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Amu sighed, holding her melting chocolate ice cream in one hand as she watched Tadase being dragged away by a mob of girls. Festive red and pink packages jumped out of the crowd, only to fall back into the frenzy.

It was Valentine's day, so she supposed it was unavoidable. Her first date with Tadase, and he wasn't even here for it. She tried to be angry, but she couldn't. It's not like it was his fault.

With a flick, Tadase's vanilla ice cream flew out of her hand. She cried out, glaring up, but already knowing who was there.

"You know I like chocolate, so why'd you get vanilla at all?"

"It wasn't for you, it was for Tadase-kun."

"Tadase-kun, huh?" Ikuto seemed a little upset, but the emotion flickered past his face so quickly that she couldn't be sure. "I don't know, it looks like he's not coming."

Hit the nail on the head.

"Fine, you want the ice cream so bad, then here, take the ice cream." She shoved the melting chocolate ice cream into Ikuto's hand.

He had no qualms with accepting. "Thanks, Amu-chan."

He began to lick the sides, trying to prevent the ice cream from melting down his hands. However, because it had already been sitting in her hand for so long, not to mention the surprising heat wave that was sweeping over Japan, his efforts were wasted.

A small stream of chocolate ice cream slid down his hand. A devilish idea popped into Amu's mind.

As Ikuto stood up to get a napkin, she grabbed his wrist, and pulled it towards her. He glanced between his hand and the smirk on her face, and he raised an eyebrow, willing to play along. "What are you going to do, Amu-chan?"

"Well, you know how Suu hates a mess, and she is my would-be self, so I thought I'd help you clean it up," she bent forward and licked a small portion of the melted chocolate ice cream, making him gasp a lightly at the sudden warmth of her tongue amidst the cold of the ice cream. Glancing up, she tilted her head to one side, finished licking off the melted ice cream, and smiled sweetly, "Ikuto-kun."

He looked excited. "Alright, but let me repay the favor, Amu-chan." He dipped one long, slender violinist's finger into the side of the ice cream and raised it slowly. With a deliberate move, he painted her wrist with a line of chocolate, then proceeded to lick it off in one slow, torturous move. A shiver ran through her at the contact.

Without moving his head, he spoke into the sensitive flesh of her inner wrist, "My, Amu-chan your heart is racing."

Determined to not be beaten at her own game, Amu dragged my pinky finger through the steadily melting chocolate treat and, pushing Ikuto's head back and pulling down the neck of his shirt, a striped long-sleeve purple and black shirt, she left a trail of chocolate ice cream down collar bone. She pulled back, licking her petite pinky finger off with quick darts of her tongue. Ikuto's eyes never left my mouth. "It looks like you're getting pretty hot." Ikuto looked up, startled. Amu laughed. "The ice cream melted even more."

The trail of chocolate she had left along his collar bone had drifted about an inch downward. "Aren't you going to clean it up?" Ikuto asked.

"Of course. With a mess like that, Suu would go crazy." She leaned forward, and, starting from the neck, made her way down, licking the chocolate off with the same small darts she had used on her pinky. When there was no more chocolate left, she blew a light stream of air across the wet line she had left with my tongue. He let out a quiet, light moan, and Amu smirked. "Are you getting excited, Ikuto-kun?"

"Mmm… Maybe a little, Amu-chan." He smirked. "Would you like to see how excited I am?" Without waiting for an answer, he left a large splotch of chocolate on the side of her neck.

"How do you plan to clean that up, Ikuto-kun?"

"Like this." His entire mouth closed over the area, licking and nipping and sucking just a little until it was all gone.

"Mhmmm…" Amu grinned. For all her words, she was getting pretty worked up, too. With one hand she gathered ice cream, and with the other she pushed his fluffy midnight blue hair back. Following his jaw, she left the chocolate in a curving line from his chin to his ear, then proceeded to lick it off. When she ended at his earlobe, she sucked on it lightly before giving it a tiny nip and pulling away.

"My, my, Amu-chan, is this foreplay?" Ikuto's eyes were glinting like a cat's. "As… exciting as that was, I hope you know that I don't plan to be beaten by a middle schooler." He dipped his finger in the deformed lump of chocolate ice cream and lifted her leg. She blushed, but didn't fight him. She gave a silent, thankful prayer that she had worn shorts intead of the short black skirt her mother had picked.

He left a dark brown line from her knee to the middle of her inner thigh. After every lick, he would kiss the area and breathe lightly. It was enough to make her sigh after all the chocolate was gone.

"I guess it's my turn again," Amu said. She contemplated various places to put the ice cream before an idea hit her. "I want you to close your eyes."

Ikuto raised an eyebrow, but did as told. Something soft and wet met his lips briefly, and his eyes opened to reveal Amu, licking chocolate ice cream off her lips. Ikuto licked his lips, only to find chocolate on them as well.

"It seems, Amu-chanthat you missed a spot," Ikuto licked off a bit of chocolate from the corner of Amu's mouth, using his tongue to trace her slightly-parted lips.

"I think you missed a spot, too," Amu replied. She flew forward, kissing Ikuto full on, throwing her arms around his neck. The ice cream flipped out of his hand, landing on the ground, completely forgotten. Finally, they parted.

"Delicious," Amu said.

Ikuto smirked. "My favorite."

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