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"I'm off to the store!" Setsuna called. "Even though I just went yesterday! Because somebody used all the glue and all the construction paper! Anyway, try not to get yourselves killed while I'm gone! I might be held responsible! Stay out of the kitchen! Don't run with scissors! Don't… oh, whatever, why am I bothering?"

But she didn't make her exit quickly enough.

"Setsuna-san, can I go to the store with you?" Kuu was suddenly by Setsuna's side.

"Let's go together!" Kyoshiro appeared behind Kuu.

"Fine…" Setsuna sighed.

Meanwhile, at Witch Academy, the majority of the yuri fangirls were watching a heated dispute.

"I don't want to," Kaon said.

"But think of the yuri!" Mika placed her hand on Kaon's shoulder.

"For the love of God, it's hardly even yuri! I swear, if I have to watch the Elfen Lied OVA one more time, I'm going to scream. The main series is so much better.

Behind a crowd of random background characters, Himiko smiled and nodded.

"Fine," Mika sighed. "Then how about kidnapping the main character and advancing the plot?"

"Never again. She is the most obnoxious girl I have ever met."

"More obnoxious than Himiko?"

"Hey!" Himiko shouted. Everyone but Kaon ignored her.

"Himiko isn't obnoxious. She's cute. Kuu Shiatori is obnoxious."

"Fine," Mika sighed. "Want something to eat?"

"Not really hungry, maybe if it were Himiko…"

Gasps went up around the room. Murakumo had rejected Mika-sama! Someone had rejected Mika-sama!

"You!" Mika screamed. "You have become too independent! I will make you mine again, and only mine! Someone ready the Plot Device!"

Kaon sighed and decided once again to be the villain for the greater good.

Academia was still a city consisting entirely of high schools, so the "store" was actually Market Academy. At Market Academy, the curriculum was designed to promote honesty and integrity in business. Yeah, right… A "shocking" number of Market Academy graduates would go on to become corrupt CEO's and orchestrators of Ponzi schemes, but for now…

"Five dollars for a packet of construction paper?! This is outrageous!" Setsuna proclaimed. "Kuu, I hope you had fun making that card, because that's the last construction paper you're using for a while."

But Kuu was paying no attention. She had found a pretty brooch in the shape of a white horse.

"Pretty horse…" she muttered.

Kyoshiro stood behind her. "Pretty… Want it?"

"YES, AYANOKOJI-SAN!!!!" Kuu shrieked.

"Let's not get carried away," Sestuna said, hands over ears. "If we buy that little trinket, we won't have money to eat for a week!"

"But Setsuna-san…" Kuu whimpered. Kyoshiro joined her in making a sad face.

"Fine, you idiots, but you're the ones who aren't eating next week," Setsuna huffed.

"Kaon-chan, you forgot your earring!" Himiko called. "Without it, you look just like a certain miko! Come on, weren't we trying to get away from all the yuri fangirls?"

Kaon snatched the earring away and whispered, "Hey, Himiko, I'm trying to pretend to be brainwashed. If you could pretend to be upset over my cruelty…"

"Oh…" Himiko nodded, then ran away with tears fogging her glasses.