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Blair stared at Chuck wide-eyed and at a loss for words. This Casanova who stood before her fighting for her, convincing her to give their relationship a real shot, and confessing his love for her was definitely not the Chuck Bass she knew.

"Wha... what did you just say?" Blair stuttered, not sure if she'd heard him correctly, but knowing she needed to hear it again if he had said it.

Chuck smirked as he held her face between his hands. "The 'I fell in love with you' part?" he teased lightly as his thumbs traced against her bottom lip.

"Uh... yeah... that would be the part," Blair said carefully, her eyes shutting at the feel of his soft hands on her face, the warmth radiating out of them, the sweetness of his touch against her mouth.

"Blair," he breathed out heavily. She took a deep breath in in expectation. "Look at me."

Confused, she opened her eyes. Why the hell did he not say it?

His smile widened as if he read her mind, dipping his head and placing a quick kiss across her lips. "I just wanted you to look at me when I told you," his hands trailed down her arms and grabbed her hands into his own, "that I love you."

Her knees weakened, her world spun, and her breath whooshed out of her body in one swoop. Chuck Bass had just told her he loved her. The man of hear dreams, the one that made her feel whole, made her feel beautiful, made her feel wanted and appreciated, was just professing his love for her. And here she was in the midst of hyperventilation.


She shook her head trying to break out of her reverie and stared into his eyes. She could feel the tears beginning to fall across her cheeks and the sudden grin that broke across her face. "You love me."

"I believe that's what I've said twice. But I'm getting a little worried here," Chuck said honestly as he stared down at her and wondered when, if ever, she was going to say it back.

Blair laughed as she loosened the hold he had on one of her hands and reached out and stroked his cheek. "Chuck Bass, I love you too."


An intense silence overcame the room as they stared at each other, neither one of them knowing what else to say, neither one of them wanting to say anything else. There were no more words. Nothing that could top what they had just told each other. They could feel it, the love that stared back at them from each other's eyes. It was all they needed.

Chuck moved first, his body aching to reach out and touch her. He loved this woman and she loved him and all he wanted to do was pull her close to his body and keep her there for always. He wanted to scream to the world that she was his and he was hers and that they would only ever belong to each other.

He wrapped one hand around her neck and pulled her forward, leaning down to capture her tantalizingly sweet mouth. They both sighed instantly, the pleasure coursing through them at the contact. The knowledge of being in love making the contact that much sweeter, that much more emotionally intense. Blair clutched his jacket in her small hands and pulled him closer, clinging to his body and pressing against his frame as closely as humanly possible. She couldn't be close enough. Couldn't touch enough of him, smell enough of him, feel enough of him.

"Chuck..." she moaned, as his hands found their way to the back of her ass and ground her body against his hips.

The sound of her voice made his body instantly harden as he propelled them back against the wall and thrust his body against her once more. She whimpered and purred and egged on his movements, meeting him thrust for thrust as her tongue invaded his mouth roughly and left him breathless. This woman would be the death of him, but it would be the sweetest of deaths.

"Oh God, Blair. I need to... I need... you," he panted as she wrapped one of her legs around his waist and he felt her bare thigh reveal itself to him underneath his hands. Trailing his hands upward, he felt Blair grow still and press her head back against the wall, breath held and body tense in expectation of his touch. He reached the edges of her underwear, a silk material that only hardened his erection even further. He loved everything about her, down to the finest detail. She was always so fucking perfect and beautiful and impeccable.

"Please," she begged as she thrust her hips gently forward when his hand stilled its movement.

Snapping out of his sudden appraisal of her body and love for her, Chuck grabbed the edges of her underwear and pulled them down her legs. "What do you want?" he breathed raggedly against her ear as his fingers trailed gently against her mound, never reaching down that millimeter further where he'd take them both into bliss.

"You. I want you. All of you. Forever," she breathed out as color reached her cheeks and she closed her eyes.

Chuck leaned and pressed his forehead against her own, nudging her nose with his own and chuckled against her lips. "Is that right? Funny really, because I want the exact same thing." And he shoved his fingers inside her, causing her to open her eyes and cry out in ecstasy. Her body convulsed around him instantly, whether from the sincerity in his words or the sensation of his fingers deep inside her, she wasn't sure. And she didn't really care either way.

"You're too easy," he teased as she rode out her orgasm and came down from her high.

"Shut up and make love to me," Blair bit out, a fake pout across her lips as she pulled him down for a hard kiss.

"I'll be happy to oblige," Chuck smiled as he pulled his hand from between her body and brought his glistening fingers up between them. "Exquisite," he murmured as he brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them dry.

Blair moaned at the sight of him and kissed him while his finger was still in his mouth, sucking it into her own mouth and tasting herself against his tongue. She felt on fire and out of control and all she wanted was to get away from there and lay out on a bed somewhere and properly mark this monumental occasion. But up against a wall would have to do for now.

"You're so fucking sexy," Chuck growled as he watched her pull his finger into her mouth and finish the job for him.

"That's why you love me," she smirked as she released his hand.

"Among other things," he smiled back, leaning down again and kissing her hard.

Neither noticed the sound of the door opening or the slight gasp of horror. But they did hear the thunderous shouting, "Chuck! What the hell is going on in here?"