Author's Note: Okay, if this pisses anyone off (it probably will) I apologize. It's been awhile since I've seen this anime, so I don't remember all the details, but still insist on writing this and saving my very limited YouTube/Veoh time for watching Higurashi episodes and replaying the Tyki AMV for "Skullcrusher Mountain" about twenty times… It's such a fun song, though… Anyhoo, be prepared for stupidity. Thank you for reading this if you actually read it. If you didn't read it, why the hell did I write it? Shutting up now…

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Warnings: Like I said, be prepared for stupidity. OOC-ness, sexual references, the miracle that is yuri, mild language, BS-ed epic battle scenes, and the possibility that I'll never actually finish this (I'd like to finish it, though, and fully intend to).

Ten years ago, there were three days known as the Days of Burning Snow. It was a mystery known only to a select few why they were called the Days of Burning Snow, as it did not snow and no one was actually burned. During these days, many died of unspecified causes, but obviously not from scalding or freezing. The world was nearly destroyed, but for reasons incomprehensible to mere mortals, it wasn't.

Amid the chaos of the days that neither snowed nor burned, a little girl randomly appeared in the middle of a field in Japan. No one thought it was important enough to question who her parents were, or why she had no memories of the first six years of her life, or how she came by a name, if she had neither parents nor memories, or if she had actually appeared in this field at all instead of just wandering there away from her parents, who did in fact exist. Not even the girl herself considered these questions as she grew up in Academia, a city composed entirely of high school students and their teachers, who were off-screen more often or not. This girl, named Kuu Shiatori, once had a somehow troubling thought, although she quickly dismissed it as nonsense and forgot it:

"Maybe we should work on coming up with a better backstory…"

A/N: I'll write more next time… And it will be better!