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A young man of nineteen was walking towards the shrine gates, heading up the stairs. When he reached to the top step, he looked to see an abandoned shrine. He took out a piece of paper and saw the address. He looked up at the crescent moon to see that it was close to midnight.

"You showed, Demon Hunter…"

He slowly turned to see a man around his age and a group. "What? No more guys?"

"We're enough to take you down."

He sighed. "Big mistake…"

The group charged up to the lone man, only to be beaten moments later.

He 'hmphed' as he wiped the blood off onto his black pants. "Bunch of wannabe punks…" He said as he walked towards the step, only to stop when he had an unsettling feeling. He turned to see a glowing fox with nine tails. "The hell? A Kitsune?" His light green eyes widened. "Can't be… they're just myth…"

The glowing fox looked at him, at the unconscious bodies, then at the shrine statue. "So it was you…" It said.

"Huh? You can talk?"

The fox looked at the man. "You humans are so annoyingly loud… there are those who like to sleep after suffering the damage you worthless beings caused…"

"Oi, not my fault that humanity is screwing themselves. But I can say that these guys just asked for a fight of the place they choose, I just show up and do what they want."

"It matters not…" The fox then looked like it was on fire and grew to look like a human. "You woke me up in the middle of the night! Not only that! You destroyed a perfect statue of me! God damn it! And since you're the one that was making such a racket, as well as the only moron that was left standing, you're going to be punished!"

"Oi! What the hell are you going on about!?" He called out when a circle of fire appeared around him and seemed to paralyzed his body. "What the hell!?"

"You really caught me in such a bad mood…" The indescribable human form in flames said. "I just got back from a drink and wanted to catch some shut eye, instead you and these pathetic drones have to go and bust up my place?!"

He couldn't speak as flames engulfed him. At first he didn't feel the burn, but he felt the splitting headache and soon his chest was burning, but not from the said flames. He couldn't see what was going on, but he felt that his whole body was turning into something by the painful rearrangements. It wasn't long until the pain, head, and the strong pounding in his head made him black out, hearing his own screams as it died due to him blacking out.

'Now you listen carefully, stupid human, the only way to get out of the curse is to sacrifice yourself to the one most dear. Yeah it's really stupid, one because that hasn't been done in years if you don't count the suicides, and two, unfortunately for you, human, you don't look like the type to get comfy with anyone. Oh well, either way you're screwed 'till the end of your miserable, worthless, unimportant life. On the bright side, you won't be forced to fight in equally worthless fights. Well, see you in the spirit world! Oh, by the way, if you do care to find me, the name is Kyubi…'

He woke up sometime later, as the sun just started to peek over the tall trees surrounding the shrine. He tried to get up, only to find that there was something seriously wrong with him. When his vision cleared he looked around the area, which was pretty much the same except the gang wasn't there, and looked down to where his arms are supposed to be, only to see paws. "What the!?" He said, only to notice that his jaw was moving differently and the words ended up as barks. 'I'm a dog!?' He thought as he got up, tried to move only to fall.

After several attempts, he was able to get up, move, and found a pond to look at himself. He looked to see that he resembled a wolf, a domestic one at that, but he knew he was bigger than the average dog he'd ever seen. Not only that, he has green fur, the same color of his hair when it wasn't in a bandana. 'This is just terrific!' He thought as he growled. 'That damned kitsune is going to be fox stew when I get him!' He looked at himself again. 'To turn back into a human, I have to sacrifice myself to someone dear to me? That's a laugh! No one cared for me when I was a kid!' He growled and walked away, heading down the steps, passing the burnt pieces of his once clothes. 'The day I die for someone else and become human is the day I care.'

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Kyubi: Can I go now?

Yes, you may get the hell out of my place.

Kyubi: (mumbles) Crazy bitch...

Sanji: (power kicks the fox demon out of the door) You talk to a lady like that! You shitty fox!

(sigh) Well, hoped you enjoyed.