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Romeo and Juliet.

The Archibald's the word to describe them would be rich and royal unlike the Humphrey's who are poor and rough what happens when two people fall in love only to be family arch enimies. Sequel Of Romeo And Juliet. Jenny/Nate

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In Manhattan lived-The Archibald'sthe word to describe them would be powerful,strong,royalty the most richest family in America (apart from the Hilton's) Everyone either wanted to be them or either wanted to be with them the captain Howie Mr Archibald the man of the household was the boss the Main man owned over 120 company's meaning restraunts,studios,hotels ect... One thing about him was not to mess with his business or his family.
Then there was Mrs archibald Anne who was gergous,Independibal and she was the mother to her child she loved even if she never saw him because she was always producing new films in different places.
Then there was chuck who was Mr Archibald's nephew he hated everyone but himself money was his gain and so was Blair Mrs Archibald's Niece she was crazy but stunning for an evil cow her power was to destroy any girl who looked better then her or was better then her. Just because she didn't have the Archibald's name didn't mean she was still related and she would use that to get what she wanted. Then there was Nathanial Archibald the only son they had he was beautiful,wise and caring he was different to the rest his goal in life's not money unlike the rest of the family and as he was one of the most prettiest boys you had seen girls would throw themselves at him but he had Vanessa who he was set to marry who hes parents had set up for him as her parents was rich too and there family's parents decided who you married and Vanessa would be his. For a 17 year old he was the most talented sport est in his school too.

In Brookyln lived-The Humphrey'sthe words to describe them would be poor,desperate,fearless Being one of the poorest family's in the country was allot to deal with getting laughed at in the street wasn't a option it was that happened. But one thing they didn't give a damn about it they was poor but they were tough fighting in there family was all they would do if someone did say something to them in the street the first thing they would do is punch them they controlled things with fists and weapons. There was Rufus humphrey the kindest dad but toughest too he was not very overprotective on his children because he had brought them up fighters to battle on there own and to always stick up for there selves the only problem was he was addicted to cocaine not even his children could get him to stop. Then there was lily Humphrey hes beautiful wife who had 4 children of Rufus she was strict unlike Rufus and challenging she liked to be the one who would go to rich party's and the way she got in them was her conning plans her job was a con woman with her job she got plenty things she needed. The oldest was Dan Humphrey the over protecting brother if he saw a boy touch his sister she would kill them he had already killed people before but he got let off because they had no proof it was him he was 23 and was a drug dealer this would normally help his dad out Dan did not take drugs though just deal with them. The nest was Serena Humphrey who was 19 she was the party one the wild child who would come back really late in the morning drunk thats if she ever did come home normally she would be in a boys bed as she had slept with nearly all Brooklyn. But Serena was no fool she stood her ground. The next was Eric 18 he was unusual he didn't speak to many people only the closest he was always trying to kill himself because of the bullying off people so had got sent to rehab. Then the last but least was Jennifer Humphrey daddy's little princess the sweetheart was a good girl and would do anything for anyone her family she was 16 and just wanted a normal life not to be a aggressive and low down like her family.

One thing between both these family's they hated each other they had a big family fall out as the Archibald's said the Humphrey's ripped them off in the business so they had one big fight and carter Archibald's Nate's older brother got killed when this happened chuck got mad it was his best friend not just cousin so took revenge but trying to kill Dan who killed him but instead killed Georgina Dans girlfriend and ever since then the family hate each other.

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