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Epilogue 1

Monkey Fist had watched the destruction of the school with mixed emotions. On the one hand he was happy that he didn't have to watch out for any vendettas from upset occupants for his part in its destruction. On the other hand he was bitterly disappointed that the Lotus Blade had disappeared in the collapse of the structure.

He gave one last look at the shattered remains then turned and left. He took to the trees to avoid the many pitfalls and traps that he had been lucky to avoid in his reckless dash up the mountainside. Fist was getting more comfortable with his altered appendages. He found the experience of swinging through the treetops clutching at vines and branches with both hands and feet exhilarating.

About halfway down the mountain a heavy fog suddenly developed, blanketing everything. He climbed to the top of one of the larger trees and looked over a shrouded landscape. Unable to make out any landmarks he dropped down to the forest floor. He wandered for a time then saw a clearing just in front of him. He entered and stopped, then craned his head to one side listening intently. There were muffled sounds all around him, drawing closer. He quickly surveyed his surroundings for a way to escape when the mists parted and they emerged. Long and lean bodies with a strange humped walk drew closer. He could see details now, a long misshapen muzzle with razor sharp teeth protruding from a malformed jaw line,

tuffs of hair that were scattered about a body that was a strange combination of wolf and human, yellow eyes that regarded him with a mixture of contempt and hunger. Then the largest one pushed itself to the front and spoke with a strange lisp, "Human... little human that smells funny...hungry...blood pounds...funny human is frightened." He turned to his pack mates and ordered, "Kill."

Monkey Fist screamed as the pack attacked.

Epilogue 2

Patrolman Kin of the Tokyo Police Force walked through the station doors and was greeted by the sounds and smells of a building where human habitation had left its mark. He wrinkled his nose as the fragrance of the station hit nostrils cleaned by the outside air.

He walked up to the Watch Sergeant and announced, "We got a weird one,Sarge."

The Watch Sergeant look up from his stack of papers and growled a response, "What is it now Kin? Spaceships in the Ginza like last time?"

Kin blushed at the memory of the incident. How was I supposed to knowthey were filming that new Godzilla movie there? No one told me!

"No it's not spaceships. But my partner and I have arrested someone who claims to be the Shogun of Japan. He was dressed in full authentic armor too. It must have cost a fortune to have made," he finished with a smile.

The Watch Sergeant looked up sharply at that last statement. "Really?" he commented. "It must be crazy night tonight."

"How's that, Sarge?"

"We had a patrol car pick up someone who claims to be the rightful Prince of Japan about an hour ago. He was pounding on the gates of the Imperial compound, demanding entrance. The Palace Guards detained him until we showed up."

"Which gate?"

"East, why?"

"Well we picked up the Shogun at the west gate. He put up a pretty good fight too. He had both swords with him and he knew how to use them."

"Was anyone hurt?" the Sergeant asked.

"No, we just stood clear and tased him; dropped like a stone. Then we put him in an 'I love me jacket' and waited for an ambulance to pick him up".

"Check out the armor he was wearing. If it's stolen we could get a clue as to who he is."

"And if it's not?"

"Then they have a rich nut on their hands. Either way he's out of our hair."

Prince Toshimichi Katsuro, Hereditary head of the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan and Kawaguchi Akihiko, Shogun of the Island of Japan rode in the back of an ambulance, bound in straightjackets, and casting murderous looks at each other. The ambulance attendant had been forced to separate them several times since they had been loaded into the back. He listened to their mad ramblings with half an ear and concentrated on the broadcast of the local baseball team. He shook his head sadly at the two passengers and called out to the driver, "How much longer?"

"Not so much," was the reply.

"Good, I'm tired of babysitting these two loons." He looked back at the passengers once more and muttered, "I wouldn't want to be you guys for all the Sake in Japan."

The ambulance drove into the night.

Epilogue 3

Six months after the arrival of Ron.

Ron huddled in the cold, clutching the packages closer to his body in an effort to keep them from flying away in the strong wind gusts. He walked down the street until he got home. Home, what a wonderful feeling to know he had a home to return to. He looked at his residence with a mixture of happiness and apprehension. Six months of preparation, study and sheer determination had led him to this crowning moment; he had a home to call his own. Well OK it wasn't exactly his home but the feeling was unabated by this minor detail. He let hismind wander as he trudged up the sidewalk to the front door.

Six months ago...

"Come on Ron, it will be our honor to walk."With this statement Kim grabbed his hand and led him away from the lakeshore. In about two minutes they came upon a well used dirt road. Several minutes after that, the pair of adventurers arrived at the main road to Middleton.

"Kim,how far is it to your house?"

"Oh, from here, about ten miles. Why?"

"It's gonna be a long walk then, Ron groaned under his breath.

"What was that?"

"I said I can't wait to walk it!"

Kim smiled at Ron's remark. She had heard the mutterings quite clearly but if he was going to try to keep her spirits up then she wouldn't let on she knew.

They traveled in a companionable silence until Ron suddenly spoke out.

"Say Kim, just where am I supposed to live now? All my stuff is either at my old home or at the bottom of the gorge the school fell into. I've got no clothing, no money and no place to live. Talk about starting over from scratch!"

"It's no big, Ron. I'm sure my parents will love to have you stay with us."

On the outside Kim was her usual cheerful self. On the inside however she was careful not to show her apprehension. She was one who would bring stray animals home for her mom to doctor up it they were hurt. She still remembered the kitten she had found and brought home in the hopes she could have a pet. The repercussion of that act of kindness was still talked about throughout the neighborhood to this day; and Ron was a lot bigger and was a lot more prone to disaster than a stray cat.

Ron was not surprised when a police car stopped to investigate two teenagers walking down a deserted road dressed in two dirty and torn martial arts gis. What did surprise him was the reaction Kim got when the officer recognized her.

"Miss Possible, What are you doing way out here? Returning from a mission?"

"You might say that, Officer Hobble. Could you give us a ride to my parent's house, please and thank you?"

The jovial policeman got out of his patrol car and opened the back door for Kim. Both of them got in the back seat and then sat back as the officer drove down the road and toward the Possible house.

Rufus had tracked the pair as far as the road when he lost the scent. He chattered angrily stood on his hind legs, made a slashing movement in the air, and walked through the rip in reality he had just was tired of playing catch up with those two. This time he would get there first and give both of them a piece of his mind!


Annie Possible was in her kitchen in the beginning stages of planning her family's Sunday dinner when she was greeted by an unusual sight. Her daughter wascoming through the kitchen door wearing dirty martial arts practice clothing and messed up hair. What really caught her attention was a similarlydressed young man who followed behind her with a contrite look on his face. To add to the strangeness, that young man had a ferret on his shoulder!

Annie put her best stern expression on full power when her daughter finally noticed her.

"Kimberly Anne Possible, just what are you doing sneaking in here like that?"

Kim looked up in surprise when she saw that her mother was home. She was sure that the house would be empty for her and Ron.

"Hi mom," Kim answered. "We weren't sneaking in, exactly. I didn't think anyone would be home, so we came in the back door. Why aren't you with Dad and the tweebs anyway?"

"There was a change of plans and your father had to go to the Center. The boys went out with friends. And you haven't answered my question yet," Annie Possible responded with a disapproving look.

Kim looked to Ron for a minute then answered, "It's a long story, mom."

Annie Possible was used to her daughter being in unusual, 'sitches', as she called them. But this was the first time she was being evasive about it. She took into account the bedraggled appearance of both of them and came to a quick decision.

"Before you start I suggest that you both clean yourselvesup. Then come back here and tell me all about it."

"Mom," Kim began, "Ron doesn't have any clothes to change into."

"I'll take care of that,"Annie answered. "Kimmie, use your bathroom. Ron, the downstairs bathroom is just down the hall. Now go!" She commanded.

Sometime later both of them appeared in the kitchen. Kim was dressed in her normal periwinkle blue Capris and lime half top. Ron was dressed in an oversized red hockey shirt with a black turtle neck underneath, oversized tan khakis and some ratty tennis shoes. Clothing that had been lying around the house since they were left by a graduate student working for James years ago. Annie noted the ferret rode on the boy's shoulder with a proprietary air about it.

They gathered around the kitchen table hungrily consuming the fruit, cheese and bread Annie had set out. Finally, hunger sated, Kim began, "Well mom, it all started..."


Possible residence...Later that night in the elder Possible's bedroom.

James Possible watched his wife go about her nightly bedtime routine with a hint of annoyance. How could she be serious about her suggestion earlier that evening?

Annie turned from her night table and fixed her husband with an unreadable expression on her features.

James took up the discussion where they had left off.

"Annie, you can't be serious about what you said."

"Of course I was, James. I wouldn't have mentioned it, in front of him especially, if I wasn't serious about it."

"Annie ,we know next to nothing about this boy. The story they tell about how and where they met, the time frame; it's absurd!"

She pinched the bridge of her nose with exasperation. They had been going over the same points since the two teenagers related their story several hours ago. "Dear, we have been going over this for half the evening now. Wade has verifiedthatsome of what they said was true. His scans of both of them show some readings he has never seen before. He can't explain where it comes from but he says it's not something that occurs naturally." She looked at him with a mixture of pleading and disappointment on her lovely features that slowly morphed into the most dangerous and powerful weapon in her arsenal of acquiescence: the Puppy Dog Pout.

James Possible could feel his resistance melt like snow on a warm day. He boldly and without much hope in success, made one last argument.

"He's a sixteen year old boy, Annie! And he'll be living here with our daughter. What happens if..." he let the sentence die off when he caught the look of extreme displeasure she was giving him.

"James Timothy Possible, are you suggesting that nice, polite young man might try something inappropriate with our daughter, the one who knows sixteen different kinds of kung fu?" Then her tone of voice grew low and harsh as she played the last of her arguments. "Are you suggesting that I would let anything happen to our daughter?"

James Possible was a man of science. When he had first met the young intern by the name of Annie Credible he hadn't paid attention to the warnings of his friends about red heads and their tempers. She was normally so calm, and even-tempered that he dismissed the tales as stereotypes. Until he had inadvertently made a comment that had set her off. He then acquired an understanding what 'going nuclear' actually meant. He knew from some painful past experiences that when she addressed him in that tone of voice he had done something majorly wrong.

James understood the danger he was in and quickly moved to repair the damage

"You know that's not what I meant, Annie. I'm just uncomfortable with the whole notion of a strange boy living here. We don't know anything about him except what the kids have told us. So forgive me if my 'Dad' radar goes off right now. What about the twins? How are they handling all this?"

"They adore him already. Face it, James,there is no reason why he can't stay here. The attic over the garage has plenty of room and you have already converted it into an office. That you don't use. It wouldn't take much to make it into a bedroom for him and his ferret. Plus the added expense won't break us."

When both the females in the house presented a united front James Possible knew he was beaten. He gave a half hearted sigh, "OK,I'll talk to them both and lay some ground rules down for appropriate behavior. Then we can get some furniture for the bedroom."

Annie smiled at the ease of her victory. Then she walked to the end of the bed, pulled back the covers and got in. She looked at her husband with a sultry smile on her face, pulled down the comforter, and patted the place near her. "Well, are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to get into bed with a hot redhead?"

The smile on his face left no doubt what he planned to do next.


Ron got closer to the kitchen door while his memories drifted back over the last six months. . been a supporter from the very beginning. It had taken a lot of the Ron-man's charms to win over MrDrP But in the end it had been his mad cooking skills that had swung him over from overprotective Dad to willing helper. The tweebs had been great, welcoming him into the family with an endless series of pranks that had tested everyone's patience. Ron had fought back by developing his monkey powers in subtle ways. The twins soon learned that a trick played on him or Kim would backfire on them with spectacular results.

It had been Wade who had been the most helpful. While Kim was at school Wade would drill him on this world's history. He hacked every file he needed to provide Ron with an air tight background and a believable cyber trail. He then entered all his information slightly altered, into the Colorado and federal data banks.

He was still an emancipated minor, now living with the Possibles under an arrangement by the court. He had used his free time wisely. Something that had been drilled into him at Yamanuchi, and studied all the subjects Kim was taking so when he finally went to school with her he had no problem keeping up.

The second biggest surprise he had encountered in school was Bonnie Rockwaller. This female version of his old friend was so mean that she could have given Donnie's older sisters nasty lessons. Her constant spiteful, cutting comments directed toward him hadn't bothered him at all. But any comments directed at Kim would raise his blood pressure to dangerious levels. Here it was his treatment of Kim's brothers that would help him to control his more homicidal thoughts. Any nasty comment that came Kim's way would result in an embarrassing incident happening to Bonnie. The good thing was that she was a much slower learner than Kim's brothers. So he had plenty of practice doing discomforting things to her without Kim knowing he was doing it. He had a firm belief that Kim would do something unpleasant to him if she found out he was tormenting her rival so effectively.

The biggest shock had been Steve Barkin. He was in awe of the double of the man who had such a distinguished military career back home. He would get clumsy, tongue tied and act like a total goof around him. The problem was that Mr. Barkin was sure the young man was mocking him with those funny looks he would make when he would do something stupid around him.

Ron got closer to his destination and his mind continued to wander back. He had been disappointed that the Stoppable surprise had not been as big a hit for Cow-n-Chow as it had been at home. It was popular regionally but, beyond the Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and California areas; not so much. What had earned him millions back home, had earned him considerably less here. Still it had helped him get things he wanted and lessened the financial burden the Possibles had assumed in letting him live here. But, he had plans. He had discovered the holy grail of fast food: Bueno Nacho. He had an idea for a whole new taste. It was something so badical that it would change the fast food corporation forever. He called it the Naco.

Ron opened the back door and called, "Hola Possible Clan!"

He was greeted by the combined voices of the Possible family and enveloped by the love and good wishes of the inhabitants of the house preparing for their New Year's Eve party.

Ron caught Kim's eyes and smiled broadly. It was good to be home.

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Michael, the lightening strike that destroyed the Shrine of the Lotus Blade was the catalyst that gave Monty his altered hands and feet. The real culprit was Rufus. He was punishing the Englishman for handling The Blade by denying him the Mystical Monkey Power. The bodily alterations were his idea of a subtle joke. It was his way of saying, "OK you want to be a monkey lord? How about this?"

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