Kim Possible and others are still owned by Disney and it still vexes me so.

This is a tale of Kim and Ron in an A/U; just how A/U you'll find out as this goes on.

All the thanks at my disposal go out to CajunBear 73 and his mad beta skills. You just don't do this stuff all by yourself.


In Dreams he Comes.

Deep green eyes squinted, narrowed with the intense concentration she was known for as she dodged between the birch and oak trees in front of her; just one step away from her pursuers. Lightning quick reflexes, sharpened by countless battles, enabled her to dodge and duck around obstacles that would have trapped a lesser person. The deepening gloom made her mad dash through this thick forest even more difficult. Obstacles easily avoided in the daylight became hidden in the shadows ready to trip the unwary.


The haunting cry of the pack split the twilight. She gathered up her flagging strength and pushed herself harder. Her legs pumped with the challenge to go faster, demanding more of her limited endurance and the last of her reserves. The sweat dripped into her eyes, despite the night's chill. Her lungs burned with the effort to keep moving, always moving.

A low rumble in the West caught her attention; despite her current sitch.

Please, Please, She pleaded, Let it rain!

She clung to that one hope like a drowning man, hanging on with anticipation that almost bordered on obsession.

Rain, Rain, She mentally chanted, Rain to wash away my scent. Rain to muddy the trail.

Rain to cool an overheated body pushed way beyond its limits by her unnatural hunters.

Rain, Rain. She silently chanted.

No one praying for a miracle to save a loved one or asking for salvation from a forgiving or loving deity put as much effort into their pleas as Kimberly Anne Possible did for rain.

Kim burst into a clearing and slowed to a stop, just as lightning split the sky above her; a dramatic answer to her fervent hopes.


The sound drew nearer; almost on top of her. Kim surveyed the clearing rapidly, drew her grapple gun and fired just as the first of her hunters burst into the clearing; the small, but surprisingly robust, motor in her gun pulled her body rapidly up into the tree's crown.

She watched from the safety of her high vantage point as the first, of what had been following her, and now filled the space below her tree.

They were long and lean covered in course fur with patches of skin showing through.

They walked slightly upright but hunched over, their spines were distorted, misshapen; only allowing them to run with a lope that was more efficient than it looked. They turned, as one, to stare up into the canopy of trees; trying to spot their quarry.

Their faces were a mixture of human and lupine. A long snout, filled with sharp teeth, yellow eyes that regarded their prey with the cold, calculating look of the predator that has run it's kill to ground.. The ears were large and swiveled independently of each other, reacting to any sound they heard.

Kim watched as the leader walked over, a strange combination of a hunched walk and an animal's casual lope. He, she assumed it was a he, tried to climb the tree she had found shelter in. His modified paws weren't up to the task. It raised its snout again to sniff the air, trying to catch her scent.

"Blood..." it growled, "..... smells blood....little human hurt.....blood....drink blood...."

Thunder rumbled in the sky overhead again, rolling over and over again into the distance causing the tree Kim was sitting in to shake and dance in response to the fury overhead, just before the sky open up and a deluge started. Kim was soaked in minutes, her long red hair, heavy with water, hung in front of her eyes, obscuring her sight momentary until she combed it back with her hand and formed it into a ponytail that she tied off with a scrunchie she had in her pack.

Ignoring her discomfort she leaned out further into the pouring rain to observe her unwanted guests in the clearing below. She watch as the creatures mulled around the base of her tree yapping like dogs as the rain beat upon them without mercy. Satisfied that their attention was elsewhere Kim shot her grapple at the nearest tree and swung out into the steady rain. Within minutes she had traveled deep into the surrounding woods via swinging through the trees like that Disney cartoon the tweebs liked so well, and away from the pack that was chasing her.


Kim sat in the crook of a tree she judged to be several miles away from her pursuers and tended to her injuries. Besides the normal bumps and bruises she normally gathered on rough missions like this, she had three narrow parallel scratches that ran across her stomach. Not for the first time, she thanked Wade for convincing her to switch from her over the counter, crop top to her specially constructed longer purple mission top. After she applied the antiseptic cream she always carried to the scratches, she carefully applied a bandage and then used the shredded remains of the bottom of her shirt as a final dressing.

Well I'm wearing a crop top again Wade. Kim thought with some amusement. Too bad it's for the wrong reason.

Kim reached into her pocket and pulled out her Kimmunicator. The last time she tried to use it the only thing she could receive on it was static. She suspected that the inhabitants of the castle had some kind of jamming device to prevent unwanted attention to their activities. Kim regarded the communication device for a moment as she inspected it for damages. Then with a push of a button the screen filled with snow and static, just like last time. Frustrated with her inability to contact her tech wizard, Kim shut the device off and jammed it back into her pocket. Kim shook off her backpack and hung it from a nearby tree limb. From it she removed a protein bar, some water, an extra line, and a large, light weight survival blanket that Wade had whipped up for her and had insisted she carry with her. After eating her meager meal and stashing the remains back in her backpack, Kim secured herself to the tree limb, in case she fell asleep, wrapped the too large blanket around her to ward off the slight chill and pondered the events of the past twenty-four hours.

Wade had beeped her in class Friday afternoon, just before school let out for the day. He had a weird hit on the site. A small town in Germany was going through a rash of disappearances over the last several months. The local and national authorities had come up with nothing. Would she consider investigating the matter? She had agreed to look into it for them and Wade had set her up with a ride.

The flight had been long and, for the most part, boring. She had finished her homework after the first two hours and had just sat in the back of the aircraft waiting to arrive. It was these long stretches between destinations that Kim wished she had someone with her to go on these missions. Some kind of sidekick or partner who could keep her company, pick her up when she felt down, and just have the feeling that someone was watching her back when the sitch got bad.

She had friends, sure, but none of them would ever consider going on a mission with her. Nor would she agree if one asked to; it was just too dangerious for the untrained to be with her when it got tough.

Face it Possible it just looks like you were meant to go it alone. She mused. It would take a pretty special person, someone pretty unique; to go on some of the dangerous missions and whack jobs I have taken on in the past. Maybe someone that special doesn't exist. If they do I haven't found them yet.

She had arrived at the town just past daybreak, and had been warmly welcomed by the Mayor, who thankfully, spoke English. Kim began her investigation by questioning the people who had seen the missing persons last. She was assisted by, in her opinion, one of Wade's best inventions: a universal translator that converted any spoken language into English, just by talking into it. He claimed he got the idea for it from an old episode of 'Space Passages'. It even had an optical reader that converted printed words into English for her as well.

It was during her investigation that she kept hearing rumors of werewolves in the area. The trail of disappearances and rumors of the werewolves, which the local authorities had abandoned as soon as the werewolf subject had come up, had merged and led her to an old abandoned castle way out in the woods. Once there Kim had made several discoveries; one was where all the missing people had gone, and the second was that the werewolf rumors were true.

Kim had been scouting the perimeter of the castle when she came upon two things that were out of place. The first one had been a footprint that the data base in her Kimmunicator couldn't identify; the second had been an air vent cover out in the middle of nowhere. She quickly removed it and shimmied down to another vent that opened out to show her a modern lab and what looked like a copy of DNAmy's Genetic Sequencer that dominated one entire side of the lab.

Her suspicions were confirmed seconds later when Amy walked in the lab followed by her two altered assistants; the pig headed man and the chicken headed man. They were dragging an unresisting man between them she recognized as one of the missing townsfolk. She watched as the two placed the unresisting form on the table, strapped him down to a gurney and then wheeled it into one part of the machine. Meanwhile an equally unresisting wolf was placed into the other compartment. Amy went to her machine started the sequence and watched without the usual look of joy on her face when she created something that was the product of her odd fascination.

She almost looks sad or frightened that she's doing this. What's with that? She wondered.

Kim had her Kimmunicator out and recorded the whole procedure while it was happening. The machine hummed to a stop, the center part opened, and the modern equivalent of the old legend of the werewolf was led out of the chamber and the room.

Kim packed her Kimmunicator away and started the long journey back up to the entry point. She had learned a harsh lesson a few years ago about crashing villains' lairs without proper intelligence on her surroundings. She had almost been killed when she had gone into one of Drakken's lairs to stop one of his 'take over the world' schemes. She had been trapped when a piece of the exploding lair had almost fallen on her. She now scouted and gathered intelligence a lot more thoroughly before she mixed it up with the bad guys.

Kim was just putting the cover back on the air vent when her sixth sense warned her to turn around. Only her intense training saved her from being gutted by the wolf man before her. Its claws slashed at her belly and tore through her mission top leaving the three slash marks that now marked her stomach. Kim reacted with lighting speed as she dropped to the ground and snapped out a kick that connected with the altered man's kneecap, breaking it immediately. It howled in anguish and fell to the ground. Kim regained her footing and looked around to see more of the altered men loping through the forest in her direction.

After that she had been too busy running for her life to give much thought to the sitch she found herself in. Now that she had the time she pondered why Amy was creating a human/wolf hybrid.

It's not her usual M.O. Amy was all about cute and cuddly, not mean and nasty. Kim wondered. I just don't have enough information to make any sound judgments. She finally decided.

Kim relaxed and began to drowse as she took stock of her sitch. She was getting dry, thanks to the thick tree crown above her. Getting warmer as the survival blanket reflected back the majority of her body heat, and in a safe place away from the pack that was hunting her. She leaned her head back against the thick tree trunk behind her and found a comfortable spot for her head. For the first time since she entered the woods she felt a measure of security and she slipped into a restless slumber.

She began to dream; reliving her welcome to the city, her investigation, the castle and its secrets, the mad flight through the woods, her injuries, but mostly she dreamed of him again. The messy blonde hair that she so longed to run her fingers through, the cowlick that she wanted to paste down somehow, the goofy look with the small-half smile that made her weak in the knees. The freckles, those delicious coco brown eyes that she could just lose herself in. He wasn't the hottie that she usually lost her head over; he has just complete. Everything about him suggested a caring, kind, and compassionate soul. Someone who is there for you without reservations, without judgment He inspired a belief in her that anything was possible as long as he was there to watch her back

Kim had never had that kind of support, in the field, and she was surprised how much she longed for it.


Kim awoke with a start, disoriented at first, then with a feeling that something wasn't quite as it should be. Looking around she found herself surrounded by a heavy fog that obscured everything around her. She checked her Kimmunicator again and found it was just as before; nothing but the same static as yesterday. She then unhitched her safety line and gingerly stood on the large branch she had slept on. Her sore and abused muscles protesting bitterly about the treatment they had suffered over the last twenty-four hours.

Kim grimaced at the stiffness and exercised as much as was safe to relieve the cramps and soreness she had acquired sleeping in a tree. Satisfied that she could move with some of her old grace she listened carefully for any signs of the pack that had hunted her yesterday.

Satisfied that there was no pursuit nearby, she gathered her supplies, repacked them and started her journey down her temporary refuge. She touched down on the moss covered ground and removed her Kimmunicator from its pocket again to check on her position. The G.P.S function on her Kimmunicator wasn't working at all. Replacing it with a frustrated growl and a look of disappointment on her face, she grabbed the compass she kept for emergencies from her pack and started north. A sudden cold breeze raised goose bumps on her exposed flesh as she walked into the fog shrouded landscape and disappeared from view.

Kim had no idea how long she had walked when she saw the fog clearing just up ahead. The temperature had dropped along the way and what had started out as a chilly day had turned bitter cold. She had stopped, dug her survival blanket out of her pack and wrapped it around her shoulders. The closer she got to the clearing the more the she thought she smelled snow.

Its late spring! Kim groused with a frown. And the altitude isn't all that much, how can it be so cold?

Kim drew near the clearing and was hit with the double punch of cold air and a torrent of snow that made her turn her back to the wind and close her eyes. She felt the wind lessen somewhat and opened her eyes to get her bearings. What she saw shocked her speechless. The clearing she had just walked through was gone. She was now standing in the middle of a snow storm with no landmarks visible in any direction she looked. Kim began to shiver with both the cold and the sudden realization that had no idea where she was. To compound her problem she was dressed only in the thin and tattered clothing, still damp from the rain yesterday, she had on when the day had been much warmer and a survival blanket wrapped around her upper torso.

This can't be good. Kim thought as her red hair blew across her face in the wind.


Kim sat in a deep cave she had found after a hurried exploration of the surrounding area. Nursing a small fire she had managed to coax to life using the dried moss and small leavings she had found in the cave; huddling as close to the fire as she could, Kim took stock of all of her supplies.

One Kimmunicator, currently not working, in fact no signal at all a first for that, Kimthought dourly, Ten energy bars, one liter of water, emergency medical supplies, waterproof matches in a watertight container, one compass, the survival blanket, flashlight, emergency flairs, laser lipstick, extra grapple charges, special hair jell, Elastic-constricting agent, knockout lip balm, my compact and lipstick.

Kim took the survival blanket and spread it out on the uneven cave floor. She then took her laser lipstick, set it at its lowest setting and began to carefully slice off portions of the blanket. The intense heat effortlessly cut through the fabric and provided her with a small amount to heat to supplement her meager fire. Kim worked quickly aware that she had a limited amount of time before it got too cold in the cave to move or think properly.

Her small fire slowly dwindled as she worked; slicing parts of the blanket off into smaller pieces, guesstimateting sizes, and quickly sealing the pieces with the glue she had in her medical supplies. When she was done she had transformed her emergency blanket into a pullover, pants, mittens, and booties that she could slip over her mission shoes. She hurriedly dressed in her makeshift survival clothing and regarded herself in the small mirror of her compact

Monique would be horrified but, it serves its purpose. Kim thought as she studied her reflection.

What she saw was a slight figure dressed from head to toe in the remains of the survival blanket that she had manufactured into a crude snow suit. Already the reflective properties of the material had started to warm her and limber up joints that were getting stiff from the combination of the intense cold and the damp clothing she had been wearing. The crude mittens, useless for delicate work, were slowly warming up her fingers and restoring flexibility to her hands. The booties she had slipped over her shoes were working as well and Kim could feel the circulation returning to her almost frozen toes.

It may not be Club Banana, but it works! Kim thought with a smirk as she inspected her rough survival gear one more time before she clumsily bent over to retrieve her flashlight from her backpack. Turning the powerful instrument on, she ventured deeper into her sanctuary hoping that she would find something, anything, which might help her survive beyond the next day.