Author's note: My second GG fic. I think I have a thing for "missing moments" with these two, hope you don't mind ;) This time my brain picked the limo scene.

All right, that said, this isn't for kids. Sex isn't something I write lightly. It's sensual, not mindless porn, but fairly smutty. Much of this fandom is younger than I am (I'm seven days older than Ed haha), so you've been warned and don't come crying.


Blair shucked her prim and proper dress, revealing a pale beige shift underneath that showed all the curves her previous accoutrement hadn't before.

Amazing how he didn't even look at her moves or her state of undress at first, but her eyes… They came alive, mischievous, uninhibited, free. Many traits she liked to front and one she even excelled at – mischievousness, or more especially, deviousness – but rarely, if ever, displayed all together as it was in that moment. The show itself was certainly alluring, but it was her eyes that truly had him standing to his feet, leaning and yet holding back.

For the first time she was utterly bare, daring that which she constantly refused herself for fear of being lessened in others' eyes. she might be Queen B, scheming bitch extraordinaire, she took insane care to keep the slate of her reputation clean at all times.

Chuck realised then and there that he didn't know this Blair, carefree Blair, Blair who enjoyed herself without constant fear of repercussions. With that thrilling thought in mind, he drank his sparkling wine, keeping the image of the stranger on stage burned into his retinas, and saluted her guts, her sexy shift, but most of all her glowing face as she held his eyes with a low glimmer of "told you so" burning within.

Where have you been all your life? he wondered in awe.


How Chuck found himself with Blair wrapped around him, he didn't know. Hadn't even planned it to begin with, for all his usually smoothly calculated playtimes with partners chosen at random. As he found himself dragging the strap of her négligée down her shoulder, however, his thumb skidded and stroked over her smooth, creamy skin and he didn't care that there was nothing planned to this. Blair's little mewling sounds penetrated the haze of sensations in his mind like nothing else as he licked his way up the column of her throat. The soft abrasion of her nails on his neck and scalp had him shivering and responding with a harsh exhale into her hair.

He could pretend all he liked that he was the teacher here for her benefit, but he'd be fooling himself if he believed the lie. Control had slipped through his fingers the moment she'd become her own burlesque show and she'd embraced a different light. For him?

Chuck clamped on her thigh, drawing her sharp intake of air into his lungs like he needed air to breathe. She shifted closer into him yet, her breasts flattened into his chest and her lower body cradling his lap, and it was all he could do to swallow his groan.

"Chuck…" she murmured, eyes rolling back as she ground her hips into him again. Chuck caught his breath and dug his fingers into her naked flesh underneath the pool of silky material that covered her hips.

With a whoosh of air, he reached higher and stopped her rocking motions even as the rest of his blood packed its bags and headed south. "Slow down," he rasped in a throaty rush that he didn't recognise as his voice. In an attempt at regaining some semblance of his senses, he pressed his head back into the plush leather of his seat and took a shaky breath. Again, a shocker. Chuck Bass never took a breather; Chuck Bass plunged headlong without care for anyone else but himself.

Blair's lips left a moan and a hot, wet trail down his throat, doing nothing for his blood. "Please…" And it was the genuine need in her voice, unlike the countless acts he'd heard before, that did it. As well as her fumbling fingers that tried to get at him underneath the impeccable blazer and dress shirt. Trembling, uncoordinated, whispers on his skin, and he'd never felt these kinds of shivers that ran so deep in his blood.

So he helped her, humbled, and undid his buttons with their fingers bumping into each other. When they were done, she slid her hands over the light dusting of dark hairs on her way to his shoulders, and she kissed him again with a sigh. Silk brushed over his bare skin, warm and supple like the skin her caressed underneath. Suddenly she gasped, stilling over him like a deer in headlights. Chuck slanted his mouth over hers, coaxing her tongue. Then he slipped his hand beneath her luscious panties, cupping her, merely cupping her, until she grew accustomed to his gradual intrusion of her intimacy.

Finally, her thighs stopped quivering jerkily and she sighed again, meeting his mouth before taking the initiative this time – shocking him once more into amazement – and pulling her shift over her head. Unconsciously his hand tightened over her folds, and he nearly moaned when he felt some of her slickness rushing onto his fingers.

God, you'd think he was a bumbling virgin.

Blair moved her hips, and with much effort on his part he pulled his hand out of her panties and looked at her face. Mistake. Need poured out of her in spades, in her slightly parted mouth, in her disappointed frown, in her closed eyes.

"Blair," he said. "Blair, look at me." He didn't want to scare her, wanted her to know what was going on at all times.

Her big brown eyes opened again, and the begging in them arrested him for a moment. Lost in them, he pulled her in for a quick kiss that shook him with its white-hot intensity, then reached down for his belt. Blair's eyes followed the movement. She bit her lip, and suddenly he did feel as nervous as his first time.

Then she was helping him pull his pants down past his hips. And stared, clad only in her panties. "I…" Anxiety seeped into that one syllable before he met her wide eyes and gently pulled her back on his lap.

"It'll be fine, baby," he assured her before once more slanting his mouth over hers. "Do you trust me?"

For mere answer, she positioned herself where she would fit him, the butter-soft material of her undergarment whispering on him. Eyes rolling back into his head at the sheer erotic sensation she probably hadn't intended on his part, his hands slid of their own volition onto her hips, then dragged under the material onto her bare cheeks. Blair melted into his arms, her breasts pressing onto his slightly bristly chest and adding to the pure torture she had no idea she was affecting on him.

"These need to go," he rumbled in her ear, referring to the last scrap of material on her person.

"Mm," she purred back, and let him peel it off her. Her eyes then widened a fraction as realisation seemed to set in. "This'll hurt," she said. It wasn't a question. They'd all been through the same excruciating health classes that basically scared pretty much everyone off sex.

"I'll go slow," Chuck promised, not sure where the assurance was coming from. "No," he added when she made to lie down on the seat next to him. He held her still over his lap. "You'll have control this way."

That said, he skimmed his hand down her body again, slithering against her folds, and then slid it between them. Watching Blair's head loll to the side, Chuck took the opportunity to snake a hand around her, pulling her breast to his mouth. This time she did more than moan. Head thrown back in abandon, she cried out at the sensory overload.

"Ready?" She nodded, anxiety returning a fraction. "Relax, baby, I don't want to hurt you. Relax," he coaxed again, swirling his finger over her tight nub and kissing her nipple to a peak. "Good…" he murmured to himself.

Positioning himself, Chuck watched Blair's face as she lowered her body, inch by agonising inch: concentration, deep listening, lips parted on a long sigh, then a soft gasp.

"Relax," he breathed again, then brought her in for a kiss, and closed his eyes resolutely before jerking her home. He swallowed her anguished cry, suffered her tight throbbing walls, and peppered her lips with butterfly kisses that slowly, slowly calmed her.

There were tears in her eyes as she gazed at him and began moving, tentatively at first. Her breaths soon quickened, though, hot on his neck as she purred and pressed herself completely against him. Chuck felt every slide of skin against skin and in and out so clearly, so defined and unique all their own, that soon he held on for dear life and… let himself go as surely as he never had before. What was refined technique and smooth moves when your skin electrified and lit up at once?

Breathing hard, Chuck lay back boneless against his seat. Blair rocked over him still, her hands deep into his hair as he leisurely kissed what skin she offered him. Her face, her lips, her neck. "I want you, baby," he whispered into her ear huskily, voice gone for the moment. "Won't you come for me?"

Blair's eyes hooded and she moaned before he took her mouth with his, pressed two fingers where she needed them, and had her crashing and burning for him.