Chapter 20

The next day, Luffy had to go to school with Usopp and Zoro had to go to the dojo.

"Ah! What a great morning this is turning out to be!" Luffy said, enjoying the bright sunshine.

"You seem happy this morning."


"Something going on that I don't know about?"

"Nah! Just really like the mornings."

"That makes at least one of us. I only like school because I get to see Kaya."

"How come you don't like school?"

"It's not like I don't like school, it's just that it's bor-" He stopped when he looked ahead.

"What's wrong?" Luffy asked as he looked up ahead as well, only to see a man in a nice dress suit, black hair, and a white pigeon.

"He's on one of the wanted dead or alive posters…" Usopp said as he started to tremble.

"Good morning, Monkey D. Luffy." The man said as he bowed. "I'm Rob Lucci, you may have heard of me?"

"Leader of a group of assassins. You and your group are wanted for murder on all kinds of accounts."

"So you have." Lucci said as he straightened.

"What is it that you want?" Luffy asked as Usopp was behind him.

"Just to say hello." He said as he walked away. "I hope we meet again."

"Sounds like a guarantee on your part."

"Indeed it does. I hope I didn't dampen your good morning too much." He said as he suddenly disappeared from sight.

"H-He's gone?" Usopp said as Luffy's happy mood was gone and seriousness took place.

After school he decided to walk to the dojo by himself, only to run across the man again.

"Hello again."

"What do you want with me?"

"Ow… Being suspicious of me when we just met."

Luffy just stared at the man before him.

Lucci sighed as he got up. "I'm not here to hurt you in anyway. I just want to talk is all."

"I was taught never to talk to strangers."

Lucci chuckled. "That's funny."


"Well, Luffy, seeing that you're not in the mood for a settle conversation, I'll get straight to the point." Lucci said as he stared at the young man. "I would like you to join our group."


"Why not? You have talent… you must have some people you want to get rid of… someone to protect maybe."

Luffy just stuck out his tongue. "You stupid? Of course I can fight! I can protect my nakama and anyone around me fine, and my nakama are not that helpless!"

Lucci sighed. "I see that I would have to break you to get to you."

"Break me? What the hell?" He said, but Lucci was already gone before he could get an answer. "What the hell was he talking about?"


He looked to see that Zoro was not far from him. "Hey Zoro!"

"School's out already?"


"Damn… time really does escape me when I'm teaching."

"That's good! Not many people have the opportunity like you did when you learned how to wield a real katana."

"That's true… Most of them are made to be collector items now…"

"Well! We're here, we better get home."

"Lead the way."

Luffy giggled as he grabbed the other's hand as he dragged him.


"You're just going to let him go?" Said one man to Lucci.

"It's not time just yet."

"Those two seem very close as it is." Said a female.

"I know… But timing means a lot. We will strike when he can't afford to lose everyone all at once."

"Some of them seem pretty tough." Said another man.

"Only when they're together." Lucci said as he looked at his group, who were hiding in the shadows. "We will need to pluck them out one by one in order to get him to submit to working with us."

"And what about Crocodile? He has his eyes on the kid as well."

"I know… But his reason is to use him for information. What I want is different."

"I just don't see why that kid is any importance to us."

"He will be a valuable part of our group. You'll see."

"Only if we get him you mean."

"Let's go. There's nothing for us here." Lucci said as he and his group disappeared, leaving small dust clouds from where they once stood.

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