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Chapter One.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Jeff Tracy yelled, rage flying everywhere. He stared across his desk with wide eyes, at his youngest whose face was tilted down. He had hidden his face for e few reason that were unknown to the elder Tracy. For one, his face was pinched and he was biting his lip to stop himself from crying out from the searing pain in his back. The other was so his father couldn't see the incomprehensible guilt splayed over his teenage features. But, his father hadn't bothered to understand why he was hardly moving.

Jeff slammed his fists down hard against the wood of his desk. He didn't feel any pain, just a blind anger at his son. In truth, he wasn't really angry. Well, he was, he was furious, but his concern for his youngest outshone the anger... On the inside. However, on the outside, he was pretty sure that Alan was not looking at him because he felt ashamed at what he had just pulled.

They had recently been called out; not just an hour ago, summoned by a gas plant fire. The fire had been created by a small leakage of gas which had spread to one of the fires that was used to fuel the heating systems. Soon, the fire had covered most of the plant.


"ETA one minute." Virgil said loudly. From where they were they could see huge plumes of smoke rising high into the air, hanging over the plant menacingly. They were at least a mile away, and the sheer scale of the fire could be told from the amount of billowing black fog.

"FAB Virg," Scott, Alan and Gordon replied almost simultaneously. Alan quickly looked away from his brother Gordon, of whom he had glanced at to see if he could work out whether to be feeling scared or not. His answer was the latter, as his elder brother looked in the least bit concerned. It was just another day in the office for him. Alan huffed as the loomed closer, speeding for the fire, and his stomach clenched unwillingly.

His fear only grew as him and Gordon exited TB2 and headed over to a burley looking police officer who grunted as they reached him. Alan saw his dad a little way off, trying to check the building for any people left inside. A small crowd of workers stood behind them as they on- looked the flames that licked one side of the building. The flames caused the air around Alan to feel burning and he subconsciously pulled at the collar of his uniform.

"It seems like there are still some people left inside the building on the second floor, but it's almost impossible to reach them. The flames have nearly consumed the area, if they haven't already. I'm sorry boys; it looks as though we're going to have to let them go." Jeff walked up nest to them, his voice cracking with sadness. His vice was desperately solemn as he saw his elder son's faces fall.

Alan's however creased with anger and he clenched his fists painfully. Before he could comprehend what he was doing, he had sprinted away from his brothers and dad, and dived straight through the open doors to the burning building. He could hear his family calling his name, but he didn't care. Why shouldn't they at least try to save innocent people from dying?

"Alan, what the hell are you doing? Get back here now!" Scott's voice floated over the headset, his fear mingled with fury. Alan shook his head, choosing to ignore his brother, and took a left towards a set of stair, diving up them quickly.

Suddenly, a low rumble echoed behind him, and he began to loose balance as the floor above him shook. Yelping, he dived forwards, but he didn't make it fully out of the way in time as the ceiling collapsed in on him, sending rubble shooting towards his mostly unprotected body. He leapt, but a searing pain scraped down his back, sending his sprawling forwards, head first, onto the ground. He winced as his ribs came sharply into contact with the stairs. He grunted as he felt the material on his back rub against the cut he knew he had acquired.

"Alan!" He heard more frequent yells over the headset, but he growled and forced himself up, once again ignoring the calls. Focusing on breathing and trying to block out the pain that radiated all over his body, he sprinted up the stairs. He forgot his back quickly however, as he heard very feint calls from the people trapped inside. They were still alive!

Grimacing, Alan could feel the air getting hotter and he knew he was getting close to the fire. He coughed, bringing his arm up to cover his mouth. He flinched as his ribs and back screamed in protest when he shoved open the door to the second floor with his other hand. Looking left, he stopped briefly as he saw an eerie orange glow accompanied by white smoke floating out from underneath another door around half way down the huge corridor.

He breathed in heavily before running over to the large door, his fear promptly diminished and replaced by desperation.

"Hello?" he yelled, stopping outside the door, "Is anyone still in there?" Pausing, he strained to hear any sign of life from within. In a quick response, he heard yells of confirmation, louder this time.

Coughing again, he braced himself, brought up his foot and kicked hard into the wood. It splintered on the first time and he shoved it down the rest of the way. He dived into the room, stopping abruptly to take in the horror that greeted his eyes.

Flames ran down the side of the large room, and there were barrels of what he assumed were full of oil just a few feet away. Any minute they would explode, taking this place and the people trapped inside including him, with it.

He spotted them at the very front of the room, just to his right. There were three from what he could see. Two men and a woman.

Shaking his head, he sprinted forwards, his back niggling, taking in what he could see, coming to a halt in front of the flames that separated him from them, and glanced at their faces which were pictures of terror.

"Hang n!" he shouted, quickly looking around, searching for something that he could use. Suddenly he spotted a small metal desk next to him, and raced over to it. It looked completely out of place, but he didn't really care. He sighed in relief and dragged it back to the people, groaning quietly as his back pulled, and he heard more yells over the com. Stopping short at the flames once again, he pushed the table over the flames, hoping to create some sort of bridge. He grinned as his plan worked and the flames were trapped underneath.

"Quick!" he yelped, eyes wide as the first began to clamber over, gasping as the heat licked their skin. They promptly dropped down and charged over to the door, while the next person climbed over. As soon as they were all over, Alan checked for any injuries, and seeing that there weren't, he hurried them outside, his own body throbbing excruciatingly. They hurried back down the hall and clambered once more over the rubble on the stairs, heading for the front doors. Alan's stomach twisted as he made out the figures of his brothers and father, Gordon being restrained from charging towards him by Scott and Virgil. The bright light cut into his already painful head and he squinted as he drew closer to the door. He managed a weak smile.

Suddenly, a huge explosion sounded behind him and he twisted round just in time to see rubble, flames and wood flying his way He shoved the backs of the people in front of his and screamed as he leapt sideways and landed on his bloody back. He whimpered as he rolled over on the concrete and shielded his face with his arms.

"Crap! I am so dead." He thought as he made out the blurry figures of his brothers coming towards him.

End of Flashback.

Alan whimpered inaudibly as his dad rounded on him again. He had managed to hide his back and discomfort from everyone, brushing it off as nothing. Luckily, his suit hadn't been stained by any blood. He was surprised at that, bearing in mind he could feel the sticky substance running down his back. It was all he could do to stop himself from screeching out with pain as he looked as his dad.

He could hear that he was being yelled at, but his head was dizzy and the floor was long since blurry. Nodding his head as his dad came to the end of the rant, he fled out of the room, not sparing a glance back as he heard his name being called. Barrelling into his room, he ripped open his suit, charged into the bathroom and promptly threw up, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. Just before everything started to spin, he collapsed against the side of his bath, grimacing. He could taste blood…

Dark spots danced around his vision and he whimpered, everything suddenly going dark. Pain erupted on him in waves and he cried out.

His last bit of strength letting go; he took one last deep breath before falling into oblivion.