking priest now. "You may continue."

The priest gave an uncomfortable nod and began to speak once more. "It's time for the couple to exchange vows. Elle, we'll start with you. Repeat after me. I, Elle,"

"I, Elle"

"Take you, Gabriel"

"Take you, Gabriel"

"To be my husband"

"To be my husband"

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,"

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad,"

"In sickness and in health"

"In sickness and in health"

"I will love and honor you all the days of my life"

"I will love and honor you all the days of my life"

The priest smiled, turning to Gabriel. "And you, Gabriel. Repeat after me. I, Gabriel"

"I, Gabriel"

"Take you, Elle"

"Take you, Elle"

"To be my wife"

"To be my wife"

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad"

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad"

"In sickness and in health"

"In sickness and in health"

"I will love and honor you all the days of my life"

"I will love and honor you all the days of my life"

Gabriel smiled over at Elle, and then down to their son. "This is it buddy, do you think you can give the rings to the nice man?"

Noah beamed, holding up the little pillow with the two simple gold bands on it for the priest. "Here! Rings!"

The priest smiled and picked up one of the rings, turning to Elle. "Do you, Elle, take Gabriel as your lawfully wedded husband for as long as you both shall live?"

Elle smiled brightly. "I do." And the ring was slipped on her finger.

The priest picked up the other ring and turned to Gabriel. "And do you, Gabriel, take Elle as your lawfully wedded wife for as long as you both shall live?"

He didn't even hesitate. "I do." And the ring was slipped onto his finger as well.

"You are now husband and wife," The priest proclaimed, taking a step away from the happy couple. "You may kiss the bride"

Gabriel approached Elle now, lifting up her veil, shocked speechless at how beautiful she looked. Like an angel. Just like she had that day when she saved his life. He grinned broadly before leaning in, pressing his lips against hers, wrapping his arms around her waist as he pulled her as close to him as possible.

Elle smirked, opening her mouth to deepen the kiss, when suddenly, they were jolted out of their moment by a protest.

"Ewwww, I hate when you tongue kiss Daddy!"

Gabriel laughed pulling away, trying his best to ignore the puppy dog look Elle was giving him. "Noah's right, we should save that for the honeymoon."

Elle brightened up at that. She almost forgot about that. The honeymoon. Their first vacation alone since Noah had been born. She couldn't wait. "Well, let's get some cake first, shall we?" She asked as they linked arms, making their way down to the procession towards the reception.

"I still don't see why we couldn't have wedding pie," Gabriel muttered underneath his breath.

"We'll have pie during the honeymoon, okay?" She purred.

He pulled her closer to him, whispering in her ear now. "Can I eat it off you?"

Elle smirked. "Maybe"

Gabriel merely grinned. He could only hope the reception was short.