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:The Wedding:

The day Abby had been waiting for arrived, finally. She would be Gibbs, his forever. There was only one small problem, Ziva. She wasn't here, her maid of honor wasn't here. No on knew where she was, she had just disappeared. She said her good-byes and headed on a plane to Tel-Aviv. Had she ended up there? No, she had gotton of the plane and disappeared. It hurt Abby, there was no reason or explainaton. Somewhere deep in her heart she knew that Ziva was hurt and needed someone, anyone. That was a lie not anyone, Tony, and she knew it, Gibbs knew it.

Abby peeked out of the tent again looking for Ziva. She wasn't anywhere in sight, why? There was something hinky going on since she made that phone call the day Gibbs proposed. She knew it wasn't about them but it was the way she looked at Tony, then she left without an explaination. Packed up, took one last look and Tony with a sad sparkle on her eyes then left. Abby felt a hand on her shoulder, it sqezzed lightly telling her to turn.

"I'm sure she wanted to be here but...she is just dealing with something." Ducky said in almost a whisper. Abby looked over at Kate who held a flower basket in her hands, she was filled with joy. Kate didn't understand what was really going neither did Mark.

"I know...thanks for giving me away..." Abby said changing the subject. There was so much joy on this day Abby wasn't going to let one stupid thing ruin. She guessed it was more then one, her parents weren't here, Ziva wasn't here. She was having Ducky give her away, the father of her family, her NCIS family. Now she could have a family of her own, with Gibbs. The love of her life, the one of her life.

"My pleasure Abigail." Ducky said hugging her.

"I still wish she was here." she whispered into his ear.

"I know..." he whispered back. Kate stood up and hugged Abby around her leg. Abby smiled and picked her up, her beautiful children made everything worth living for, let's not forget Gibbs also. Some part of her was glad that Ziva was not here and was trying to take care of her problems. Another part knew she couldn't take it and was just running away from her problems, that was something Ziva never did. The wedding march started up making Abby come back to her thoughts.

"Showtime..." Abby whispered holding out her arm for Ducky to connect with. He put his arm though Abby's and led her out of the tent. Kate followed behind ready to toss the flower petals. The sun blinded Abby's eyes at first but she slowly could see everyone. Her eyes went straight to were Ziva was supposed to be standing but then went to were Gibbs was. His smile, his beautiful smile lite up brighter then the sun. He was hers now.

She could see Sarah standing in Ziva's spot looking over at Tony. Love and content shone in her eyes but when Abby looked at Tony standing behind Gibbs she could see the sparkle of disappointment. He missed Ziva, more then he could ever admit. It shone in his eyes she just hoped Sarah could not see it. Abby saw McGee standing behind Tony a smile on his face. He'd finally become okay with the situation and got Ruby to move up here with him.

They finally made it to Gibbs and Ducky place her hands into his. Ducky moved to stand behind Gibbs as his best man and Gibbs smiled brighter. Abby smiled back big and beautiful. She was beautiful like a starry night, dressed in white. Abby wasn't listening to the sermon she just stared into the eyes of the man she loved, nothing else mattered, ever.

"I do." Gibbs said squezzing her hands. This was it her time, she waited until the sermon finished.

"I do." Abby said smiling bigger.

"You may now kiss the bride." The sermon said closing his book. Gibbs leaned in with Abby and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"Ewww..." Mark said looking up. They heard the crowd giggle then start to clap. Abby lifted up Mark and Gibbs lifter up Kate. The walked down the aisle and disappeared into the tent

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