Hey guys! So I just finished ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY (though I might write an extra chapter after plenty of requests), and this is the new idea for a story. This idea has been running through my mind for a while, mainly because I thought it would be much more interesting for Chuck and Blair's relationship if this had happened to them. So obviously, this fiction is AU, but I will definitely keep them in character as that is what makes this pair so wonderful. Let me know what you guys think. REVIEWS=LOVE. Happy Readings! xoxo

When Bart Bass proposed to Eleanor Waldorf, everyone knew the Upper East Side would never be the same again...

Blair Waldorf stood up from her place on the Met steps, mouth agape, phone in hand. Looking around nervously, she spotted Chuck Bass and his congregation of losers- losers except her boyfriend Nate of course- being struck by the news just as strongly as she had been.

Serena stood from where she sat on the steps still reading the Gossip Girl Blast and touched Blair's shoulder before she began her descent down the stairs. "Hey. Maybe it's not true. We all know Gossip Girl's credibility has been shot to hell a long time ago," her friend reasoned softly, trying to calm Blair's growing outrage.

"I've gotta go talk to him," Blair bit out softly as she rushed down the stairs impressively fast considering Manolo Blahniks carried a four inch heel today.

Nate caught sight of Blair making her way toward them and signaled to Chuck to turn around. Turning slowly to face his soon to be sister if Gossip Girl was to be believed, Chuck failed at masking his horror of the entire situation. "Is this true?" he asked before she even stopped before him and extended the very same question.

"So you didn't know?" Blair asked, her shoulders relaxing a little. "Then maybe it's not true," she stated happily, the smile returning to her face and the color returning to her pale cheeks.

"What if it is?" Chuck countered, earning himself a hard look from the fiery brunette.

"God forbid," Blair growled as she reached for his elbow and dragged him aside. "Do you know what that would mean? Do you know what that would make us?!" she whispered harshly as Chuck worked at unclenching her fingers from his forearm.

"Yes I am quite aware of that. Despite my ruggedly good looks and charm, I am smarter than most of you give me credit for."

Blair scoffed rudely as she rolled her eyes and perched her bag higher up on her arm. "I have to talk to my mother. Find out if this ludicrous rumor holds any truth to it."

"Oh come on, Waldorf. Don't you think we would have noticed if our parents were romantically involved?" Chuck asked logically as he pulled out a joint from the breast pocket of his St. Jude's jacket and began to light up.

"Considering your smoking away every last one of those genius brain cells you claim to have, I'd say your chances of noticing if they had been are slim to none."

"How about you hot shot? Since you're so wise and up to speed on things, then you shouldn't need your mother to put to rest any of your doubt," Chuck shot back smugly as he took a deep breath of the smoke and raised his head in order to avoid blowing the air in her face.

"Well I don't keep tabs on my mother. My family isn't use to hiring PI's to investigate every last detail of each other's lives," Blair pouted as she pulled the joint from his fingers and stomped it beneath her bright red shoes. "And that's just in case you will be representing the Waldorf name. I won't have you walking around tarnishing it the way you have your own."

"Waldorf? I think you misunderstand how the system works, Sis," he murmured saucily. "You'll legally be one of us Bass'. And believe me, you'll learn to love it."

Blair's scowl deepened as she turned to walk away. "Well in the name of family, give me a lift to my penthouse, Bass. Now," Blair said harshly, sarcasm lining her every word.


Blair hurried in to her penthouse, her breathing already uneven from her incessant bickering in the limo with Chuck. She had thrown the car door in his face and rushed into her building to find her mother and put to rest all of nagging insecurities. Throwing her bag on the table that sat in the middle of her foyer, she rushed around the apartment shouting for her mother. "Mother! Mother!"

Eleanor walked down the stairs with concern marking her face. "Blair? What's wrong?"

Blair hurried and met her mother halfway up the stairs. "Is it true? Is what Gossip Girl said true?" Blair all but shouted in her mother's face.

"Who in the world is Gossip Girl?" Eleanor asked, surprised at the anguish spewing from her daughter. Blair never behaved like this. Never.

"That's besides the point right now, Mother," Blair continued as she followed her mother the remainder of the flights down and joined her in the living room. Eleanor took a seat on the couch and stared up at her daughter who continued to pace back and forth nervously before her.

"I suppose not. What is important is why you are behaving this way? What's gotten in to you?" Eleanor asked more calmly, taking Blair's behavior for nothing more than one of her teenage tantrums.

"Are you marrying Bart Bass?!" Blair shouted, unwilling to play "beat around the bush" any longer.

Eleanor's eyes widened in shock as she held the cup of tea she had begun to raise to her lips, completely still in mid air. "Who told you?"

Blair's eyes widened as she turned and threw herself on the chaise opposite her mother. "Oh my effing God!"

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