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Chapter 11

It has been a few months since Zoro started working as a bouncer for the restaurant. Which wasn't as nice as when he used to be a dog, but then people feared him either form. The only bright spot to it was that he was okay with kids as business fathers and mothers with more kids than she could hold to keep an eye on. He even once had to lecture a kid about respect and will be expected from the choices he makes now in the future.

In other words, the people that come to the restaurant respected the authority of the guard. In fact, they saw it as an addition to how safe and amazing the restaurant was.

Luffy, promising to keep P.D.A to an all time low at the work place for his bosses' and his brother's sakes, would come out, and quickly kissed the man's cheek as he bent down to serve the man's lunch.

Ace, for the life of him, was okay with Zoro as long as his hands were placed now lower than the waist line and the kissing was limited to on the cheeks and forehead. Any lip lock, even the most innocent, and he was going to get a shit load of bees to sting the man's head so that it won't be kissable.

Sanji, in the meantime, didn't really care what the two did as long as they weren't anywhere near the restaurant. For as far as he knows, he has his own problems with the swing of interest between the women he swoon and flirted with and the young artist and janitor who would stay at the restaurant even after hours and enjoyed their late night dinners.

Usopp, similar to Sanji's predicament, was wondering why the man would be so energetic and romantic with the women that walk in through the door, and then change to awkward and almost quiet when they were alone. The only time they were completely comfortable was the late night dinners where the chef was in his element and, he believed, his sanctuary from the awkward silences that seemed to grow lately.

One cold wintery day on New Year's Eve, the restaurant was closed for a personal party by the staff and workers.

Sanji, his father, and the cooking staff created a feast that could match up to Luffy's stomach plus their own.

Zoro and Luffy were walking towards the restaurant when Luffy wanted to take a detour to the park to play snowball fights. Zoro wasn't really in the mood to be cold and wet, but when that first snow ball hit him at the back of the head, a cheap shot in his opinion, it was war.

By the time they finally got up to the restaurant, they saw Sanji, smoking.

"Oi! Sanji!" Luffy said happily as he ran up.

"Yo Luffy." Sanji said with a casual grin. "You two sure took your time."

"Yep! Zoro and I were having a snow ball fight!"

"You started it." Zoro said, his face red from the cold.

"Why are you out here?" Luffy asked.

"Smoking, didn't want to bother anyone in there."

"Oh…" Luffy said, finding highly unusual and looked at Zoro, which said, 'talk to him please'.

Zoro, for the life of him, could not understand how he could understand how he could read the guy's mind as Luffy excused himself to the restaurant.

"Aren't you going in?" Sanji asked.

"Something is on your mind." Zoro said.

"What the hell?"

"You wouldn't care if you smoked inside, outside, or even around women and cooking. What gives you the reason to smoke outside to not bother anyone?"

"New Year's Revolution."

"That's bullshit and you know it."

"You mean you don't have one?"

"I don't believe in that kind of crap that not many people follow anyway." Zoro looked up at the cloudy sky as snow was still falling. "Look, whatever it is, I'm the least likely person to tell anyone else. I may not like you, but I don't stoop so low to let my tongue run."

"I don't even want to know what your tongue can do, you sick pervert."

"It's an expression you dumbass!"


Zoro watched the man from the corner of his eye. "Now I know you have something on your mind."

Sanji didn't comment.

"Whatever it is, just don't screw it up for yourself that you'll regret it."

"… You and me both…"

Inside, Luffy found Usopp and they were planning on an eating competition, but Zeff made it clear that it will not happen.

"Luffy…" Usopp said as he mentions the other to the now empty kitchen.

"What's up Usopp?"

Usopp looked at the sink that he and Sanji would sometimes clean dishes together, as he thought of what to say.

"Luffy… When you're with Zoro, how do you feel?"

"How I feel?" Luffy said as he thought about it. "Well, the first time I've ever met Zoro, I liked him immediately because he was really cool and respected his role as a leader, even when he doesn't want to. But after getting to know him when he came back…" He smiled at the memory. "I started to like everything about him, even the small things. You know what!? I've learned that it's the small things that can be greater appreciated than any big thing!"

"Like what?"

"Well!" Luffy said happily, glad that he's able to brag about Zoro without having seeing his brother going to a brotherly jealous rage. "Like when he takes a nap and snores really loudly, it just really funny. When I get a bad day, and he's napping like that, he makes me smile. And one time, I made something for him, but it was ruined before I could give it to him. I was really upset that I couldn't tell him. He must've sensed it, because he just looked at me and held my hand and smiled. He didn't ask why I was upset, he just knows I need comforting!"

"Sounds really nice."

"Everything he does just makes my day a little better every time, no matter what!" Luffy said when the gears in his head started to move and place some pieces together. "Why did you ask? You don't like Zoro too, do you?"

"No! No! No! It's nothing like that."

"Then what?"

Usopp sighed as he looked at the dirty pots that he and the chef would do later. "I like Sanji."


"I like… possibly love Sanji."


He nodded.

Luffy looked at his friend as he leaned up against the counter. "Can you tell me your small important moments?"

"Only fair, right?"

Luffy shrugged. "If you're comfortable. I told you mine because I'm not ashamed of loving Zoro, because I know he cares a lot about me as well and doesn't put me on the pedestal, so we can still have our lives and not be suffocated by each other."


"I know, he's awesome that way."

"Well… I sometimes stay after hours to help him clean the place up, because I'm a janitor here. I enjoyed the times when we could just talk about something really stupid and be able to have fun at the same time. Even the dishes and some of the late night dinners."

"Huh!? You got to have Sanji's late night dinners after hours!?"


Luffy pouted. "Lucky…"

"Oi… Anyway, that changed all of a sudden."


Usopp nodded. "Now we're talking less and less, and the atmosphere is just… awkward."

"He probably likes you too."

"Don't say something that stupid in such a tone!"

"I'm serious. Maybe he's feeling what you're feeling."

"And if you're wrong?"

"I'm hardly ever wrong."

"Luffy, you got an 'F' in that one algebra test."

"Relationships are math equations." Luffy countered with a pout.

Sometime later, everyone was in the restaurant, having a blast with singing, dancing, eating, and drinking.

By the time the countdown was getting closer, Zoro lightly shoved Sanji towards Usopp's direction. Seeing the other glare at him as he mentioned to go to Usopp. This just gave the other to look at him in shock and mouth out 'are you crazy'. He stood firm with his gaze as the chef looked away and took a deep breath as everyone started the countdown.


Sanji moves through the crowds, keeping the long-nose in his sight.


Usopp was unaware as he joined in the countdown.


Luffy found Zoro, chicken leg in his mouth like a dog.


Zoro grinned as he pulled the leg out of the other's mouth and helped himself.


Luffy pouted as the man finished the chicken leg he was eating.


Sanji was just behind the long-nose teen.


Usopp sensed someone behind him and looked behind to see the blonde.


Luffy was trying to argue when Zoro pointed out to the two, and he watched in anticipation.


"Sanji?" Usopp said as the chef closed the distance.

"Usopp…" Sanji said and he closed in.


"I love you." Sanji whispered as his lips were over the other's.

"Happy New Year!"

Luffy and Zoro shared their kiss while Usopp got over his shock and kissed back.

'Luffy, you jerk.' Usopp thought as he felt the other holding him close.

"We did pretty good, huh?" Luffy said as he watched the two with the one he loves.

"It wasn't that hard."

"But how did you know that Sanji liked Usopp?"

"That Baka Cook would stare at his ass every time he has to mop the floors."

Luffy laughed as he held onto the man. "You're a good observant dog Zoro!"


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