~~~~~~~~~(Two years later. Come on we have to let Bella Graduate 1st)~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was wearing a black a silver sleeveless wedding dress and Bella, tell you the truth I had no clue what she was wearing. I haven't seen her in two days. Even though it's was minutes to us Vampires it felt like centuries to me. We choose to hold the wedding in Italy so that the assholes who run the vampire nation could come.

Emmett, Esme and Jasper were my bridesmaids and best men. Alice, Angela, and Jessica was Bella's. I lost Alice in a rock paper scissors match.. As I waited for my bride I stood as still as a statue only blinking and breathing to fool the humans.

The lights became dim as the song I waited to hear started to play. I looked down the isle and watched the double doors swing open to see Bella wearing a bright red wedding dress with silver borders going around her sleeves and a necklace of the lion that we held dear to us. Why a Lion I have no clue. Charlie was escorting her down and I could hear her mother cry as she watched her daughter.

Charlie looked at me then at her and smile giving her the biggest huge before he returned to his seat.

"I know that both of you written vows," Aro said smiling.

"I'll go first. Bells, Bella, Isabella…all my life has been filled with disappointment and painful memories but standing here with you takes them all away. I love you and always had and all ways will. You're my life and I'm never ever going to let you go even if it kills me in the end. I just want you to know that I love you and if you ever think no one does I will always love you," I said smiling deeply.

"I guess it's my turn," Bella said getting nervous. "Rosalie Hale, today I'll be taking on your last name and for the rest of our existence I'll be in your arms. You taught me how to love and how to stand strong. Without you I might of died…unhappy. But with you my heart my fire and my strength I'll be able to do anything with you by my side. Hell I'll even die for you. All I'm trying to say is I love you Rose, I love you."

I smile as she finished. She was mine forever more she was mine. After we said or I do's we left that night in pure bliss to Esme's island.

"Mrs. Hale," I said smiling as I got out of the shower.

"Yes, Mrs. Hale," Bella said appearing in front of me. I dropped my towel and lifted her into the air. "Let's start the honeymoon off right, shall we?"

"We shall."

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