Surviving the Aftermath

Summary: Physically and emotionally scarred from a harrowing ordeal, six Wildcats face their greatest hurdle yet. Together, they try to move on. But how do you forget when your internal and external wounds may never heal? See trailer.

Pairings: Chaylor and Troyella. Mentions of Zekepay. Ryan will also feature but with no pairing.

Disclaimer: I think you can guess; if you know it, I don't own it.

Warnings: Dark emotions. Possible character death(s). Rated T for some language and injuries. Probable spelling and grammar mistakes due to my lack of beta.

And, just so you know; if you're expecting excitement and suspense like the last one then you should probably look elsewhere. There'll be some action moments but this story is mainly aimed at delving into the emotions of the characters and seeing how (or if) they deal with their impairments. Basically, it might get boring for those seeking thrill. I want to write more about their relationships in this one so… Anyway! On with the show…


After a terrifying experience…

Blue and red flashing lights of police cars and ambulances illuminate the stony exterior walls of a hospital building.

Inside, Gabriella, Chad, Ryan, Taylor, Sharpay and Troy lie on individual beds completely still.

As the camera pans over the unconscious friends, various images quickly flash past; a bloody bear trap, a fraying rope, an unwelcomingly dark pit, a clouded river and finally, the blazing remains of a cabin.

six friends must learn how to live again.

Ryan lies in bed. His eyes fall upon a wheelchair to his side. He miserably looks away.

Taylor rubs fiercely at her red, raw eyes. She sobs and gasps in pain but does not stop.

Chad frowns with confusion as he holds his bandaged head in his hands.

Troy adjusts the sling around his arm with discomfort.

Gabriella awakes suddenly, covered in sweat. She screams repeatedly with terror.

Sharpay winces while applying lotion to the badly scarred portion of her face.

With the strengthened bonds of their friendship, they attempt to rebuild their shattered lives.

With one side of her face wrapped in gauze and bandages, Sharpay sits cross-legged on the end of a blind-folded Taylor's hospital bed. She paints her friend's fingernails and weakly giggles with happiness.

From behind, Chad leans over Ryan who is sitting in a wheelchair. He grins mischievously. He says something and Ryan eagerly nods. Chad runs and pushes him down a relatively empty hallway.

Alone in a room, Gabriella playfully feeds Troy. She smiles broadly.

Troy: I told you things would get better.

But some things can never be fixed.

Laughing, Chad's smile suddenly sinks. His body tenses. His eyes roll back in his head. He collapses.

Troy stares at his unmoving right arm. Blood drips from his nose from the intense strain he is putting on himself to move it.

(Voice-Over) Doctor: The chances of him ever regaining mobility are slim.

And the dream of living happily ever after…

Gabriella pours a dangerous amount of pills into her hand. She eyes them with uncertainty before raising them to her mouth.

Sharpay sits in the dark on her bedroom floor, her back blocking the door. Her hands are over her ears to block out the sound of her brothers pleas for her reply.

Ryan: (From outside the door) Just let me know you're okay!

Can come crashing down with the devastation of reality.

With frustration and dismay, Taylor lashes out. She throws her arms out wildly, purposefully destroying everything she comes into contact with. Anguished, she sinks to the floor in a sobbing heap.

A doctor talks to Ryan while he looks at the cast on his leg with repulsion. He blinks tears out of his eyes and clenches his jaw.

Ryan: You want to… cut it off?

Surviving the forest was only the beginning.

A church is filled with solemn people who sit dressed in black for a funeral.

Surviving the aftermath…

Troy flings a basketball viciously to the floor.

Sharpay glances down at the broken shards of mirror in her hands.

Lying in the dark, Gabriella cries hysterically in bed.

Ryan yells in pain as he tries to stand on his broken leg.

Chad looks around worriedly from inside an MRI scanner.

Bloody tears stream down Taylor's face as she stares blankly into a bright light.

Is another story.

A/N: Took me a while to get this trailer done and I can't promise quick uplouds like the last one. Exams are looming and coursework calls and all that. But hopefully it'll all be good. I hope you enjoy it and I hope the trailer was enough to get you interested. I personally didn't like it but my opinion doesn't matter. Tell me your thoughts via review. I look forward to hearing from you.

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