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Come in all Goten fans, I have a brilliant story in my mind, but here is an interesting but boring prolouge.

Oh yeah!Disclaimer:I do not own Goten, Legendary Super Saiyan, or DBZ, but I do own any new people like legend Vegeta, Bauto, Arto and everyone in the prolouge (except for anyone who Toriyama created) And I do own most super saiyan forms in here. And one day I WILL OWN IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


The legendary super saiyan was a fact 3,000 years ago. It was told a man surpassed his limits to a power level over 180,000. His name was Vegeta, and he was born on Planet Koryton. The original planet for the saiyans.

You see, the saiyans didn't always live on Planet Plant. Oh no. They moved there when Koryton was destroyed by the likes of the legendary super saiyan, and he who claimed to be it. His name was Bauto. Surely enough, he was a super saiyan. His primitave Saiyan black hair turned gold one day, when he discovered his dead father by the hands of King Arto, the leader of the tribal race.

Arto saw the power in Bauto when he was still a boy. He ordered the boy's father, Syro, to kill him in his sleep. Syro refused to destroy his creation, and was executed on the spot by a blast which was to be passed on through the generations, later called the Galic Gun (I think that's how you spell it). He attempted to execute Bauto later that day, but the child realised this and his fury brought him the power to transform. This was the Super Saiyan we all know very well.

After the death of Arto, Bauto was banished from the planet. He lived on the forbidden planet, Greenhouse, for the rest of his adolescence years. This meant he had a resent for his bloodthirsty race. One day, a rocket crashed onto the planet, and the inhabitants died very quickly from the abstract atmospheric radiation. Bauto took no time in taking the ship and flying back to Koryton. The first thing he did was go to the land owned by Vegeta, his childhood nemesis.

Bauto boasted to be the legendary super saiyan, and killed the powerless Vegeta's mother. This brought out the rage HE needed to bring out his true form.

Out came a great war between the two, and although Vegeta had the advantage, Bauto blackmailed him by destroying city after city, until a small part of Koryton remained. The two decided to battle, and the rage brought out a final blow from Vegeta.

This final blow destroyed Planet Koryton. It was not sure how it was delivered, but it destroyed all life. A few saiyans were luckily visiting Planet Plant, and when they discovered the story, they asked if they could live there. The Tuffles (inhabitants of that planet) accepted, and they lived in peace for 2,940 years approximately.

It was then that Vegeta ( later renamed King of Saiyans, not legendary ) invaded the Tuffles and claimed the planet. Five years later, his wife gave birth to a son, Vegeta Jr (our Vegeta), and named him so because of his strangely high power level for such a young age.

Sixty years later, Vegeta helped in the battle with Majin Buu, and everyone celebrated. We now go into what happened next, through the life of the youngest super saiyan...


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