authors note!
okay, thank you guys for telling me that you'd love to see a sequel! i think i have some idea's in mind for one and hopefully i'll have the first chapter up some when in the near future. it's not a priority of mine to write it now but some when guys, i promise.

if you're still interested in reading a new fanfiction right now i have started writing a new one.

it's called 'The tag says 'Bella'' and is, first and forward, nothing like what i've attempted before. it's full of dark themes, abuse, rape ect. but with all our favourite characters and a sure love to blossom in the end.

please, please go check it out. i'd feel ever so loved if you guys went over and reviewed. i haven't had many reviews yet, so everyone counts and would make me feel so happy. (: it's a whole new line of fanfiction for me so every review will encourage me to carry on and the faster i get into fanfiction-ing again, the faster i'll start a sequel for this!

so, please head over to

^ obviouisly, remove the (dots) and replace them with actual ' . 's instead!

please go and check it out and thank you so much! - holly.