Title: The Honeymoon

Pairing: Sylar/Elle

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sequel to They're Finally Getting Married and the second part of my birthday gift to faded_facade. Basically, it's Gabriel and Elle enjoying the first night of their honeymoon together. Smut.

Getting to Orlando for their honeymoon was an easy enough task when Gabriel had absorbed Hiro's teleportation power from Peter a few years ago. Elle had always felt rather grateful for this considering how anxious she got on airplaines. A blink of travel sure beat hours of her crying and transferring her electricity into him, which is what happened every time they took an airplane. They traveled like that when they absolutely had to, but they tried to avoid it when they could, and this was one of those times.

Though other couples might have chosen someplace more exotic to go to, Elle had begged for Disneyworld. She had never been to a theme park before, and neither had Gabriel, so it seemed like the perfect choice, even if Noah would never forgive them for going without them. They had promised him that they'd come back in a year or two with him.

Soon enough they had checked themselves into the hotel and had all their luggage taken up to the honeymoon suite they would be staying in. Gabriel scooped Elle up in his arms, carrying her over the threshold of their room. A little old fashioned and a somewhat silly practice as far as Gabriel was concerned but the delighted look on Elle's face more than made up for it.

He carefully lied her down on the bed, a mischievous look on his face as he took off his glasses, setting them aside on the bedside table. "What do you think?" He asked raising a brow, leaning in to press a kiss against her neck. "Are you ready to get started?"

Elle giggled, squirming out of his arms and climbing off the bed. "Almost. I have to change into something more comfortable" A cliché line, she knew, but she had always wanted to say something like that. She grabbed one of her bags and made her way to change in the bathroom, a devious look on her face.

Gabriel merely grinned and began tugging his jacket off, carefully lying it over one of the chairs. He didn't know just what she had planned, but he was sure that whatever it was, he'd like it. He usually did. He had removed his tie and shirt, and begun removing his belt when he heard the door open, stopping him in his tracks when he turned to look into her.

Elle had changed into a white lace bridal corset and white stockings that were held up by a garter belt. She was still wearing her long white bridal gloves, and a pair of white heels. Her hair had been taken down, flowing down her back. There was one article of clothing missing though. Her panties.

She took a few confident steps towards Gabriel, smirking as she leaned in to press a kiss against his lips, pulling away with a playful spark. "Do you like what you see?" She asked, pressing her body up tightly against his.

"I do," His voice was husky as his dark eyes took her in. It was amazing how she found a way to make herself look even more desirable. "Would you hate me if I asked you to keep it on?" He asked, nibbling on her ear as he began tugging down his pants, kicking them aside. They'd probably wrinkle, but he couldn't find it in him to care at this point.

Elle merely grinned even more at his question, shaking her head. "I could never hate you, Gabriel," She purred, pushing him down onto the bed and crawling ontop of him. "Think of it as my wedding gift to you" She brushed her fingers against his chest, giggling as the little shocks she gave him caused his hair to raise.

"But there's something you forgot to wrap" He teased with a grin rubbing his hardened erection against her bare womanhood. Yeah, those boxers were going to need to be gotten rid of soon.

Elle grinned, leaning in to nibble at his lips playfully drawing blood. She seemed almost in awe as she watched the skin knit back together right away. "That's what makes it a really good present" Her small fingers trailed down his chest until they reached his waist. She hooked her thumbs underneath the satin fabric and began tugging down on them before tossing them aside. "That's better, don't you agree?"

"Much," He growled in appreciation, grabbing both of her wrists, flipping her over onto the bed now, pinning her beneath me. His body was practically shivering in anticipation. No matter how many times he had her, he always wanted more. He may have been able to stifle his hunger for power, but he'd never be able to stifle his desire for her.

He covered her mouth with his own, groaning softly as their tongue met together in a well aged battle. They knew their roles well, but neither one would claim victor, not easily. His large hands traveled down the trails of her tiny frame, brushing over every familiar curve. He grinned against her mouth as he found his destination, thrusting two fingers suddenly into her entrance.

Elle's head tilted back as she cried out in pleasure. Her walls began to tighten around him as he moved his digits inside of her, scissoring them, opening her wider. "Pleeeease" She begged, panting, grinding against his hand. She wanted him. "Moore"

"Your wish is my command," came his husky response as he thrusted a third finger inside of her now, feeling her wet arousal grow. She was so tiny, he sometimes felt like he could break her with his fingers alone, but he knew better. Tiny, she might be, but fragile she was not. He broke away from the kiss, groaning from the spark she gave him as he did so before dipping his head down to nibble on her neck. Her skin was so beautiful, and it was only more tantalizing when she had so much it covered. He never would have guessed that a corset and some old fashioned stockings would be such a turn on.

"Gaaabriel," She moaned out, bucking against his fingers with wanton need. She brought her hands up to thread through his hair, pulling him for another heated kiss. "Take me now," She moaned out between his lips, sparking him playfully.

Well, you certainly didn't have to tell him twice. He removed his fingers, enjoying the small whimper that came out of her mouth as he did so. He placed his hands on the bed as he positioned himself ontop of her. He brushed some of her blonde hair away from her face, smiling down at her lovingly. He still couldn't image how he had almost killed her twice. How sad his life would have been without her. But there was no time to dwell on that now.

They cried out in unison as he thrusted inside of her now, her warmth entrapping him. She was so small, so tight, he could barely fit inside of her. She brought her stocking clad legs up, wrapping them around his waist, drawing him in closer.

He moaned, claiming her mouth for another searing kiss as he thrusted in and out of her. They had done this many, many times before, but there was something special about it this time. This is the first time after their marriage, the union of their two souls.

As he moved within her, her walls clenching around him, he knew it wouldn't be too much longer now. A few final thrusts inside her and he tilted his head up, crying out with his release. He pushed inside of her a couple more times and felt her nails dig into his back, sparking him as she cried out with the white flash of release as well.

As the orgasm began to wear down, Gabriel carefully pulled out of her, shifting now so she was lying on top of him.

Elle smiled warmly at him, bringing a hand up to brush some of his sweat drenched hair away from his face. "I love you so much, you know that, don't you?"

Gabriel grinned, leaning back against the pillow. "I do know that." He leaned in, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. "But I also know that I love you even more than that."

Elle laughed a little, giving him a playful shock. "Don't get too mushy on me now that we're a couple of newlyweds"

Gabriel chuckled softly. "I'll try not to. He pulled her closer to him, kissing her again before pulling away with a devilish grin. "Now when do I get to eat that pie off you?"

Elle laughed. "Tomorrow. I'm sleepy, and we have to wake up early tomorrow if we want to conquer the magic kingdom."

"Fine, but I'll be holding you to that promise"

Elle smirked. "I'd be disappointed if you didn't"