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Bigger Than Us

A Hannah Montana Fanfiction. OOC, AU, Liley


It's been three days since I found out about my dad's and Carol's baby. Yesterday just wasn't my day, unfortunately. I had a very bad headache and felt nauseous so my mom signed me out for the day. But today I feel fine and fit again so there's no need to stay out of school … unfortunately. But I gotta say, ever since I met Miley I don't care about going to school. I don't enjoy it either, but I'm just glad that I can spend time with her there, no matter if it's only for one two hours or so.

"Are you sure you're feeling fine today, honey?" my mother asks a little concerned as I sit at the table. I take a bite of my toast and nod. "Yeah, sure. I think I just felt the weather or whatever. I'm good." After I said that I feel a hand tousling through my hair. It is my mom's and I look up at her. I feel like a little child again. She hasn't done that in quite a while and I smile unconsciously.

"You know, not too long ago you would've begged me to sign you out for just one more day. I'm glad that phase is over." she says, sitting down next to me. I take another bite of my toast and reply: "I never said that phase is over, but I want to see Miley today. And back then I didn't have anybody to look forward to seeing in school."

My mom just smiles and shakes her head, mumbling something like: "Young love … " I take a sip of my coffee. I haven't seen Miley yesterday, only for a few minutes. She passed by my house on the way home, but she couldn't stay long because her dad wanted some family-quality time again. And I just hope we can spend this afternoon together.

I lean back and stretch shortly as I finished my breakfast and suddenly I hear a knock on the front door. My mom looks at me and asks me: "Honey, would you go see who it is?" I nod and get up without hesitating since she's busy washing the few dirty dishes. I don't wonder who it is, actually. It could only be Oliver or Miley.

But when I open the door I don't just look into one, but two smiling faces. Well, two smiling faces and Joanie. "Miley, Oliver! What are you guys doing here?" I leap forward and into my girlfriend's arms first, hugging her tightly. As I look up, into her beautiful deep blue eyes, she tells me: "I just couldn't wait to see you, Lilly." and then we share a tender kiss. A tender and passionate kiss, I might add, which didn't want to end, until we hear someone clearing their throats beside us.

"Hey, lovebirds! What about me?" my shaggy-haired best friend complains and I pull away from Miley, hugging him instead for a second. "Hey, doughnut!" I greet him and punch him in the shoulder playfully. I then look at his girlfriend and greet her with a nod, which she mirrors.

After Oliver stops his fake pouting he gets serious and concerned again, asking: "You feeling better, buddy?" I smile and reply: "I am, actually, thanks."

"I was really worried about you yesterday. I'm sorry I couldn't be there, Lil." Miley then says and hugs me from my left side, placing a soft kiss on my temple. I turn my head to look at her, nudging her nose with mine and telling her: "It's okay, hon. As long as we can spend this afternoon together?"

"Of course we can, sweetie." she replies and kisses me again. Just this time we hear a groan from Joanie. "You two are impossible! Get your asses into Oliver's car and let's go to school!" she orders. We dart towards my best friend's car, grinning broadly.


On the way to school Oliver told me that Miley's got even more popular and tons of people were talking to her in the hallway or at lunch. I think it's really good for her but I hope it's not going to be too annoying. I also want my privacy with Miley.

As we're walking towards the school's main entrance, holding hands and fingers entwined, Miley suddenly stops me and I face her, tilting my head a little confused. She tells me: "I uh … forgot to tell you something, Lilly. Something rather important … "

I take her other hand into mine, ensuring her that she has my full attention, and giving it a squeeze to encourage her to talk. She looks away shortly and then back at me, seeming a little nervous. What's bugging her so much? "You can tell me, Miley, it's okay."

She sighs. "Hmm … I don't know if it's okay … " I smile at her, encouraging her again: "I'm sure it'll be fine." She nods and starts again: "Well … in my biology class yesterday we started a project where everyone got partners assigned … uhm, and my project-partner is Rachel Unick."

My jaw drops. "R-Rachel?" I ask again, secretly hoping that my brain is trying to play tricks on me by letting me hear a wrong name. But to my dismay Miley nods and confirms: "Yes, Rachel."

I look to the floor, anger is suddenly overwhelming me so much I can hardly think straight. I'm angry and afraid. Afraid that Rachel will terrorize Miley … and afraid that Rachel will try to make a move on Miley … and very secretly afraid that Miley will like that Rachel makes a move on her. For god's sake, Lilly, stop thinking those stupid thoughts again!

"Lil?" Miley's now soft and concerned voice brings me back to reality. I look back up at her. "Are you okay?" she asks. I sigh but nod. "Yeah, sure." I promised her that it'll be fine, so I can't start a drama now. "If it helps … we were assigned, I didn't pick her and she didn't pick me. Heck, I didn't even realize that Rachel was your ex until I saw her last week."

I sigh again. I don't know if that really helps, at least Rachel didn't intend to … do whatever she might have had planned … "It's fine, Miley … I just didn't expect it. What kind of project is it?"

She gives me a small smile, answering: "Nothing special, really. We just have to grow some fungus in class, protocol it and then write an essay about it."

Now that is actually a little relieving. Nothing where they have to stick together too much. "Well good luck with that, hon. Rachel ain't the biggest nerd in this school." I tease her, but we share a laugh together. She also looks relieved now that she noticed I'm not too mad anymore.

"I'm really sorry, Lilly. I wish it were different." she then tells me honestly but I just lean forward and kiss her shortly. "It's not your fault. Now let's get that damn school day started so it's over soon!" I reply and start pulling her towards school. It's gonna be fine, I'll protect Miley.

As we walk past the main entrance I suddenly realize that half of the kids in school look at Miley and as we walk along the aisle people greet her. It's like she's a little celebrity in school somehow. "This is so weird." Miley tells me, but I just smile at her. "Enjoy it while it lasts, Miles! Now everybody can see that you're my superstar!" I say, which earns me another kiss from her.


In the lunch break I already sit at our table with Oliver. Miley and Joanie aren't here yet. Unfortunately every time I was with Miley today people wanted to talk to her. I previously thought that I could have some privacy with Miley … guess that won't be possible at school now… at least we can still be alone at home. Also, I just told Oliver that Miley is partners with my ex-girlfriend in this biology project they're having and his reaction was very girlish: "Oh my god, no way! This is so not cool! Why would this idiot of a teacher pair up Miley and Rachel?"

I just shake my head, telling him: "In the teacher's defense … I'm sure he's not aware of the fact that he paired up my current and ex-girlfriend. But it sure sucks. I hope Rachel keeps her hands to herself." My tone is grumpy and I still am annoyed. Rachel is capable of everything.

"Come on, Lilly … " Oliver starts but I interrupt him with a rather harsh: "What?!" I don't need this discussion now, but he won't just shut up like that: "You really think Rachel tries to make a move on Miley? So what if, she'll burn her fingers because Miley won't just let her do it! And you know that!"

"I trust my girlfriend, Oliver, I just don't trust that bitch." I snap back and then poke my lunch, visibly annoyed. Looks really gross again and I'm losing my appetite. I hear him sigh and I look up again. "You know that this is exactly what Rachel wants. Seeing you getting eaten up by your own anger and jealousy." he tells me, knowing exactly he's right, just as much as I do. I just glare at Oliver. "Just … drop it, okay?"

"Fine, whatever." he replies, shrugging it off and biting into his sandwich. In the corner of my eyes I see Miley walking towards us and my anger suddenly starts vanishing a little. She sits down beside me and greets me with a smile and a kiss. "Hey you two, how was your day so far?" she asks and also starts eating her lunch.

"Boring, boring … oh, and boring." I reply, trying not to sound too annoyed. Oliver nods from the other side of the table and agrees: "Same here. How was yours?"

"Not too bad, I guess. A little weird since people just won't stop talking to me." she tells us and I smile. My little rock star. I'm still so proud of her. But again the thought of her and Rachel shoots through my head and I have to ask: "How was biology with the Wicked Witch of the West Coast?"

Miley just gives me a look that says more than a thousand words, but she still vocalizes a few of them: "Well … I did the observing and protocol writing and she did the talking. I think she really wants me on that cheerleading squad and I can't figure out why."

"To get back at me or something. Even though she was the one who cheated." I reply rather monotone and unimpressed. That's nothing new for me to hear. Miley sighs and strokes my arm affectionately, saying: "I don't want all this with Rachel to bug you so much, Lilly. I'll ask the teacher if I can have a different partner, alright?"

I lay my head on Miley's shoulder and sigh again. "No, don't." I start, then I think about what Oliver told me before and it suddenly gives me a confidence boost. I shouldn't let all this get to me. I should show Rachel that I'm over it … that I'm over her, so she will be the one to be annoyed. "Let Rachel be your partner. And to get back at her I won't let it affect me, and she will get angry for a change. And you can show her how awesome you are. We'll finish that bitch off." I say, looking first at my girlfriend, who smiles at me, and then at Oliver, who looks surprised at first but then also nods with an affirming smile on his face. I mouth him a thank you. He's the best buddy ever, making me feel confident even when he doesn't say a word.


It's the end of the school day and I'm on my way towards Miley's locker. After such a long and boring day at school I'm really anticipating the afternoon with my girlfriend. I really don't know what we're gonna do, maybe hang out at the beach or something?

I suddenly stop dead in my tracks, just a few feet away from Miley's locker. She is already there, gathering her stuff, but right beside her stands another brunette. Yeah, of course you guessed right, it's Rachel. My damn ex who I seem to bump in more often again, much to my dismay. Now, Lilly, suck it up and walk up to your girlfriend, show the damn bitch you're not affected. One, two, three … go!

I start walking again, upright and at a fast pace, confidence radiating from me. "Hey, babe!" I greet my girlfriend. Okay, maybe that was a little too much macho. But according to Miley's happy look on her face she didn't mind. "Hey, gorgeous." she greets me back and kisses me affectionately.

"Ugh, yuck … " I hear from beside us and I immediately glare at the person who just said it. Rachel watched our little display of affection with a raised eyebrow and rather unpleased face. I set up a mocking smile and greet her: "Hello, Rachel."

She just snorts at me and turns back to my girlfriend, asking: "Miley, do I have to look and listen to all of this," she makes a weird movement with her hands into our direction, "while we're writing that essay together?"

Miley opens her mouth to say something but I come first: "Wow, I'm astonished! Rachel Unick actually cares for school work? Since when? I can hardly believe it." Oh how I love that look on her face right now, visibly annoyed by me because I hit a nerve.

"Well there happens to be a lot more that you don't know, Lilly." Rachel tries to play it cool, but I know why she suddenly works for her grades and again I can't help to mock: "Of course there is. Let me guess, your parents are going to cut the pocket-money down to a minimum and sell all your oh-so valuable stuff! Am I right?"

I can see Rachel's head turning red from anger and also embarrassment. No, that hasn't changed. That hasn't changed at all. Her parents might be rich, but they're really strict. Rachel gets a lot of pressure when it comes to school. She has to bring home good grades or they get furious. I was there once myself when they were fighting and almost kicked Rachel out. I am aware that it's not nice to make fun of it, but what she did to me wasn't acceptable either.

Again she turns to Miley and says: "You better keep your bitch on the leash, alright? This is a warning. Or you go down with her, Stewart!" and then she leaves, anger still written all over her face. I just keep my smirk up. I don't feel threatened by her, she can't get to me. And I will protect Miley from her, too.

"Lilly, you know that that was completely unnecessary, do you?" Miley then asks me with a frown on her forehead. I turn to face her and explain: "No, Miles, it was necessary. I hate her, she hurt me really badly, and I won't just let her get away with it."

Miley just sighs, closing her locker, then turns back to me, answering: "Fine. I won't interfere into your fight with Rachel since it's clearly something between you two, but please, Lilly, when I work on that essay with her and you are there as well then ignore her, just don't start a fight with her again, okay? I don't want a bad grade because of something that doesn't even involve me."

Her look is intense and stern. Her usually ocean blue eyes are in a very deep shade right now and I know better than to mess or argue with Miley when she has this look. She's sincere about what she just said and I nod. "Okay, I promise. I'm sorry." I apologize, which makes her eyes lighten up again and a smile forming on her lips.


We decided to head to Miley's house. When Miley called her father he offered to cook us some dinner and we both just couldn't say no. I love Mr. Stewart's cooking and I won't miss a chance to have dinner at my girlfriend's.

We enter the house, kick off our shoes, put our bags down and plop down on the couch beside each other. Miley's dad is not here right now as he told Miley that he'd go out grocery shopping for the dinner. I let out a happy sigh and lean back in the soft seat. "Ah, I'm glad we've got some time alone." I say and look at Miley, smiling.

"Me, too. All of those people talking to me is still freaking me out a little. Though I gotta admit, it is kinda cool." Miley tells me, laying her head on my shoulder. I start stroking through her hair and then kiss the top of her head. "My little rock star … " I whisper and after a few moments Miley moves her head to look into my eyes.

No words have to be said any further as Miley moves closer to me and I meet her halfway. I finally have time to kiss her without anyone around. I move my hand to the back of her head to keep her in place, starting to move my lips against hers in a delicate manner. She returns the kiss, but after a short while asks for permission to explore my mouth with her tongue, which I grant her immediately, so it's now my turn to return the kiss in her manner. A little tongue game begins and I can feel the world around us vanishing quite quickly.

I settle my free hand on her side, stroking her there lightly and I feel her hand moving under my shirt, exploring the exposed skin there and I feel a shiver going through my body. A soft moan escapes my throat at the sensation I feel coming from her touch.

"Woah, I knew it was kinda quiet down here!" someone suddenly startles us from behind. I jump a little since I didn't think anybody else was in the house, but Miley seems a lot less surprised than me. I look at the person and see Miley's brother standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey, Jackson." I greet him, not trying to sound annoyed, since he actually disrupted quite a peaceful time for Miley and me, not to mention a heated make-out session. Jackson looks at us, obviously sorry that he interrupted us. "Hey, bro." Miley greets him as well.

"Hey you two. Should I go back upstairs again?" he finally asks, but we both shake our heads. It's a little late for that now, plus the moment is already ruined. I think Miley and I better wait 'til later for more love and passion.

"Sorry again." he says quietly and then sits down on the big chair which is standing in their living room, next to the couch. I then ask curiously: "Aren't you working today?" since usually he should be at work.

"Nah, took the day off today since my boss is giving me a hard time lately, letting me work extra shifts because he's too stupid to find a replacement every now and then." he explains and I nod my head in acknowledgement. Poor Jackson is working really hard lately, I definitely noticed that.

"You totally deserve that free day, Jackson." Miley says and gives her brother a smile, which he returns immediately. They are so close, it's really nice to watch. They've been through quite a lot together, so who can blame them?

My thoughts are interrupted by a buzzing phone. I figure it's Miley's and I watch her picking up. "Hello? … hey, Alex! How are you? … I'm fine, too, thanks … " Oh great, Alex again. I come home from school and Rachel is far away and now Alex calls … I should stop being jealous, this is going to kill me one day … I keep listening to my girlfriend talking: "Sunday evening, yeah I think we have time. Lilly?" I look at her and think about it for a second. I wouldn't mind doing something on Sunday … oh … "I can't, my mom wants me around on Sunday for a mother-daughter-thing again." and I really can't let her down on these. She told me once she sometimes needs me just to keep her on the ground and not get stupid again, especially when she had a stressful week.

"Lilly's busy on Sunday, have you got time another evening? … " Miley sighs shortly, before looking at me again, just telling me with her expression that Alex doesn't have time on other evenings. I just shrug and say: "Just go ahead, I'll join you two another time." even though I really want to go with my girlfriend because I still don't completely trust Alex and her intentions. But I don't want to cage Miley … "Are you sure?" Miley asks in a whisper and I just nod with a reassuring smile, and Miley turns back to Alex: "Well Lilly can't, unfortunately, but I could ask Jackson?" she looks at her brother but he shakes his head, adding: "I don't want to disrupt your 'girly-time'." which only makes Miley roll her eyes and shake her head, before telling Alex: "No, he doesn't want to 'disrupt our girly-time' … yeah, I know … alright, then, see you on Sunday! … bye!" and she hangs up the phone.

"I'm so sorry, Lilly. It's always a bad time." Miley tells me with an apologetic look. A cute, apologetic look which only makes me smile. "It's okay. We'll find another time." I reply and give her a kiss, wanting to feel her close to me.

"I'll just run upstairs and put that into my calendar, I'll be right back." my girlfriend says, pecks me on the lips again and then runs upstairs.

I look at Jackson who seems to frown. I can't help but state: "You so like Alex." and he turns to me with raised eyebrows. He starts: "What? no, I … " but he trails off for a second or two before smiling lightly and replying: "Well yeah, I do."

"I know. What I don't know is why you won't join the two?" I ask him, but he shakes his head again. "Please, with my sister there as well? You really think it could be romantic?" he asks me, which makes me chuckle a little. "No, obviously not. But you should totally ask Alex out sometime."

I would really like to see Alex going out with Jackson because then I would be a lot more at ease when Miley and Alex go to the cinema or something. I hear Jackson sighing and asking me: "You really think she'd go out with me? I'm not even sure if she's straight." but this comment isn't as funny as I want it to sound for me, it rather stings a little in my chest. Jealousy crawling up again and I frown. So he also thinks that Alex likes Miley? Oh, I so can't let her go out with Alex on Sunday alone! Great, but she already said she'll go … shit, Jackson, why did you have to say that?

"What are you saying, Jackson?" I ask him, pissed and scared at the same time. As he realizes that his statement affected me more than he thought he immediately says: "No, I didn't mean because she's spending time with Miley! Just sometimes the way she behaves … I don't know, she's just too cool to be a straight girl, you know? I don't know how to explain … "

It doesn't relax me a lot, but at least a bit. My eyebrows still tightened I say: "She better just be a tomboy-ish straight girl rather than hitting on Miley … " more to myself than to him, but he gets the picture.

But before he can say anything else I hear Miley coming down the stairs again and sitting back down beside me. I put my arm around her shoulder protectively and let my features relax again. I don't want her to know that I'm jealous since I promised her I won't be. I'll just have to keep an eye on Alex …

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