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My Pregnancy Story

Chapter 20

Gabriella was lying on her side in the hospital bed, Troy sitting beside her, gently stroking her back. They were still waiting for the results on the twins.

The door opened, but Gabriella was too busy staring away to pay attention.

"Ms. Montez, your babies are here."

Troy jerked his body toward the door and Gabriella sat up, turning over. She was still completely exhausted from a few hours ago and it was now 2 in the morning and she hadn't been to sleep not once the entire night.

Troy pulled her pillow up and helped her sit up against them as the nurse wheeled two beds over to them. One was lined with a blue blanket and the other with a pink one. Neither one of the babies had opened their eyes yet, but they were squirming around in their tiny beds and moving their cloth covered arms around in the air and across their faces.

Troy picked up their son carefully following the nurse's advice and handed him off to Gabriella. He then moved to pick up their little girl. She was slighter smaller than her brother, but Dr. Greene said it was to be expected her being the female, she was over shadowed by her brother and due to them both being premature and her having the issue with the umbilical cord.

"They're so little," Troy whispered as he held his daughter as if she were a porcelain doll.

Gabriella smiled. "They'd better be. Or else the pain would have been a lot worse than it was."

"We made some good looking kids, baby."

Gabriella giggled weakly. "I always knew we would."

The door cracked open again as Lucille poked her head in the room. "Hey, you guys up for company?"

Gabriella smiled, straightening herself. "Sure, come on in."

Slowly but surely, all of the friends and family that had been in the waiting room, entered Gabriella's hospital room in hopes to get a look at the babies. They wouldn't let anyone see down in the nursery, as the babies were undergoing test, but now that the babies were reunited with Mommy and Daddy, the hospital had allowed visitors.

Lucille and Alicia were the first to get to the babies. Lucille, heading straight for her grandson in Gabriella's arms and Alicia, for her grand-daughter in Troy's.

"She's so pretty," Alicia cooed at the baby girl as she gently touched the girls balled up fists in her blanket. She started kicking softly and slowly opened her eyes. "Aww, sweetheart she has your eyes," she spoke to her daughter, still holding the infant's hand.

Gabriella smiled and gently rocked her son, before handing him off to Lucille.

"Oh, come on. Open your eyes for Grandma," she said as soon as she was holding him.

There was a soft laughter from around the room as Gabriella lay back as she watched her children being passed around the room for everyone to see.

"So what are their names?" Jack asked as he held his grand-daughter.

"Well she's Kara Nicole Bolton, born at 12:34am-May 19th. We decided to give her middle name your middle name," Gabriella told Lucille as she smiled and leant down to hug Gabriella.

"And that little slugger," Troy motioned to the baby Taylor was holding. "Is Aiden Michael Bolton."

"He was born at 12:29am, so he's 5 minutes older. We gave his middle name as Michael's because you may be annoying but I love you anyway."

Michael smiled. "I get next!"

Greg tapped his son's shoulder. "It's not a hot potato so be careful."

Troy went to sit on the side of Gabriella's bed as she pulled his arm and rested her head on his bicep. "I'm tired," she yawned.

"Get some sleep; they're not going anywhere trust me."

Gabriella smiled softly at him. "I love you. Thank you for putting up with me and most of all supporting me. Teenage pregnancy gone right."

Troy laughed. "Well you gave me two kids, what more could I ask for? You already know I'm spending the rest of my life with you, this just makes it complete. I love you, so much."

As Gabriella slowly drifted off, Troy gave her a quick tender kiss and before you knew it, she was out, but at least she knew she'd have something to look forward to when she woke up.


6 months later

As a loud cry filled the apartment, Gabriella groaned again, getting up from her comfortable position resting her head on Troy's jean covered lap, and headed down the hall to the twins nursery. They had bought an apartment with the help of their parents and decorated the nursery too. Their room was still unfinished but that didn't really matter much that they were still sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.

Gabriella walked into the nursery, a small towel placed over the shoulder of her raw edge pony t-shirt paired with a pair of black shorts and converses. (Nursery and outfits in profile) "Okay so who is it and what is it this time?" she asked.

She saw Kara lying in the crib, staring straight up at the ceiling and turned her attention to Aiden as he screamed his head off. She carefully picked him up, placing him over her shoulder. "What's wrong big boy?"

He looked at Gabriella as if trying to understand what she was saying before he went right back on to crying. She watched as his baby blue eyes stared right back at her. "You're going to be such a heartbreaker when you grow up," she smiled. "Okay, is it time for a diaper change." She smelled him. "Okay, then, must mean you're hungry. Come on my growing boy."

She carried him down the hall to see Troy getting up with his 'Real Men Make Twins' t-shirt he'd gotten from Chad as a gift after the twins were born. She giggled shaking her head at him, not be able to help the fact that she laughed every time she saw the shirt.

"Where's Kara?"

"Staring at the ceiling," she replied, bouncing Aiden gently as she tried to calm him down while she warmed his bottle.

Life wasn't easy dealing with the twins and going to school at the same time. Despite everything that happened, Troy managed to make the last game of the year while Gabi and the twins were still in the hospital. The college reps had been amazed at Troy's skill and he was recruited for the University of Albuquerque, even with the circumstances. So Troy received a scholarship and everyone was happy. Troy because he didn't have to go far from home and he and Gabi could stay right where they were, his parents because they had always dreamed of him going to U of A and Gabriella because Troy was happy and things were fine. Gabriella had decided not to apply to any schools in Albuquerque, but to enroll in a college in Illinois and take her classes online at her own pace. She worked whenever the house was quiet and she could find time to use the computer and Troy had opted to take night classes so he could be home to help Gabriella with the twins during the day. The school was also paying for the necessities the couple needed so basically they were rewarding Troy for playing for them.

When Gabriella failed to be able to make his bottle and hold Aiden at the same time, Troy took him from her. She watched as he made silly faces at his son, playing with him. "Why are you so good with him?"

Troy glanced over to her, smiling. "He's my son." He turned back to Aiden, tickling him. "Right buddy?"

The couple watched as Troy's hand came in contact with Aiden's tiny tummy and the infant smiled.

A gasp formed from Gabriella's moth as she grinned wide. "Troy! You made him smile."

Troy grinned. "Do it again mini me." He said in a high voice. Aiden smiled again and Gabriella giggled.

"I can't believe this. His smile is even cuter than yours." She cooed at Aiden as Troy's eyes narrowed at her. She looked up to her boyfriend and smiled kissing his cheek. "I love you and your smile baby."

"Sure," he said sarcastically as Gabriella fed Aiden and Troy went back down the hall. When he came back, Gabriella had just finished giving Aiden his bottle and his eyes were slowly closing as she gently rocked him in her arms. "Kara fell asleep a few minutes ago."

Gabriella smiled as she went back into the nursery with Troy following. "Good, because this one's about to be gone too." She put Aiden down and turned on the mobile above his bed and as soon as she did, his eyes shut.

Troy pulled Gabriella to him, kissing her soundlessly and she smiled into it as his hands started to wonder.

She pulled them out of the room before kissing him again. "Now that's what got us here in the first place," she warned.

He smiled. "And you liked it."

She played with the collar on his t-shirt smirking and pulling him closer. "I never said I didn't but make sure you're fully stocked this time huh?"

"You're awful," Troy chuckled. "I forget one time…"

"The one time that ended up with me getting pregnant," She reminded him, but he just shook his head and continued.

"And now you won't let me forget it."

She nodded. "That's right, no glove, no love baby."

"I still love you thought," he replied, moving his head down to gently kiss a line along her neck.

She smiled and kissed the side of his cheek. "I love you too baby."

"Hey, listen if I told you that I managed to get a baby sitter tonight for the twins, would you let me take you out?"

Gabriella smiled at him, pulling his head up to meet hers. "Are you asking me out on a date Bolton?"

"If that's how you want to take it, then yes."

She grinned even wider, kissing him passionately. "Of course I'll go on a date with you Troy."

He smiled. "Okay then go put on something sexy," he turned her in the direction of their bedroom and lightly smacked her on the butt. When she looked back at him, he licked his lips and she giggled, walking away as Troy went downstairs to take care of business.


Troy stood by the door, checking the clock on the wall. "Brie, you ready yet?"

"Just a minute," he heard her voice come back distant from behind the door and figured she must have been in their en-suite bathroom.

He waited for about 5 more minutes before she opened the door, fully dressed, but she shuffled so fast down the hallway, he only noticed that she wasn't wearing her shoes yet. He watched her head into the twins' room and them come out seconds later, closing the door softly and then putting on her shoes. Troy took this chance to take her in. She was wearing a halter striped curtain dress that stopped about mid thigh to right above her knee. The bosom part of her dress was grayish/white with black buttons and right below it, the fabric messed into the black of the dress. She had on a pair of satin knotted platform heels, broken heart shaped stud earrings, a vintage multi strand necklace. Her hair was pulled back in a style he didn't recognize or see on her before, but he thought it fit her well. She was carrying a simple black bag and her plaid coat in her hands. (Outfit in profile) After knowing Gabriella for so long, he could probably what she was wearing so well, because he'd seen just about everything in her closet and been shopping with her numerous times, so he'd picked up different styles and brands that she wore a lot more often than others.

"Baby, is that your tux from prom?" she asked him after she had taken a good look at him, as he did with her.

He shook his head. "I'm not that lazy, I got another one. Just for this night."

"What's so special about this night?"

Troy smiled, kissing her forehead. "You'll find out," he replied, patting the pocket in his jacket to make sure the item he put there was still in place.

"So where's the babysitter?"

Troy nodded his head towards the living room and Gabriella walked in the room, seeing her brother positioned on their couch watching a football game, Alicia sitting next to him.

"Mom, Michael?"

"Hey honey," her mother said, waving as Michael gave a head nod her way and went back to the game.


"They offered," he said, putting his hands up innocently.

"We did Mija; we figured this would be a good chance for you to get out. Plus I really wanted to watch my grand babies. And Michael, well I didn't want to leave him home alone and I figured I could get him to help." She glanced at her son engrossed in the TV. "What he doesn't know is he's not going to be watching that TV all night."

Michael looked at her and shook his head as she smiled.

"Feel free to use the TV in our room if you want Mama, make yourself at home."

"Mi casa es su casa," Troy said and all three looked at him. Gabriella rolled her eyes, slipping on her coat and pushing him out the door. "We won't stay out late, thank you Mom."

Gabriella's POV

When Troy pulled up in front of some fancy restaurant I'd never heard of, I looked at him curiously. "Troy, this isn't just a random date thing is it?"

He smiled. "Maybe," he held his hand out to me and helped me out the car.

"Troy," I pleaded. "What's going on?"

I watched him pat his chest pocket again and then hand over his keys to the valet. "Why are we eating here? This place looks really expensive and I don't think we should be wasting money on…"

"Gabriella," he said, interrupting me. "Don't worry about how or why. Just enjoy it please. That's all I'm asking."

I sighed and allowed him to lead me in. "Bolton," he told the guy standing by the door and he glanced at the paper before smiling at us and leading us to a private table in the back.

"My lady," Troy said, holding his hand against his chest and pulling out my chair and bowing slightly.

"What's this about?"

"It's all for you, baby," he smiled at me and I blushed slightly. I still couldn't believe I was blushing at Troy's comments after having two of his kids. That just goes to show how much I was in love with this guy.

We ate half in silence and half in conversation. When we weren't talking about something, we were sitting staring at each other, having eyes sex; I admit it and just a little bit of footsies might have been involved too.

I got up to use the bathroom and when I sat down there was a small plate with a chocolate brownie with hot fudge and cream sitting in front of my seat. I smiled at Troy as he sat back watching me. He knew chocolate was my favorite.

"Are you trying to make me fat?" I asked, accusing him jokingly. "I just lost of my baby fat you know. I don't want it back."

He smiled. "Just eat your brownie."

I ate silently as we watched each other, holding out a bite on my finger for him. He shook his head. "All for you."

I thought it was just a bit weird how Troy was acting so secretive tonight. Maybe there was more too it, but I decided to drop it. It wasn't that important so my best bet was letting it go. I ate my brownie as Troy continued to stare at me but stopped when I bit down on something hard.

"Oh My God! What's in my brownie?"

Troy sat up and leant forward to me. "What is it?"

"I don't know," I picked the brownie bits off whatever it was and held it out for Troy. I watched as he licked the item clean and then bent down on one knee still holding it. As it shimmered in the light, I started to get an idea of what was going on. "Troy, before you do whatever I think you're doing, please tell me what you're doing."

He smiled at me. "Gabriella Montez. You are without a doubt, the mother of my children, the love of my life, high school sweetheart and hopefully, by the end of this dinner, my future wife. We've been through a lot together and I can honestly say I love you with all my heart and that I'm ready so spend the rest of my life with you. We've already got two kids and living together so if that doesn't prove where my heart is, then this should, so um...the point? Marry me?"

I watched him with a shocking smile on my face. I turned and noticed a few waiters and waitresses a few feet away watching in awe as the scene, waiting for my answer. They must have been in on this too. I turned back to Troy and smiled, pulling him up off the floor. "One condition…"


"Tell me how you got them to put the ring in my brownie."

He smiled. "Baked in it during dinner."

I held my hand out. "Where's my ring mister?"

He slid it on my finger and I noticed it matched the tennis bracelet I was wearing that Troy had bought me for out 2 year anniversary (ring and tennis bracelet in profile). I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I love you, but maybe I should do this the right way." I cleared my throat and then jumped into his arms squealing. "Yes, Troy. I'll marry you!"

He chuckled but pulled me closer, burying his face into my hair and even though I had spend a few handfuls of grease and almost half a bottle of hairspray fixing it up, I didn't care because I had a feeling it was going to get messed up by the end of the night anyway when we got back to the apartment. Because what's getting engaged without a healthy celebration between a future husband and wife. I hoped Troy was fully stocked. This was going to be a long night, emphasis on the o.

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