A Monk's Tale



Kyuubi speech

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Scene change

Chapter 1

Brother Zhou was resting against a tree he had travelled a long way from the shrine of Tastua. He guessed that he could make it back to the Mt. Shaoshi Monastery in a day or too provided there were no complications. A loud scream interrupted Zhou's meditations 'that will teach me to assume things are going to stay the same' he thought. However Zhou was a good man and not one to ignore those in need. So he got up and went over to the sound to see a small child no older the 4 cowering from a pack of dogs. Pulling out his monk's spade he disabled the dogs quickly. While the child watched in awe

"You alright boy?" he asked looking down at the blond boy

"Y-yes sir" Naruto for his part was amazed by who skilled the man had showed in the fight against the dogs. The man was wearing a simple gray robe with a shaved head and kind looking gray eyes.

"Good now get back to your parents" the shaved man said

"Don't have any" the young fox boy said

"Orphanage?" the monk said feeling bad for reminding the kid of his loss of family

"Said I wasn't allowed to go back" said the blond in a happy tone

"I'm probably going to regret this but come on I got a place you can stay" Zhou said at last trying to figure out why someone would do that

"Where?" Naruto said curious most people didn't want anything to do with him. Getting someone to pay attention to him was usually an exercise in futility.

"It's a monastery we often taken in young orphans like you, usually on tours but I'll make an exception this time." The gray eyed man answered

"What's a monastery?" the blue eyed boy getting excited. Normally Naruto didn't trust people easily but he had a knack for seeing past peoples masks, and he saw someone who cared.

"Tell you on the way there...." the monk said getting the feeling that Naruto was chaos incarnate. Feeling a chakra signature coming one with fairly high killer intent behind it. Zhou decided it was time to leave

"Come on we're leaving" he said grabbing Naruto and carrying him.

Five minutes later and one very pissed off Kakashi. "Where the fuck did he go? He knows better than to run off. Damn those chuunins for letting the dogs chase him." Kakashi said quietly angry. The one eyed jonin had been assigned to look after Naruto when it was discovered he had been kicked out of the orphanage, it was a little annoying but overall good work. Kakashi had taken a liking to Naruto who reminded him a lot of his sensei the Yondaime besides the kid was chaos and always good for a laugh. Thinking quickly Kakashi summoned Pakkun

"Smells like a monk came through here but Naruto's trail is being covered up by the dogs. Sorry but I can't track him" the Nin-dog said mournfully knowing his summoner's connection to the boy

"What about the monk's" the silver haired jonin asked

"More of the same" the dog answered

"Damn, thanks Pakkun you can go back now." the masked man said. Pakkun nodded and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"The Hokage's going to be so pissed..." Kakashi said with a sigh he was still angry he had lost the blond but Sandaime would take it even worse.

7 years later Konoha's gate

"Halt who goes there" Kakashi said. The Hokage had been forcing him to do guard duty once a week for the last seven years without his Icha-Icha Paradise as punishment for loosing Naruto.

"I'm just a traveler shinobi-san" a medium sized boy with a shaved head that was showing blond stubble and blue eyes. Kakashi felt he knew this boy and played a hunch

"Naruto?" the silver haired man asked

"Do I know you shinobi-san?" the blue eyed boy said confused

"Not directly but I looked out for you when you were little..." the one eyed jonin said

"Inu-san!" the gray robed boy chirped having figured it out from the hair.

"Yeah, guess it's the hair. So where did you go Naruto?" Kakashi was curious

"To the monastery on Mt. Shaoshi, Brother Zhou found me being attacked by some dogs and took me" a nostalgic, whiskered boy answered

"I see so why are you here?" the jonin asked it was after all procedure

"My seal needs to be looked at we are not sure what effects my purifying the yokai has on it and we want to be sure nothing too dangerous is going to happen" the blue eyed boy answered

"So you know the truth but how do you purify the yokai?" Kakashi was getting annoyed that Naruto wasn't telling the whole story but he was a little nervous too. Kakashi had seen the seal and knew it was suppose to purify the chakra gradually. Speeding up didn't seem like a bad idea but a seal that complicated, well who knew?

"That is a secret of my order I afraid Inu-san. Still may I go see the Hokage he is said to be handy with seals, even if it's not as much as his student Jiraiya" Naruto said with a serene smile

"Sure you know the way?" the masked man realized he wouldn't get a lot more out of the boy

"Yes thank you Inu-san" the shaved boy said with a bow. Naruto walked thru the gates exuding a calming sense of serenity. 'That kid is something else' Kakashi thought as he went back to passing the time cloud watching.

'Thank Kami he bought the serene monk routine'. Naruto thought as he passed the gate. The blond although not as bad as he was when he was younger still possessed a mischievous spirit that normally got him into trouble.

Hokage Tower

"It will only take a moment" Naruto said trying to get in to see the Hokage

"You cannot see the Hokage without an appointment!" the secretary was not making it easy

"I really need to see him" the blue eyed boy tried to convince her

"It's not happening brat" the brown haired woman answered

"Tell him the legacy has returned and let him decide" Naruto gave one last gambit

"The legacy? Chika send him in" The Hokage said overhearing the conversation

"Lord Hokage!" the secretary known as Chika interjected

"That will be enough Chika" Sandaime said warmly

"Thank you Hokage-sama." The blue eyed boy said. Naruto entered into the Hokage's office and looked at the old man. The Hokage seemed to be sizing him up. After several minutes of intense scrutiny by the Sandaime, Naruto was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"So you claim to be Naruto Uzumaki occasionally called Yondaime's legacy?" the gray haired man asked suspicious of the boy in front of him.

"Hai" the boy answered with a smile

"Proof?" Sarutobi knew the boy would need something to convince him that this was Naruto.

"I have a seal on my stomach and a very annoying tenant named Kyuubi no Kitsune" the shaved boy said

"Show me" the Hokage demanded

"Gladly the reason I came here was to get you to look at the seal" Naruto said. And pulled off the upper half of his robe and focused chakra into the seal making it visible. Sarutobi took a good long look at the seal. It was the same seal Naruto had had when little, it seemed to be stronger than expected almost as if something else was doing part of the work.

"As far as I can tell it's still fine. However I would like to get Jiraiya to look at it." The gray haired man said.

"In this situation that is acceptable. Where is Jiraiya?" Naruto asked

"I don't know he just made his yearly report and won't be back for at least a year." The Hokage said with a laugh at Naruto's expression.

"So what am I suppose to do for a year?" the shaved boy asked rhetorically

"You could join the ninja academy" the old man said hopefully

"I have not trained to be a ninja at all..." Naruto said cautiously

"True but I am willing to get you a tutor for the techniques. Besides if your robes are any indication you were trained and you probably took to it like water." The bearded Kage said

"Admittedly I am skilled in hand to hand combat but that in no way implies that I wish to become a contract murderer." Naruto said deciding to head off the old man before this conversation went any farther

"Is that what you think ninja's do?" the Hokage asked a bit saddened by Naruto's cynical view.

"Not always but I have no doubt that if I became a ninja I would have to murder people." The blue eyed boy said nonplussed by the Hokage's disappointment

"It's usually self-defence" the kindly old man explained

"I'm not referring to that. I have no problem killing in defence of someone else or myself. I have a problem murdering people because I was paid to." Naruto said giving voice to his distaste for the ninja profession

"Everything requires sacrifices" Sarutobi countered

"That is true however it is my choice. And I don't see a reason to fight for this village" with a shrug the shaved blond gave his reason for not wanting to be a ninja

"You truly mean that?" Sarutobi felt hurt, he had known that Naruto would be reluctant but hadn't thought that Naruto had forgotten the village.

"I'll admit I have some loyalty to you and Inu-san and my other 'caretakers' but by and large the village hates me. I don't blame them but why would I stay where I am hated?" Naruto said sympathizing with the old man no one wants to hear their home being bad mouthed

"Actually most of the older generation have forgotten you and the younger generation doesn't know of you to them you ever existed. Naruto Uzumaki disappeared one night and was never spoken of again. I believe that if you try you can gain the respect of the village. Naruto you weren't born to be a simple monk that option was taken when the sealing occurred. You were born to be a hero and you can't do that in a monastery" the old Kage said trying to get Naruto to reconsider

"You truly believe that? Even knowing what I contain and the fact that I care little for Konoha you would still trust me and believe in me?" the boy was shocked he had never thought that the Hokage cared so much. Maybe there was something to this village after all? The blond wondered

"Yes Naruto I do. I knew your father and I believe you inherited his Will of Fire and his sense of honour. All I ask is that you go to the academy for a year if it still doesn't work out then I'll allow you to return to the monastery." Sarutobi said with a small smile at the sight of Naruto in deep thought

"I see. If you truly believe in me then I can't let you down can I? Besides Master Wu always said I was never suited to a quiet life in a monastery. I will stay until Jiraiya arrives and then make my decision" Naruto said after several minutes and a laugh.

"All right then Naruto. I'll provide you an apartment. The first term of this year starts in a few weeks you'll start then. Until that time I'll give you a tutor in the form of Kurenai Yuuhi she's still recovering from the jonin exam as such this will be a nice easy post for her. She's intelligent and should be able to get you mostly caught up by the time class starts" the Hokage said with mirth in his eyes.

"Alright so umm can I get that apartment now?" the blue-eyed boy said with a smirk"

"Tell you what I'll take you there personally" Sandaime said.

Naruto's Apartment

"This is nice place" the whiskered boy commented. The apartment was a nice 3 room deal with a bedroom, living area and a separate bathroom. It was already furnished for some reason. Naruto gave a questioning look to the Hokage

"Yes this entire complex is used to house visiting dignitaries. However I own it I feel that it's a good place to live. Given your past you'll probably know how to be diplomatic and it's a lot better than most places." The old man answered the implied question

"Alright, thank you very much Master Sarutobi" the shaved boy said with gratitude

"Why do you call me that?" Sarutobi didn't mind the term but it was odd

"It's a term of respect that the order gives to those in authority, besides it's more unique then 'Hokage-sama' isn't it?" The blue eyed boy said with a smile

"That it is Naruto that it is. I'll have Kurenai come over tomorrow around 10 to get you caught up to speed." The Hokage said with a chuckle.

"Thank you Master Sarutobi. Well time to go earn my keep" Naruto said nonchalantly

"What do you mean?" asked the old man confused

"You know earning my keep taking on odd jobs to earn some money or food. It is how I got here after all" the boy answered as if it was the most natural thing in the world

"Naruto I fully intend to give you money to live on." The white haired man said incredulous the Naruto expected to work for a living while going to the academy

"That isn't necessary Master Sarutobi" Naruto said confused by the Hokage's reaction. It was from Naruto's perspective perfectly normal to work for a food and money and use the latter quickly so that one would never fall prey to greed. Shrugging his shoulders mentally the young jinchuruki decided not to argue about it.

"I think it is. That said how about we go get some ramen?" the old man said in a tone that brooked no argument.

"Ramen?" the blond felt his day getting more and more strange

"I'm sure you'll love it." Sarutobi said with a smile.

The Hokage led Naruto to Ichikaru's and after some mindless pleasantries began to eat ramen. Well Naruto ate ramen Teuchi, Ayame and Sarutobi just sat there in shock as Naruto polished off bowl after bowl. Yes even having never tasted Naruto was still a ramen addict that put an Akimichi to shame. With a satisfied sigh Naruto pushed away the last bowl.

"That was really good. You're a wonderful cook Teuchi-san" the boy said smiling

Teuchi nodded numbly. The boy had cleaned out his entire 20 gallon pot of ramen.

"How much do I owe Teuchi-san?" Sarutobi asked wearily.

"Not sure I'll get the bill to you tomorrow" Teuchi answered still shocked at the amount of ramen the boy had ate.

"Alright Naruto let's go back to your apartment "the old Kage said suppressing a groan at the possible bill. The blue eyed buy nodded and followed the Sandaime.

Back at Naruto's apartment Sarutobi said good bye to the young monk and mentioned that Kurenai would be there around 8 tomorrow morning. Naruto nodded and began his nightly meditation

Naruto's Mindscape

Let me out!


You would defy the great Kyuubi no Kitsune?

I would. Every night we go through this Kyuubi–san why don't you give up?

I will not be purified by a brainless monkey

So that is what frightens you. Purification will not kill you Kyuubi-san I intended to leave enough yokai for you to live on.

Living on the sufferance of a pathetic monk? I was not meant to be caged I was meant to be an incarnation of destruction!

You were one. Now you are a prisoner accept it.

Why should I?

You have no choice. the seal is still intact we are linked. I am the warden you are the prisoner, fighting it is pointless.

I would rather die free than be caged

As you wish Kyuubi-san, let us begin.

No I will fight you for every scrap of MY power!

The Kyuubi's cries echoed throughout the sewer as Naruto forcibly took the bijuu's chakra and purified it into holy chakra. Hours later Naruto lay on his bed exhausted. Every night he purified a bit more of the Kyuubi's chakra into still powerful but non-damaging holy chakra. Every night the Kyuubi fought tooth and nail for each scrap. 'It will be easier once I get past the fifth tail but that won't be till much later. It's taken me 2 years just to get past the first tail. Ahh It's too late to worry about this sort of thing' Naruto though as he drifted off to sleep

The next morning

"Naruto-san are you here?" a feminine voice calls out. Naruto for his part fell out of the bed he had been sleeping in. Looking around for a few moments confused he soon remembered the events of the previous day 'Ohh right I'm in a Konoha for the next year or so, guess that's Kurenai-san outside' the blue-eyed boy's thoughts were interrupted by another voice

"He's not here Kurenai-sensei we may as well go"

"I'm here just give me a moment!" Naruto yelled as he put on his robes. After a few seconds the boy opened the door two a women and a girl about his own age.

"Hello, I'm Naruto Uzumaki" the blue eyed boy said brightly

"I'm Kurenai Yuuhi and this is my protégé Hinata Hyuuga" the red-eyed jonin said wearing an odd looking white and red outfit with brown hair. Naruto turned his attention to the girl she was about his height with pale eyes and dark blue hair she wore robes similar to his own.

"Why are you dressed like that?" the girl asked the shaved boy.

"I've spent the last few years as a monk, Hinata-san" the whiskered boy said.

"Hinata-sama" the heiress automatically said.

"What?" the young jinchuruki was now confused.

"I am a Hyuuga the premier clan of the village you will refer to me as Hinata-sama or Hyuuga-sama" the pale-eyed girl answered figuring that the boy in front of her didn't know any better.

"Why?" Naruto asked still confused.

"Didn't they teach you anything in the monastery?" the heiress said tersely.

"Lots of things including that respect is earned not given" the jinchuruki said holding his hand to his chin imitating an old man telling something to someone.

"Are you saying that you don't respect me?" Hinata asked dangerously.

"No more than anyone else. We are all equals in that sense" our young hero didn't pick up on the implied threat.

"The Hyuuga's are the richest and most prestigious clan in Konoha they deserve respect" the dark haired girl shout in exasperation.

"And the clan has it, you are not the clan" the blue-eyed boy said as if it was the most natural thing in the clan.

"I am the heiress" Hinata said having unconsciously activated her byakugan.

"That's nice, but that still doesn't tell me why I should call you Sama" the jinchuruki said unafraid of the impending beating Hinata was planning to give.

"Can we go to the training grounds? I need to teach this boy some manners" the heiress asked her mentor/friend.

"No need to be so angry Hinata-san" the shaved boy said holding his hand trying to placate the girl.

"Well I did need to see where your tai-jutsu was so why not?" the black haired jonin said rhetorically

"This isn't going to end well." Naruto said with an air of depression.

While making their way to the training ground Kurenai discovered that boy felt that he was reasonably proficient in martial arts and chakra manipulation but admitted he had no idea how to do nin-jutsu or gen-jutsu. Kurenai also discovered that Naruto was going through this training more because the Sandaime had asked him to and he didn't have anything better to do.

"All right tai-jutsu only, Hinata no lethal or crippling blows, Naruto the same." The red eyed jonin called out. Hinata slid into a Jyuuken stance and activated her byakugan. Naruto slid into a different stance with one open palm out front and a loose fist near his chest

"Begin" the jonin called. The two stood still for a moment. Hinata made the first move using her Jyuuken to shut down her opponent's tenketsu points. Or at least she tried to. Naruto's hands glowed with chakra similar to hers and he blocked each of her attacks. 'Father always said that the Jyuuken was supreme yet it isn't working every time I go to shut off his tenketsu this boy just blocks and keeps going. I know I'm hitting them. So why isn't he effected?' Hinata's thoughts were blanked out as the boy said

"Guess it's time to finish this" and proceeded to slip past her guard and land several hammer blows on her. Hinata collapsed a look of shock evident on her face.

"Very good Naruto, you've just beaten the girl with the best tai-jutsu in your year" the genjutsu mistress said honestly impressed, not many could go toe to toe with a Jyuuken user and win.

"I don't recognize the style though, something you picked up at the monastery?" Kurenai asked curious she wasn't a tai-jutsu master but like all jonin she knew the basics of all the styles in Konoha.

"Yes it was it's an old style but it works if you know what you're doing" The blue eyed boy said with a smirk.

"What is it?" the red-eyed woman found her charge to be a bit odd, he'd answered the question without telling her what she wanted to know.

"It's known either as the Heavenly Palm or Steel Body depending on which variant you take. Heavenly palm allows you to manipulate yours and other's people's chakra with a touch but it requires immense control, and a bit of chakra. I followed the other variant I have a constant level of chakra running through my skin when I concentrate I can make it harder then steel combine this and the knowledge of pressure points you have a decent style, that requires an immense amount of chakra" the whiskered boy said with a smile. 'Why the hell is he so chipper all the time?' Kurenai wondered.

"Hinata you okay?" the jonin asked,

"Can't move my legs" the heiress got out in between trying to incinerate the boy in front of her and forcing herself to stay kneeling instead of lying down.

"Ohh sorry about that should wear off in a couple of minutes" the blue eyed boy said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"I am going to kill you as soon as I can move" the pale eyed girl growled

"Kurenai-sensei, you wouldn't let her actually kill me right?" the robed boy said doing his best imitation of the dreaded puppy-eyes jutsu.

"No, Hinata you made an assumption and it cost you. Instead of blaming Naruto why not try to learn from it?" Kurenai said shaking her head. Hinata had become hard and cold due to her families influence and lack of friends/people she could like. It appeared that Naruto had a gift for getting under peoples skins.

"But..." the heiress said.

"No buts Hinata. Anyways after you can move you can go home I think that Naruto's tai-jutsu is adequate. So I'll focus on nin-jutsu and gen-jutsu today" the genjutsu mistress said shaking her head.

"Yay! Hinata-chan isn't going to kill me" the jinchuruki shouted happily.

"There's always tomorrow, and it Hinata-sama you peasant" the pale eyed girl said a tick forming on her head.

"What's a peasant?" Naruto said in mock confusion.

"Naruto stop annoying my apprentice" the red eyed jonin said with irritation.

"But it's fun" the whiskered boy said cheekily.

"I'll show you fun" Hinata said her arm twitching.

"Isn't that going a little fast Hinata-chan?" The blue eyed boy said doing his best imitation of a blushing maiden.

"Why you..." the heiress sputtered.

"That's enough both of you" the black haired woman said massaging her temples with one hand.

"Yes Kurenai-sensei" Both of her students said in the tone all kids use when they're in trouble and they know it.

After 15 minutes Hinata regained the use of her legs and proceeded to attack Naruto who disabled her again. Kurenai shrugged and began teaching Naruto the basics of nin-jutsu and gen-jutsu. While the Hyuuga heiress plotted to take down the smiling boy.

Konoha Academy (4 weeks later)

"Alright class we're having a new student this year his name is Uzumaki Naruto" Iruka introduced a smiling boy with short blond hair and simple gray gi and black pants

"Hi everyone, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I recently moved here and was convinced to try being a ninja. I hope we can all be friends"

"Iruka-sensei this guy is new he doesn't know anything about how to be a ninja. I bet he can't even use chakra, so why is he here?" Kiba yelled out

"Kiba, Naruto spent many years as a monk so he does know how to use chakra and I tested him myself he knows enough to join the class" the scarred teacher said in irritation

"Naruto go take a seat" the teacher motioned towards an empty spot by Hinata and Shino

"Hi Hinata-chan!" the blond boy called out as he sat down.

"Naruto....for the last time don't call me Hinata-chan!" the heiress said already feeling a now familiar wave of irritation.

"B-but I thought we had something special Hinata-chan" the whiskered boy with large watery eyes and a pout.

"Dammit Naruto, knock it off or I'll pay Ayame to keep ramen from you for a week!" Hinata said in an icy tone.

"No, not that, anything but that" the blond boy said terrified of the concept of no more ramen.

"Then stop annoying me" the blue haired girl said. The rest of the class was in shock this new guy apparently already knew Hinata and had the ability to get past the legendary Hyuuga stoicism.

The class reaction was mixed to say the least Ino and Sakura decided that though Naruto was cute he wasn't Sasuke thus not worth their time. Sasuke for his part wondered how strong this newcomer was, not strong enough to defeat him. He was an Uchiha of course but maybe strong enough to give him a challenge? Kiba just didn't like Naruto he had been trying to get Hinata to notice him for years and this new guy does within a day of showing up. Shino merely started analyzing the newcomer and came to the conclusion that this boy was far stronger then he let on. Shikimaru and Chouji both adopted a wait and see attitude. Iruka shook his head, Kurenai had told him that Naruto had a gift for getting under people's skin and had taken the hobby of annoying stoics/snobs wherever he saw them.

"All right class take out your books and turn to chapter 22..." Iruka began his lecture

2 hours later Iruka looked up to see most of his class paying attention, Shikimaru as always was the exception along with Naruto who had closed his eyes and appeared to be sleeping. Iruka causally flicked a piece of chalk at Naruto only to have it dodged by a slight move of his body.

"Naruto have you been paying attention?" asked the exasperated chuunin

"Hai Iruka-sensei I am. You were discussing the economic and political ramifications of the Second Great Shinobi War correct?" the blond boy said still not opening his eyes

"Yes and what were those implications exactly Naruto?" Iruka asked trying to trap the boy and make him realize the necessity of paying attention

"From a political point of view the war marked the end of the samurai era and the establishment of the youngest hidden village Suna. This indirectly led to the outbreak of the third shinobi war 15 years later. Economically the end of the samurai and gradual weakening of the feudal system led to the validation of the hidden village concept as well as the creation of social mobility. "The young jinchuruki said perfectly and then frowned and spoke again.

"I'm missing something else... oh right it also marked the end of free trade amongst the elemental countries as there was no one left that everyone could trust" The blond said happily

"That is correct Naruto, my apologies I assumed you were sleeping" Iruka was willing to admit when he misjudged people.

"No I was meditating. I often do so when I need to listen but don't wish to, but I gather that it's not common here" Naruto waived off Iruka's apologies.

"Very well I'll continue then" the scarred teacher said and proceeded to do just that.

The remainder of the morning was spent on lectures, when the class broke for lunch everyone sat beside their friends except Naruto who sat beside Hinata.

"Naruto, you know I don't like you" the heiress spoke calmly

"But I don't know anyone else Hinata-san" the blond gave a pout. Hinata could only give a small sigh, Naruto had said outright that he would never call her sama but for her clan's image she had to keep trying.

"Well go meet them say hello" the pale eyed girl retorted. Neither really caring that Sasuke had arrived behind them

"Fight me" the last Uchiha said without preamble

"Why?" the whiskered boy said his voice confused

"To see how strong you are" the black haired boy said as if speaking to a child

"That's a stupid reason" Naruto said with a shake of his head

"You will fight me" the onyx eyed boy said starting to get a little annoyed

"Naruto just kick his ass and then go make some friends" Hinata said, yes Naruto annoyed her. But she'll admit that he has some of the best tai-jutsu she's ever seen. Besides she had never liked Sasuke anyway see him get his ass kicked would be funny

"Alright Hinata-san if you say so" the blond said shaking his head as if saying 'this isn't going to end well for him is it?'

"For the thousandth time it's sama you idiot" the heiress said going through the motions of their verbal game.

"Very well, whoever you are we will fight tai-jutsu only okay with you?" the blue eyed boy said with a look of complete serenity

"It matters not" the last Uchiha said arrogantly

"You ready?" Hinata asked both boys acting as referee. They both nodded

"Begin!" the heiress said loudly. Sasuke start things off with a round house kick to Naruto's head. Naruto dodged easily and gave a disappointed look. Giving a mental shrug Naruto launched a devastating barrage of palm strikes that broke through the Uchiha's guard. And suddenly stopped

"Oh for crying out loud I was told you were good, this is just sad, Hinata-san can hold me off for at least 5 minutes usually" the blond said shaking his head

"Finish it you bastard" Sasuke growled out

"I already have" the jinchuruki said casually, and began walking away. Sasuke was wondering what the blond meant when he suddenly collapsed

"For the record Uchiha, Naruto has never lost a tai-jutsu match to me or my family ever" Hinata said smirking. It felt good to see someone else being taken down as an afterthought for once and began walking with Naruto. 'Hinata's tai-jutsu is superior then my own due to the byakugan without it she is weak, but from what she says she uses it and still can't defeat him. Still I have nin-jutsu over him so I'm still the best besides he cheated somehow' Sasuke's thought continued in this vein while the rest of the class sat there in shock. Sasuke Uchiha best in the class had been taken down like he was a mere civilian. Most of the boys made a note to never piss Naruto off while some of the girls seemed to be reconsidering their crush on the last Uchiha.

"So up for sparring later?" the heiress despite her annoyance with Naruto enjoyed sparing with him.

"Sure you're getting better, right now your biggest problem is predictability" the blond said with a small smile.

"Thanks ever so much" the pale eyed girls voice was laced with sarcasm.

"Hey at least your better then that other guy, what was his name anyway?" the jinchuruki asked.

"That 'guy' was the last Uchiha of the Uchiha clan and as such has had the world handed to him on a silver platter." The blue haired girl said.

"And you don't" Naruto quirked an eyebrow.

"You have no idea how hard it was for me to get my position back" the pale eyed girl retorted angrily.

"Sorry, forgot about that, given just how well you act like a perfect heiress it's hard to see you not being one" the blond said rubbing his neck like he always did when embarrassed or feeling bad.

"I don't like you so why am I talking to you?" the heiress asked.

"Because I'm the only one here who treats you like a person rather some untouchable thing?" the whiskered boy said with a smile.

"You've got a point there" the blue haired girl said. Truth was in the past few weeks of getting to know him she started to like Naruto and his ways. Naruto was honest with her and very few people were so she treasured that. Not that she would ever tell anyone that of course.

"So besides Sasuke anyone I should watch out for?" the jinchuruki asked half jokingly.

"Kiba Inuzuka considers himself the Alpha of the class so he might try something, other than him just watch out for the fan girls after you beat down Sasuke they tend to not take it well" Hinata said after a moment's thought.

"Looks like class is starting again" the blond boy said after absorbing the information. Hinata nodded and the class made its way back to the classroom.

After they had all taken their seats the students all looked at Iruka expectantly.

"Alright since we did the theoretical this morning this afternoon we shall do tai-jutsu and weapons training this afternoon." The scarred teacher said calmly looking around the room only to notice that one of his students was missing.

"Where's Sasuke?" the chuunin asked.

"He picked a fight with that Uzumaki kid and got his ass kicked. He was just laying there when the bell rang" a random boy shouted out.

"Naruto!" Iruka snapped.

"Iruka-sensei he asked me to fight I did, and after it became apparent that he had no idea what he was doing I disabled him...should have been fine after a few minutes though" the blond said apologetically.

"What do you mean?" the teacher asked curious.

"Well the nerve strike should only have kept him down for a couple of minutes 5 at most so I don't know why he's not here" the former monk said his brow furrowed in concentration trying to think if he hit the wrong point it happened occasionally. Shaking his head Naruto realized that no he had been on target, Sasuke was still out there of his own free will.

"All right you people make your way to the training grounds. I'll go get Sasuke" the scarred chuunin said with a sigh. 'No you couldn't be a normal student could you Naruto, you just had to be a brilliant tai-jutsu fighter. And now the Sasuke's going to be a whiny twit for the next few days' Iruka cared for all of his students and admitted that the Uchiha was skilled but he didn't like the brooding boy's attitude. The few times Iruka had attempted to get him to open up using his own loss as a bridging point. Sasuke had said that he didn't care and that Iruka's only purpose was to make him stronger. Iruka thought of himself as easygoing but the brutal dismissal had soured him on the last Uchiha. Finding Sasuke where Naruto had dropped him.

"Sasuke, Naruto didn't hit you that hard, what are you still doing here?" the chuunin asked his student

"Sensei who trained Naruto?" the last Uchiha didn't bother answering

"Not sure but I believe that he spent several years as a monk and learned there" Iruka shook his head. Sasuke could never allow anyone to be stronger them him even Hinata his rival for rookie of the year was considered inferior in the Uchiha's eyes. Mostly because of Sasuke's use and mastery a fire-jutsu that Hinata couldn't counter yet.

"Why does Konoha not have such a style?" the black haired boy asked interested in this new style.

"In general the monks are fairly secretive about such things and they rarely leave their monasteries." The scarred man answered.

"Then I will have him teach me this style" the last Uchiha said as if the idea that Naruto wouldn't teach him had never occurred. Iruka raised an eyebrow maybe it hadn't.

"I doubt that he will. By and large a monk will only teach if he believes you worthy both personally and by his order's standards. You will most likely fail on both points" the teacher said calmly.

"I must become stronger the council will support me" Nope the idea that Naruto wouldn't teach him had not crossed Sasuke's mind.

"Not unless they want to get into a pissing contest with the Fire Daimyo" Iruka said with a chuckle.

"What do you mean?" the onyx eyed boy confused.

"Those rare occasions when monks leave their monasteries are either pilgrimages or to train the resident Lord's family in self defence as a form of payment for allowing the monasteries to exist. The Daimyo's in return guard the style very religiously. The council won't fight the Daimyo just to make you stronger. Come on we have weapons training" the scarred man said patiently.

"Sensei, how do I defeat that style?" the last Uchiha asked standing up.

"No idea no ninja has ever been able to defeat a monk when it comes to pure tai-jutsu. According to rumour monks use chakra differently than we do and head monks can fight toe to toe with s-class ninja for brief periods of time." The teacher said still sounding patient but had honestly gotten sick of this conversation.

"And they rarely teach shinobi save in exceptional circumstances" the chuunin said forestalling the next question. Sasuke processed this for a moment and then shrugged.

"Once I have the Sharigan I will take his style and use it for my own" the black haired boy said confidently.

"You know that that doesn't work on monk's right?" Iruka asked incredulous, you didn't steal techniques from comrades and besides there was a reason that a monk's style had never been copied.

"What?" the onyx boy said surprised

"The monks learned how to counter the Sharingan years ago Sasuke, Naruto most likely knows how to as well" the teacher explained trying to keep his hard won patience from snapping.

"That's impossible nothing can defeat the Sharingan" the Uchiha didn't believe that anything could defeat the Sharingan except maybe another Sharingan.

"Whatever keeps you happy Sasuke" Iruka didn't feel like arguing. The two made their way to training field.

At the training field the class had begun milling about waiting for their sensei. Naruto for his part had sat down and started meditating.

"What's he doing Hinata-sama?" Ino although still liking Sasuke better had found the new guy interesting and Hinata seemed to know him best.

"Whenever Naruto gets bored he either annoys someone or meditates" the pale eyed girl said with a sigh.

"Wouldn't he annoy people now?" the young mind walker was confused. Logically you would bug people when they are around right?

"I know him but I can't say I understand him Ino-san" the Hyuuga Heiress said calmly.

"Still can't believe how he treated Sasuke-kun" the blond girl decided to move on to another topic.

"Naruto's views are different by and large he has no time for people like Sasuke" Hinata said without preamble.

"But Sasuke-kun is the best in the class and so cool"

"That's your belief it isn't Naruto's or mine. You have to earn Naruto's respect if you're senior to him in position he'll respect the position but not you. Simply put until Sasuke proves himself Naruto won't care about him one way or another" the heiress felt like rubbing her temples. This is why she hated fan girls, they never allowed other viewpoints, that and they were annoying.

"That's not fair Sasuke had a hard life" the purple clad girl said with a whine.

"And others haven't?" the former monk said levelly.

"You were paying attention the entire time?" Ino was surprised the guy had seemed totally spaced out.

"I was now answer the question" the jinchuruki said.

"Yeah but Sasuke-kun lost his entire family" the young mind walker was determined to defend her crush.

"A tragedy but not the worst thing to happen to someone" the blue eyed boy said his tone having switched from its normal hyperactive self to one of boundless wisdom.

"I suppose you know something worse?" Ino said dryly.

"Well your father could decide to seal a demon inside you and in the process kill himself. And then leave you alone in a village that hates you. I think that counts" the sitting boy said his eyes still closed.

"Did that happen to you?" the young Yamanaka felt like a heel now.

"That was merely an example Ino-san, and there are worse things than that" the jinchuruki smiled to calm her down.

"Like what?" the blond girl got the feeling she didn't want to know

"Use your imagination Ino" Hinata said wanting to steer the subject away from personal tragedy.

"My point is that while Sasuke has had to deal with tragedy all of us do in some way or another and nothing I've seen makes me think that he's dealing with it all." The former monk said.

Ino was about to speak when Iruka and Sasuke arrived.

"All right class today we will be working on throwing weapons and melee weapons" the scarred chuunin said. The class lined up in alphabetical order and began their practice. Most of the class did alright with Sasuke and Hinata scoring perfect scores. Naruto however didn't missing every target.

"Sorry Iruka-sensei I haven't used kunai or shuriken before, I'll come by for extra practice tomorrow morning" the jinchuruki said.

"Alright I'll let it slide for today but I expect improvement next week' the teacher was sympathetic. One couldn't learn everything the academy taught in a few weeks and given Naruto's tai-jutsu it made sense that his throwing skills had been neglected. The remainder of class did well enough. Now for the hard part Iruka thought, the Hokage had said 'Every academy should be reasonably proficient in one melee weapon'. So Iruka had to teach them how to fight with one. Fortunately most students chose kunai or swords although a few chose more exotic weapons. Naruto and Hinata being some of them, Naruto had taken a staff and Hinata used tonfas.

"So Hinata-san let's try this with weapons" the blond boy said smiling

"Naruto who you fight is up to me and the girls and boys fight separate" Iruka said interrupting Naruto

"That's stupid" the whiskered boy said. Iruka agreed but his hands were tied with orders from the headmaster.

"I don't make the rules, I just enforce them" the teacher wondered what he had done to get a student like Naruto.

"Whatever" the blond said no longer caring. Iruka gave a sigh, this wasn't going to be pretty Sasuke would want to fight him and might just ignore his own fight to do it. 'Screw it, Sasuke wants to fight Naruto let him' Iruka thought and began making the match ups. As usual Hinata defeated whoever was thrown at her. Sakura and Ino both tied. However all of the matches weren't really what everyone else was waiting for.

"Sasuke Uchiha vs. Naruto Uzumaki" Iruka called.

Naruto had a blank look and settled into the Ling Shen Su starting stance. Sasuke took his stance, with a ninja-to held in a forward guard position

"Alright come at me with everything you have. It won't help but it should be entertaining" Sasuke said, yeah the dobe could beat him in tai-jutsu but he was a prodigy with his sword and didn't lose.

"All right" the former monk said and waited for the match to begin.

"Hajime" the teacher called. Naruto seemed to close his eyes for a moment and then moved. There was no way to describe it one moment he was about two meters away from the Uchiha the next moment Sasuke had been smashed by a staff to the gut. The last Uchiha doubled over only to have his jaw broken as Naruto pivoted the staff upward at full force. Sasuke collapsed it had been less than a minute and Sasuke Uchiha contender for rookie of the year was out cold.

"You said with everything I have" the jinchuruki said not even looking as if he had broken a sweat

"Shousha Naruto Uzumaki" Iruka said his jaw had nearly dropped when he saw Naruto's true skill...no wonder the Hokage wanted this kid as a shinobi give him some jutsus and a little training and this kid could be great. The teacher's jaw hadn't dropped that wasn't to say no one else's did though. Hinata suppressed a smirk, Sasuke the last Uchiha had had his ass handed to him and no one could blame Naruto. Truthfully it was better that Sasuke got his arrogance beaten out of him now before he could endanger people on missions from it. Iruka walked over and checked on the avenger, broken jaw, cracked ribs...Naruto had gone all out. Iruka picked up the boy and brought him to the nurse's office

"Naruto did you have to hurt him that much?" Ino demanded.

"He asked me to come at him, I did not my fault he underestimated me. Besides it could have been worse" the young jinchuruki said calmly.

"How?" the mind walker didn't believe the new guy.

"I didn't finish the combo there's one more hit to the temple if that final blow hits it usually means death or permanent brain damage" the blue eyed boy said with sincerity.

"NARUTO YOU BAKA!" screamed Sakura who had recovered from the shock of Sasuke's defeat.

"What? I did what he asked! Who are you anyway?" the whiskered boy had discovered the wonders of fan girls.

"Sakura Haruno and how did you cheat?" the pink haired girl said getting control of her temper.

"Why would I cheat? Sasuke just wasn't that good" the former monk didn't understand the question.

"No one can be Sasuke in melee combat" the green eyed girl said confidently with a smirk.

"Are you serious?" Naruto's eyes bugged out.

"What do you mean?" the red clad girl didn't understand Naruto's reaction.

"Oh Kami she is serious" the blond boy said as he began rolling on the ground laughing.

"Why is he laughing?" Sakura asked prepared to beat the boy.

"Because Haruno, Naruto considers himself only an adept when it comes to bo-jutsu. That and Naruto personally has lost most of his matches against his fellow monks, so use that forehead of years" The Hyuuga heiress had no real use for Sakura and disliked the whole fan girl thing. The pink haired girl worked her way through the implications of that statement....Sasuke wasn't the best at something she had always thought he was the best at everything. So if she Sakura Haruno was wrong about that then what else was she wrong about? No Naruto must have cheated it wasn't possible for Sasuke to lose to anyone in her age group. Now how had the whiskered annoyance done it? As Sakura attempted to figure out how Naruto won. The former monk got a hold of his laughter and stood up.

"Anyways, Ino your right I probably shouldn't have hit him that hard but I was willing to assume he was equal to me in skill. Guess I was wrong" the blond boy said with a nod.

"Umm what skill rank are you anyway?" the mind walker asked.

"By your standards I believe chuunin when it comes to tai-jutsu and bo-jutsu although officially I am an adept" the blond boy said his face still smiling.

"What are the ranks for monks anyway?" The pink haired girl asked apparently done analyzing the boy

"Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Brother, and Master are the ranks although one can have high skills and still be considered a Brother. The title Master is only granted to the head of our monastery. In times past Grand Master was given to the head of the order but there hasn't been one since the Three Saints War" the blue eyed boy said.

"Three Saints War?" the Hyuuga heiress had never heard of such a war and asked the question on everyone's mind.

"It was the first and last time that my order and the Order of the Heavenly Lotus and the Order of the Holy Stone went to war. Even the records on Mt. Shaoshi do not record what exactly happened save that many lives were lost and it marked the end of the old Empire" the jinchuruki said solemnly bowing his head and giving a quick prayer.

"How come we've never heard about this Three Saints War?" Sakura didn't believe the boy a war as massive as that surely some knowledge would survive.

"I would assume because it isn't remotely relevant to shinobi. Even my order only keeps the knowledge to remind us of the lives lost not because it matters. It was before the time of the Six Paths Sage" the blond was unsurprised at the girl's resistance. Any military force tends to believe it is the best thing in existence. Even if that wasn't always true.

"There would be some records..." the pink haired girl argued.

"Have you seen a true master fight?" the blond boy asked.

"No... What does that have to do with anything?" the green eyed girl's face scrunched in annoyance.

"Even now a true master possesses enough skill to change the very earth itself, and they were much stronger then and more numerous then." The whiskered boy spoke in a slightly agitated tone.

"Your bluffing you make it sound as if thee 'true masters' are stronger then ninja's" the blond girl interjected.

"They are, when it comes to direct conflict which most of them prefer to avoid." Naruto said lamenting internally at the ignorance some people had.

"That's a lie." The pink haired girl shouted.

"Sakura-san you speak of things you know nothing about. I have seen the Master of my Order do things that by the rules of the Shinobi he shouldn't be able to do" the blond jinchuruki was tired of this conversation. Yes monks were powerful and given a straight fight they could beat most ninjas, but ninjas never played fair and that levelled the playing field. That's why he had said 'direct' confrontation. Any ninja with half a mind wouldn't go for the direct fight against a monk.

"What is your Order?" the Hyuuga heiress remembered her tutors saying that of all the shinobi tai-jutsu styles the Jyuuken were the strongest but that there were other styles of equal strength. So she reasoned that monks could equal most ninja. She had forgotten that lesson until she met Naruto.

"I am a member of the Order of the Divine Path. Although if I become a shinobi I will lose my status" the whiskered boy said calmly.

"Why?" Ino still didn't really like the new guy but he was interesting a puzzle really. One moment he acted like the rest of the class the next he was a sage who had seen far too much. If it wasn't for the prohibition against mind walking a fellow comrade, she probably would have done it.

"A wise man said that you cannot serve two masters. Within my order becoming a member of a military force is the same as resignation. So if I become a ninja I will no longer be a monk although should I ever stop being a ninja I can return as a novice" the young jinchuruki said patiently.

"All right class back inside" Iruka called having returned from the nurse's office. The class obediently made their way back to the class room. The rest of the day was spent on chakra theory.

"This is going to be an interesting year eh Hinata-chan?" the blond jinchuruki asked as they left the school grounds

"Sama you idiot and it does look like that" Hinata retorted without much force. It was how the game was played.

"Still, I think I'll like being a ninja if you and Kurenai-sensei are any indication of what a good ninja is like" Naruto said with a grin. The Hyuuga looked down hiding a blush, Naruto often complimented her without meaning to and she looked up to Kurenai as a role model.

"Whatever what do you think of the others?" the heiress said brushing off the unintentional compliment

"I don't know...Sasuke worries me though his aura it's so dark. Tragedy darkens one's soul but this feels different like he's consumed with hate. He's no older than me how can one have so much hate?" the blond said serious

"Aura what do you mean?" The pale eyed girl asked having given up being surprised when Naruto said things like this out of the blue.

"Ones chakra gives off a 'feel' is the best way to describe it depending on your predominant emotions your chakra 'feels' a different colour. Yours for example is gray showing your trying to hide something, Kurenai-sensei's is blue showing peace and contentment. Sasuke's is black showing deep bitterness and hatred in amounts I've never seen in someone our age" the blond said frowning.

"I don't know anything about that you can mention it to Iruka-sensei or Kurenai-sensei. Can you teach me how to read auras?" Hinata said Naruto had taught her a few tricks and it had shown in her clan spars. Earning coveted praise from her father.

"Yeah should be easy because of that byakugan of yours" the whiskered boy was happy for the change of subject. The heiress gave a faint smile as they made their way to train with Kurenai-sensei.

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