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Prologue ~ A Kingdom at Peace

King Hashim of Archenland was loved by his people. He and his Queen Arelia lived in the spectacular Palace of Anvard, the capital city of Archenland and they ruled their kingdom with great pride and dignity. They were very happy, however there was only one thing missing, they had no child to inherit the throne from them.

This became the cause of much concern among the courts of Archenland. Many people feared what would happen to the kingdom after the king and queen were gone, they were no longer young anymore. However, this problem was solved one joyous day when the queen discovered that she was with child. The whole kingdom celebrated the news and King Hashim was delighted.

Nine months later, the queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, the queen only had enough time to name her before she passed away. The king was at a loss, he was desperately heartbroken because he had lost his beloved wife, but he was also elated because now he had a beautiful daughter who he would be able to take care of and watch her grow up. The kingdom mourned the loss of their queen but the people were also jubilant at the news of their new princess, who had been named by her mother, Danika.

While the princess was still an infant, a terrible plot to overthrow the king was discovered. The evil sorcerer Jaromir was preparing to take Archenland for his own by means of dark magic which he had discovered and intended to use to kill the king and rule Archenland as a dictator using his newfound power to maintain control of the people.

Fortunately, the night before Jaromir was planning to attack, the king's most faithful soldiers found Jaromir and imprisoned him. Many people called for the sorcerer's death, but the king merely decided to banish him. The king and his soldiers took Jaromir to the southern borders of Archenland and released him, but the sorcerer wouldn't be dismissed so easily,

"I'm not nearly finished with you yet, Hashim," Jaromir spat, "someday I will get my powers back, and when I do, Archenland, along with everything else that you own, and everything that you love, will be mine." And with that, the sorcerer fled from the kingdom, never to be seen again. Many people feared that King Hashim was too kind and that it would be his downfall, but in time the threat was forgotten because the people of Archenland were now at peace once more.

Many years later, Archenland was still a joyful kingdom of luscious land and friendly people. The King was growing old now but he was sustained by his beloved daughter, Danika, who grew more beautiful each day. She had long wavy golden hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled when she smiled. Hashim was reminded so painfully of her mother, his beloved wife, when he looked at his daughter that he sometimes had to remind himself that his wife would not want him to mourn her forever and that she would be proud of him and their daughter.

Danika was a very lively child while she was growing up. She loved being active and running around and playing with the other young children of the court. She could be a bit of a tomboy sometimes but she also loved attending balls and grand parties and dressing up and looking nice. Danika was very intelligent but also very creative. She was a very well rounded girl and her father was very proud of her.

'She will make a fine wife someday' thought her father, but his heart constricted when he realised that this day would come sooner rather than later. The King was growing old and he wouldn't be around to protect his daughter forever. Danika would have to be married before he died, to someone who would be a suitable King of Archenland to rule alongside her. Hashim wanted nothing more than for his daughter to be happy and well provided for. The King then decided to make it his sole purpose to find his daughter a husband who would make a good king but more importantly treat his daughter well and make her happy.

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