Title: Whiskey Lullaby

Chapter: 2 of 2

Pairing: Some L/V

Rating: R

Warnings: Strong Language and character death

Spoilers: Different events from the whole series are mentioned.

Summary: Futurefic based on the song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss.



Veronica awoke at 4:30 in the morning by a pounding on her door. She staggered to the door grabbing

her taser on the way, even though she was pretty sure most bad guys didn't just come knock on the

door. But who knows they were in Neptune after all. She looked through the peephole and saw a very

upset looking Dick Casablancas. 'Oh my God this can't be good' she thought. Dick hadn't talked to her

at all since she and Logan split up a year ago. Not that he'd really liked her all that much when she and

Logan had been together.

"Dick, what's going on?" she asked when she opened her door.

"Veronica, I think we should sit down before I tell you this," Dick said with a sincerity in his voice that

she never knew existed.

"Okay," she said growing more worried by the second. She stepped aside to allow him into her home.

Dick took a seat on her couch and she sat beside him awaiting his explanation for his visit. "Veronica,

they found Logan's body last night, well more specifically I found his body."

Veronica went from curious and confused to just hysterical, "What do you mean found his body?!!?"

"Ronnie, Logan's dead. He killed himself," Dick said, his voice was heavy with emotion. He had

pushed Cassidy into his suicide and hadn't been able to prevent Logan's.

"No Dick you can't be serious. Logan would never do that," Veronica cried.

Dick stared at the woman sitting beside him and suddenly he looked at her in a completely different

way. She wasn't the strong Veronica that she had been after Lily had been murdered. The Veronica that

never showed a single emotion. But she wasn't the other Veronica from before Lily's murder either. He

wasn't sure what to do so he did what he figured Logan would of done. He wrapped his arms around

her and held her while she cried. "I'm sorry Veronica but I saw him with my own two eyes and he left a


"What did his note say?" Veronica was almost afraid to ask.

Dick hesitated before speaking, "He loved you right up until the second he died and he asked me to

look out for you."

If it was at all possible Veronica cried harder. "It's all my fucking fault. I should have went to him after

we broke up. I should have begged him to take me back. I thought it was for the best though. I didn't

want us to end up in a relationship like he and Lily had. If only I had gone to him."

Dick pulled away and looked at her, "You know what Veronica you're right it is your fault. I mean you

and Logan got past so much bullshit and you go out fuck someone else."

Veronica's hurt turned into anger, "Fuck you Dick. You don't know shit about mine and Logan's

relationship. Now get the fuck out of my house!"

"Fuck you Veronica, I know Logan loved you more than he loved his own god damned self. That's why

we have to fuckin bury another friend. He was all I had left Veronica," Dick said before slamming

Veronica's door behind him. Veronica grabbed a bottle of Vodka she had and sat down on the couch and

began drinking it.


Veronica was twelve years old when she developed her first crush. His name was Logan Echolls. He

was an old friend of her friends Duncan and Lily Kane. He stood on the soccer field one afternoon

when she had finished her practice. She ran over to Lily who was standing beside him. She saw

Logan's eyes look her up and down and she wished Lily would have picked a better time to introduce

them instead of when Veronica was in her soccer shorts and knee socks and had her hair in two sloppy

pigtails. When Logan gave an appreciative smirk though she felt butterflies in her stomach. Two weeks

later Lily had announced she would have Logan as her boyfriend and Veronica buried her feelings and

ended up falling for Duncan.

****End Flashback****

Veronica took another swig from the bottle wishing she would have made a move on Logan when she

had the chance. Maybe they wouldn't have ended up so fucked up and he would still be here.


"Truth or dare Logan?" Lily asked as the fab four sat in the limo on the way to Homecoming.

"Truth," Logan said.

"What did you think of Veronica the first time you met her?" Lily asked with a devious smirk.

"I thought she was hot," Logan said smiling as Veronica laughed and blushed.

"I was twelve," she said trying to sound offended.

"Yeah like you weren't working it in your shorts and knee socks," Logan laughed.

"That was my soccer uniform!"

"Whatever! It totally worked," Logan yelled as the whole limo laughed.

Later that night Logan and Lily broke up yet again. Veronica found him drowning his sorrows in a fifth

a Vodka on the main staircase of the school. She had comforted him as he told her how he had seen

Lily kissing someone else. That was also the first night since Lily had staked her claim that Veronica

allowed herself to feel anything more than friendship for Logan. She gave him a quick kiss and pulled

away prepared to bolt but Logan pulled her back and kissed her deeply. When they finally broke apart

Veronica ran. Lily had announced the next day that she and Logan were back together.

****End Flashback****

Veronica had thought about that night a lot after Lily was gone, but she had never allowed herself to

remember the first time she and Logan had kissed. She had always blocked it out and just counted the

Camelot as their first kiss. 'Yet another time I could have changed the way things ended up' she thought

to herself as she finished off the bottle.

She didn't move to grab another bottle instead she cried herself to sleep only to have more thoughts of


She awoke later that day at two in the afternoon to her cell phone ringing. Looking at the screen she

saw Wallace's name.

"Hello," she answered the phone.

"Hey Veronica. I heard about Logan. I'm really sorry. I know what he meant to you," Wallace said.

"Yeah well if he really meant anything to me I wouldn't have cheated on him and caused this,"

Veronica said her voice broke as tears fell from her eyes.

"This isn't your fault," Wallace told her.

"Oh really because I think Dick would disagree with you on that one," Veronica said.

"He's hurt V. You can't think he means everything he says," Wallace tried to reassure his friend making

a mental note to have a few words with Dick Casablancas later.

"I'm hurt too Wallace. I loved Logan and now it's my fault we have to bury him," she cried.

"Veronica it isn't your fault. Logan had a lot of issues that he never fully dealt with and it caught up to

him," Wallace told her.

"I guess you're right but that still doesn't change the fact that he was a lot happier before I messed

things up," Veronica responded.

"Alright well I'll be flying in tomorrow. I'll call Mac for you and find out when his memorial will be,"

Wallace told her. He figured it would be better for him to talk to Mac instead of her husband who

incidentally was Dick Casablancas.

"Thanks Wallace. I appreciate it," Veronica said.

"No problem Veronica. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow," Veronica replied before hanging up her phone.

Veronica received several more phone calls before she finally couldn't take it anymore and shut her

phone off. All she wanted to do was get drunk and forget all about Logan Echolls. She grabbed a fifth

of Crown Royal and plopped down onto her couch. She had finished half the bottle before she began

thinking about Logan.


"You could be out here with some pretty boy just looking to get laid," Logan said as they were making out in the backseat of his X Terra.

"Wait are you saying you're not pretty?" Veronica asked smiling at him.

"I'm saying I'm in love with you," Logan said seriously.

Veronica wanted to say it back. She really did but instead she said, "The things guys will say to get

past second base."

She figured Logan would be pissed and would want her to just go into her apartment. Instead he

leaned over and kissed her as he laid her down in the seat. As their make out session got hotter the

roar of motorcycles interrupted them followed by a bullet going through Logan's back window. Logan

made sure his body had covered hers so she wouldn't be harmed. The next morning Logan had made

sure to call her and tell her he had meant what he said. He was in love with her, somehow she was still

unable to say it back.

****End Flashback****

---The day of Logan's funeral---

Wallace stood beside Veronica as they made their way into the church. Veronica hung back though

thinking of what Dick had said. This was also her first time at a funeral since Lily's. She hadn't went to

Cassidy's or even to Meg's she just hadn't felt right about it. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she saw

Trina sitting in the front row beside Dick and Mac. Veronica couldn't bring herself to go sit with them

she knew everyone felt like it was her fault that they were there today. She took her seat in the back and

Wallace sat down beside her. She could feel everyone's eyes on her especially Dick's. They all turned

their attention to the front of the church when the minister began the service.

"At this time if any of Logan's friends or family members would like to say anything you may come

up," the minister told them.

Naturally Trina stepped up there first, "Logan and I were never all that close growing up in fact at times

we were almost like perfect strangers. Over the past few years after our father's death Logan and I grew

closer though. We may not have had the best relationship, but I loved my little brother. I will never

forget him."

The next person that stepped up was Dick Casablancas, "Logan was my best friend. Actually he was

more like a brother to me. He let me move in with him. He helped me make it through college as well

as made me a better human being. I used to be a superficial surfer boy but Logan changed me. He had

been the same way until he fell in love." At that statement Dick looked back at Veronica. Dick

continued speaking, "I'll always think of Logan like a brother. He was and always will be the best

friend I ever had." Dick went back to his seat but before he sat down he saw Veronica rushing out of

the church.

Veronica refused to let the tears fall until she reached her car. She knew Wallace would be right behind

her but she figured if she ran fast enough she could get the hell out of there without him catching up to

her. Dick's words kept playing over and over again in her mind and she knew they were true, Logan

had been like Dick until they had got together and then he had changed little by little. He didn't decide

to blow off school and live off of Aaron's money. He graduated college and had a very successful career

of his own. He even wrote under a different name because he refused to use the Echolls name to further

his career. Veronica couldn't help but blame herself for this situation. She never thought she would be

capable of cheating especially not on Logan. She loved him with all her heart and she still couldn't

figure out what the hell had made her cheat on him. She could say it was because she was drunk and

lonely but she knew that wasn't really the reason. Those were just excuses she had told herself to try

and make herself feel better. It never worked but it didn't stop her from trying. She knew almost

everyone in the church and she also knew that more than half of them blamed her for Logan's suicide,

hell she couldn't blame them for feeling she was responsible she felt the same way. Veronica stopped at

a liquor store on her way back to her house and bought herself some whiskey. When she got home she

unplugged her house phone and shut off her cell. She didn't want anyone to bother her. She went to her

bedroom and picked up a photo of herself and Logan the night they had gotten engaged. They both

looked so happy in the picture and now here they were a year and a half later and Logan was gone and

it was all her fault. She finished the three pints of whiskey that she had bought herself and pulled out

the gun that she kept in her nightstand beside her bed. She clutched the picture of her and Logan in one

hand and held the gun to her temple in the other. Her only thoughts as she pulled the trigger was that

soon she would be with Logan and Lily, at least she hoped she would. Wallace found her the next

morning still clutching Logan's photo. Veronica's spirit looked down on her friend as he found her

body and she felt extremely guilty for doing that to him and to her dad. She felt a hand on her shoulder

and when she turned she saw Logan standing there with Lily beside him. After Veronica hugged Lily

she looked at Logan and hesitated before speaking, "I'm so sorry for everything. I love you so much

and I couldn't imagine my life without you. I had to be with you."

"I love you too Veronica I always have. Now we can be together forever."


A/N: I know this is a really dark fic but when I wrote it I was in a dark place myself also I know a lot

of characters differ from the show but review and let me know what you thought, please.