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Bigger Than Us

A Hannah Montana Fanfiction. OOC, AU, Liley

Meeting Destiny

"Lilly! Get up!!"

Why should I? I'm not in the mood to go to school. It's boring and I'm not good at anything except for PE. I love sports, especially soccer. It makes me feel free, you know?

"Lillian Truscott!!" I hear my mother shouting again. I hate my full name and I hate it when somebody calls me like that. Shaking my head, I get up and make my way to the closet.

"Don't make me come up there!! You're going to be late for school!!" she threatens. I roll my eyes. Is she drunk today? She doesn't sound like it.

I don't hate my mom, but ever since she and dad are fighting she's drinking nonstop. It's unbearable; she's cursing, crying and sometimes she hits me for no reason, but then two minutes later she usually regrets in and tries to be best friends or something. I just think she's broke. I feel sorry for her.

My dad is an idiot. He never treated me like a daughter. I think he didn't want to have me in first place. He knows I exist but that's all. We hardly talk; we barely look at each other. He gives me the feeling that I'm not wanted in his presence so I avoid him.

"Lillian!!" I hear my mom's voice again. This time I reply: "I'm up, mom! I'll be down in ten minutes!"

My outfit for today, black cargos, a black T-Shirt and a grey, hooded sweater, quite baggy. Along with it my black converse. I don't feel like wearing colors … no, actually I don't like wearing colors. They tend to say that you're happy or so and I'm definitely not happy.

I only wear colored clothes when I have to wear my soccer jersey, but that's okay. Soccer makes me happy.

I go to my bathroom, wash up and brush my teeth. No make-up. Why? First, it takes some time to be perfect – in my case at least – and I get up way too late every morning; and second, I don't have to impress anybody, at least not at school.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and I hear my mother cursing from the kitchen. "Fucking moron. Why is he out so fucking early and why did he drink all the fucking milk when I told him to leave some for Lilly?"

She's talking about my dad. I think he has a thing going on with a co-worker, who happens to be a few years younger than him and I also think she's the reason my parents are fighting. I just hope he stops seeing the other woman and goes back to mum. I can live without my dad, but mom can't, he used to make her so happy.

My dad's an accountant, by the way. He's out to 'work' the whole day and only comes home to sleep and eat up all our breakfast. My mom works at a little restaurant as a waitress, at night she usually goes to the bar next door and gets drunk, so I'm pretty much alone all the time.

"Sorry, Lilly, no cornflakes for you today. Your asshole of a father used up all of the milk." my mother tells me when I enter the kitchen. I shrug. "Whatever. Just give me some toast; I wouldn't have time for cornflakes anyways."

"I figured you'd want toast so I toasted one for you. Here you go." she hands me the toast and I take a bite. Ew, it's burnt.

Oh well … and least my mom's sober this morning. Maybe things are going to be better? She hasn't had a sober morning in days. It's usually a good day for her and it raises my hopes for her to get better. On the dark side, she always ends up drunk and crying in the evening, so it never changes a thing. But a girl can hope, right?

"I'll see you in the evening, mom." I say and grab the car keys and my schoolbag. If I don't take the car I'm gonna be late again. The teachers already hate me for it.

I get into my car and start it. I take a deep breath and hold it for a second, then let it out again. Life sucks. Why can't it be like it used to? I mean, yeah, we weren't the happiest family, but it was always comfortable at home. When my parents were happy, I was happy. Then, two years ago, this whole fighting started and I felt horrible. They used to stop in between but never really quit the whole arguing and shouting and it made me feel worse every time. My grades dropped and teachers hate me now.

I press the play-button on the car's CD-Player and turn the volume up. I like to listen to all kinds of music. Right now I'm playing 'Season Change' by 'Anastacia'. I think she's kind of cool and the song fits right now.

My car is an old Volkswagen Beetle, dark blue, but the color is coming off a bit. My mom got it quite cheap last year for my sixteenth birthday. It's one of the coolest presents she ever gave me, actually, and I love that car to death, no matter how rusty and old it is.


"Wow, Lilly Truscott in school on time? What happened to you? Met someone your anxious to see today?" my best friend greets me, teasingly. His name is Oliver Oken; dark hair, comforting gaze and I've known him forever. Seriously, I can't remember when we met; we just always knew each other.

"Shut up, doughnut. I didn't sleep well last night and unintentionally was up on time this morning." I tell him. Last night was horrible; my parents were shouting the whole night.

"Still, you look quite happy today. Did Sunday turn out nice?" he asks me and puts an arm around my shoulder.

God, I don't even want to recall the weekend. It was horrible. I called up Oliver on Saturday and cried for more than an hour on the phone. My dad hit my mom and she drank more than usual and was super-moody and crazy. But compared to Saturday Sunday actually was okay. My dad wasn't at home and my mom just stayed in bed and on the couch, watching TV, 'relaxing' a bit and she hardly drank anything. I answer: "Guess so. Mum wasn't drunk this morning."

"That's great, Lilly! You'll see, things will work out eventually!" Oliver says, all excited and happy. God, I hate this. Why is everybody so happy and I simply can't be?

"Right … " I breathe out in a sarcastic tone and walk up to my locker, taking out my books for today.

"Come on, Lil. Keep your head up for once. You know what? You should come to John's party on Friday. Joanie and I will be there and we can hook you up with someone." he pleads and grins his stereotypical grin. John is just some jock from the football team and he's throwing a birthday-party at his place or something.

Oliver and Joanie have been dating for a year now, and they seem happier than ever. I respect their relationship and everything, but there's one thing which kind of caught me off guard two weeks ago. They told me that Joanie is pregnant and they'll keep the baby. It took them half a year to actually kiss and now she's pregnant already! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them, but it's just a bit crazy with school and everything.

From what they told me their parents seem okay with the whole baby-thing. Oliver's parents even support them. I wish my parents were as kind as Oliver's. They are saints, I tell you. They always make me feel welcome at their place and they always invite me over to stay because they know what's going on at my home. Oliver told them, against my will, actually … but the fact that they're being so cool made me forgive him really fast.

"I don't need you to hook my up with anyone, Oliver. I can manage to do that on my own. Plus, I'm not in the mood for something like it, anyways. I'm gonna be at the party, though." I answer and close my locker. He's right; at least the party can get my mind off of everything for a bit.

"Sweet!" Oliver shouts out and gives me a high five. One second later Joanie walks up to us: "Hey, honey. Hi, Truscott, on time for a change?"

I roll my eyes at that statement and decide not to answer it. Joanie and I never really were friends or anything. We just hang out because of Oliver and only with Oliver. Other than that I haven't really got a lot of reasons to talk to her.

"Hey, babe. Lilly's gonna be joining us at the party on Friday." Oliver chirps, happily hugging his girlfriend and pecking her on the lips.

"That's great, I guess. I'm not so sure if I'll go to the party, though. You know I've been tired and everything on the weekend. The party might not be the best thing for the baby." she replies and Oliver's smile instantly drops. Joanie quickly adds: "But you can go with Lilly! I want you to go to the party with Lilly!"

Yeah, please, don't stay at home, Ollie! I don't want to get stoned and wasted all alone! I look at him, pleading.

"I'm not sure, Joanie. I don't want you to be all alone and bored while we're having fun." he says, then he looks at me, his expression changing into an apologetic one. I frown. But Joanie replies: "But I want you to go, Big-O. Go have fun; I'm okay one night alone."

He thinks about it for a short while, then finally gives in. "Fine, I'll go to the party."

"Yes!" I let out and punch fists with him. Awesome, one night to forget all my problems at home, here I come!


I'm walking into Chemistry class, taking an empty seat somewhere in the back, leaning back in my chair and crossing my arms in front of my chest. It's one of the classes I don't have with Oliver or Joanie so it's gonna be more boring than the rest.

The class is starting and I'm already starting to drift off with my thoughts. I haven't been at a party in ages. I usually get drunk there. At least I know why my mom does it; it takes my mind off of everything. It's bad, I know, but where's the fun in not taking a risk?

I wonder if they have other stuff there as well, if you know what I mean. I smoked some sort of weed at a party before, and I tell ya, it felt great. Even better than alcohol; I felt absolutely free of every worry, no pain.

My attention turns to the teacher for the first time now because he's talking about paining us up for some chemistry-stuff I don't know about. Great … I can't pair up with anybody I know because I know absolutely nobody in this class. I mean, I know them from seeing them but I know nothing about them. I hope I don't end up with a loser of some kind. At least we don't have to pair up ourselves.

"Truscott and … Stewart!" that's the last thing I pay attention for today, I guess. Who is that person anyway? I see a dark-haired girl standing up and walking over to me, sitting down quietly on the chair next to me. She seems shy or so, not even looking at me. Well, I hope she pays attention or we won't know what the task is.

"I'm Miley." I hear a quite deep and raspy voice with a thick accent from beside me. I turn my head to face her. She still looks rather shyly at me, but wow … she has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.

"Lilly." I answer and turn my attention back to … well, my thoughts. Who is that girl? Is she new? I've never seen her before. Why didn't I notice her before? Then on the other hand, it's not like I notice every person in school.

I glance over at Miley again and take a better look at her. She's wearing light-blue jeans, a white T-Shirt and a pink vest. I could say she blends in with everybody but I think there's more to her than we all know because she looks extremely miserable and unhappy.

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