Re written 18th August 2010. No manger changes- just correcting mistakes ect.
If you're re reading this for any reason, please note that there has been a couple of character changes. Nothing that'll change the storyline, just things to make the story a lot easier to understand.

Summary; When Edward left Bella in New Moon, Bella was involved in a car accident and 'died'. 100 years later a new coven moves to Forks, including 118 year old Lara Lee, who doesn't remember any of her human life. Can Edward help her to remember it?

Life is a weird thing. It's like a one way road. One second you know everything and you know where the road will take you. Then when you take a turning and forget it all. It's not until you realise that this new turning is a roundabout that hope comes around. You collide with hope and memories come back.

That's what life has been like for me. But hope is different.

Hope is Edward. Hope is love.

Life is a weird thing. It's like a one way road. One second you know everything and you know where the road will take you. Then when you take a turning and forget it all. It's not until you realise that this new turning is a roundabout that hope comes around. You collide with hope and memories come back.

x x x x

Chapter one. Welcome to Forks.

Another ten years have come and past and that means everything's new again.

New town and new home.
New school and new surroundings.
New ages and new friends.
Only one thing stays the same.

The lies.

It's been almost exactly one hundred years since this all started, the lies and changes that is, and we've gone through this 10 times, this is going to be my eleventh home since I was changed.

We've been through London, Alaska, Paris, Iceland, Greenland, Edinburgh, Conrad, Abakan, New Hampshire and Ireland. All places I was sure I would have loved to have visited if it weren't for the circumstances that we found ourselves there for.

Now we move to Forks, Washington. Population 3,192. A dreary little town stuck in the Olympic Peninsula. Apparently this is where Kaliya found me in the wrecked remains of a red Chevy truck on the verge of death.

All I know is that this is the town where I lived... and died and lived again and... well, whatever.

I don't remember much of my human life, not even my name. Just images, smells... the silliest of details that should have been forgotten. It seemed they had taken over the memories that should have stayed in my mind.

I remember a beautiful beach with the highest of cliff faces hanging over it. The water would lap against the cliff as the storms rolled in over head. There was, also, a breathtaking meadow. Full with flowers and pristine green grass. Perfect little features that filled the place with a beautiful aura.

Honestly, it made my non beating heart ache.

Other than that, my human life was a haze. I could remember nothing- how old was I? What was my name? Was I in love?
The thought of what my human life might have been like made me unconsciously shake my head.

But I can remember everything from my transformation perfectly. The pain was excruciatingly awful like your heart was being set on fire and, in turn, pumped the fire around your body. I wanted to scream, scream for help, and scream to die- to be killed.
Those two and a bit days had been the worst of my existence, I had truly wanted to die.

I remember waking up in a perfect white room. Unlike any white I had ever seen before- it was taking the word 'white' to a whole new lever. Everything was abnormally perfect- I could see the tiniest of dust particles floating in the air and all the colours of the rainbow... and one more colour I couldn't possibly name.

The room was almost completely empty apart from the small sky blue basin in the corner and the hospital like bed in the centre that I was lying on. If I hadn't have known any better I might have presumed I was in a hospital- that I physically had been set on fire but I was saved. It was possible, wasn't it?

Since when did they keep full length body mirrors in hospitals?

Everything was so much clearer and the sounds where intensified. I could hear someone breathing from below me bit I ignored it once I saw the reflection from the mirror. I took small steps forward. What I saw was inhumanly beautiful.

The girl looking back at me was averaged height around 5 foot 6. She had perfected curves that were beautiful and in all the right places. The hair was hip length and a beautiful shade of mahogany that bounced around in loose curls and was as shiny as hair could possibly be. Her skin was pale white- so white she could have easily blended in with the walls. Perhaps she'd even look light upon them... The only fault that anyone could pick up- or anyone with the eyesight she had newly acquired, was a small problem in the sizing of the lips. Then I looked towards the eyes. My blood red eyes.

At first the colour of them was a shock, they were so... bright. Somehow, however, I found myself expecting it. Somehow it was like I knew everything about what has happened. I just couldn't explain it.

I must have spent around a minute admiring my reflection and my new found talent with my eyes when I heard light footsteps approaching from below me. I surprised myself by letting out a small but fierce growl and I turned toward the door at a speed I didn't know possible.
Hmm, this is different. I'm fast and I can see like I've never seen before.

A beautiful lady around six or seven years older than me was standing in the doorway. She was as pale as me with hair around 100th of a centimetre shorter than my own. It was bleach blond with unnatural blue streaks. Our main difference was our eye colour; hers was a beautiful shade of butterscotch gold.

She examined me from tip to toe, almost as if I were some art sculpture in a gallery. I felt like it- I hadn't moved even the slightest bit since she had first walked into the room.

"Wow..." She exclaimed quietly. I didn't reply. "You came out..." she started and hesitated, "perfectly..." What was she on about? She didn't stop there either, "and your transformation was so quick," she sounded stunned and confused. If she was like that, I'd have hated to see the look on my own face at that particular moment.

We stared at each other in awe, not quite sure what to say. I wasn't uncomfortable with the silence but I could sense she was. She was the one to break it,

"Well, welcome." She smiled warmly, "I believe you don't have a name so..." She pondered, "Lara it shall be."

She explained herself to me. Her name was Kaliya and we shared something in common despite the pale skin and the strange talents of ours. She told me what I really was.

A vampire.

So, let me start again. My name is Lara Rose Lee. I'm eighteen years old in human form but I have existed for one hundred and eighteen years. I am part of the Traveller Coven. The third 'vegetarian' vampire coven that we know about. Our coven contains seven of our kind.

There Kaliya and Joseph, Lillian and Sam and then, of course, myself. The only one without a soul mate in my life, the only one without a lover.

Kaliya and Joseph are like the 'parents' of the family, I'm the older, responsible sister and the other two? Teenagers. Simple.

We all have our special talents that make us individual. I have the ability to block people out of my mind. To shield you could say. I also have exceptional speed, even for a vampire.

Kaliya has the ability to manipulate people's minds from their decisions to their emotions, their reactions to their thoughts. She can make someone jump off a cliff or make someone kiss her. Everyone but myself, obviously.

Joseph can control the earth's elements. Water, fire, earth and air.

Lillian and Sam, you could say, didn't have a such 'talent' from their direction. They could, however, read each other's minds. There was no reading anyone else's, just their own. I guess that's because they're all so in love and whatever.

So now we where off to Forks. My hometown. The town where I lived... and died. I was hoping that it would bring back memories.

What is my real name?
Did I have children? I mean I was eighteen... Maybe grandchildren? Great grandchildren?
Did I have a boyfriend? Lover? Husband?
Who really am I?

We were travelling in two rented cars. Kaliya, Joseph and I in the old silver Volvo. A perfectly capable car but, if possible, it made me feel empty when I sat in it. Lillian and Sam followed shortly behind us in the completely ostentatious shocking green convertible. I wasn't some kind of future seeing child, but it was easy enough to know that they would get decent attention from that.

We would be buying our own cars once we arrived and got settled in though- thank god.

We were off to our new house first though. A large house settled just outside the town alongside the river that separated us from the Quileute Lands- home to the 'shape shifters' and Vampire's one enemy- the werewolves. It has, originally, been trouble to move to the area because of this but, after some discussion, Joseph managed to uphold some form of 'Treaty' with the elders of the land.

Their first rule was to never drink human blood. Easy enough... we're (please, cue the inward laughter) vegetarians.

Second, their land was off limits to us all and we must not let on about their existence to the all famous Volturi. Fair enough, I wouldn't want to encounter them.

Third, we may not turn any human. Ever. Something none of us are all too pleased about, we would never turn helpless humans that had a second chance but there're those people that we come to love. People we find with talents that have no second chance and are dying. Just something we have to just put up with. Some rules you just have to follow.

I snorted- Rules were made to be broken.

"Lara, you okay?" Kaliya turned around to face me. I was staring aimlessly out of my window, lost in my thoughts. I turned to face her slowly.

"I'm fine, just a little tense that's all. Nerves." I'm glad I didn't really need to lie. Humans believe my lies but other vampires can see that I'm lying just too easily. I'm presuming that that's just a trait from my human life. Although, I really am just presuming.

But I really would like to know what my human life was like and I really hope this move is the key to the cabinet where all my answers lie.

So here we are in Forks. In the town that is under the permanent cover of rain and clouds. Miserable it is but it's safe for us to be here. It's a top spot destination for vampires. I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't the only coven in town. I wouldn't be overly happy if we're in company of another family. It would be complicated, just us would be easier.

Our journey was quiet with only the occasional word or two dropped in. Kaliya and Joseph sat hand in hand all the way here. I was jealous, I had to admit. Why couldn't I have love like theirs?

Because you're not worthy of love. For all you know, you could have been a mass murderer before you changed.

We arrived to see the most exquisite house I had seen since the old castle house in London. It was made out of a lot of glass, very spacey... Somewhere that seemed to scream at us that we didn't have to hide here. I could see each of the three floors and what seemed to be a large attic type room at the top.
Reminder to self; take dibs on the attic room.

When it comes to bedrooms I usually get first dibs. This time was no exception. Of course I would never sleep in it. But it was still my room.

"Great taste of room Lara, had to have the biggest of them all didn't you?" Lillian exclaimed.

"Obviously." I chuckled lightly.

"It has great potential." Lillian smiled.

"Of course, renovating, decorating and refurbishing... How could we forget?" Sam whispered. Everyone replied with a low, soft chuckle. The whole family often found their selves excited about the decorating when it came to new homes. There was no limit to what we could do.

One everyone had chose their rooms it was all down to the shopping. Kaliya handed out the credit cards, the passports, the birth certificates... everything to start the lie all over again. Not much of a change there.

I wonder how much money there is on the cards?

As if he could hear my thoughts Sam asked, "Balance?"

Of course we weren't expecting too much. We have a lot of money though, millionaires. Honestly? We could have been billionaires as far as I would have known.

Money just saves up when you've been living for around 500 years in Kaliya's case.

"A lot... too much" Joseph said. Of course Kaliya would have told him and we wouldn't agree. He was all for not standing out. Impossible when you've got beauty like ours. "Enough to kit you out for your new rooms and, obviously, some kind of wardrobe. Just don't go flashing it around."

"Thanks mom!" I exchanged a happy smile with Kaliya and Joseph as I followed behind Lillian and Sam. It seemed like we were off to go shopping. Not my favourite hobby by far but sometimes, it seemed inevitable.

"It's okay hunny," Kaliya started. I never called her mom, I bet she was gobsmacked in her own way. Not outwardly, of course, otherwise I would have noted the chin that would have inevitably hit the floor at some point. The shock laced her eyes though.

I only ever called her that when I was really happy about something. And man was I! "Be safe!" She screamed at me as I swiftly left the room cutting her off mid sentence.

Why, this could be interesting couldn't it just?