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Chapter 10

When I woke up I was lying in my bed, with Edward lying next to me, still stroking my hair.

"Good morning, Bella." He smiled and kissed my hand.

I rubbed my eyes, before smiling at him. "Morning."

"How are you feeling?" He asked as I sat up.

"A little fatigued actually," I yawned, "What time is it?"

"It's about 11.30," Edward smiled, "and your fatigued because of the adrenaline rush you had while fighting with Jessica."

I sank under my duvet at his words and mumbled "I'm sorry"

"Bella, love, why are you sorry? I would have done it myself, if not for certain advantages on my part, or on Jessica's part as it may be. And the fact that she's a girl."

"What do you mean? What advantages does Jess have?" I asked emerging from my duvet.

"She's a witch, remember?" Edward laughed, "She confessed to Carlisle, well I say confessed, he sort of made her; he can be pretty scary when the situation demands it."

I had a hard time trying to picture Carlisle scary, it was near impossible.

"I have one more question, why did you go and look after her when I injured her?"

"Despite my dislike to her, I couldn't leave her; she's still human after all,"

"Barely," I mumbled

"Enough, and I couldn't Bella, if I'd left her I'd be no better than vampires like James,"

"I guess," I said climbing out of bed. I was in my pyjamas.

"Alice changed you," Edward answered before I had time to ask the question.

"Oh, okay. Well I'm going to have a shower, and then you're going to take me to yours."


Edward ran me to his, and I called a family meeting in the dining room. I looked around at all of the Cullen's. All faces were looking at me puzzled, including Edward's.

"Okay, so I've called this meeting, because we need to continue with wedding arrangements," I said smiling at Edward, who looked surprised but happy.

Alice took over from there, "Well so I've got the dress sorted, Rosalie's going to play music, Emmett is best man..."

I lost interest, trusting Alice would have everything arranged perfectly. I looked at Edward, who took my hand and ran me to the meadow. Our meadow, where it felt everything significant in our lives had happened.

"Can I ask you something?" Edward asked, then smiling added, "well something else"

"Sure." I said sitting on the lush green grass and picking a daisy.

"Not that I'm not thrilled, I am. But why did you decide to go through with the wedding, after that night on the piano... you said you couldn't cope right now..." he trailed off

"Well, believe it or not, it was Jacob and Emmett. Jacob said you were the one, and him finally admitting it made me realise it was meant to be. Emmett said things along similar lines, but I'm not going to embarrass him by telling you what he said." I said twirling the daisy between my thumb and forefinger, "Now it's my turn," I said looking at him, "Why were you at Jess' party?"

"Oh, well we'd all received and invite, but most of us didn't think it a good idea, in light of what had happened. But Alice will be Alice, she wanted to go to the party, even if it was Jessica's and she made us go with her."

"Oh," I said smiling. "I liked seeing you be all doctor, even if it was to Jess."

"What's the point of two biomed degrees if you never use them," he laughed, "also, I was trying to distract myself."

"What from?" I asked

"You," He said leaning close to me, "even though you were raving with anger, you looked really sexy Bella, and I wanted to ravish you there and then."

I laughed at him, and lent closer to him, kissing his soft lips, "I love you, Edward"

He lay me down gently on the grass before kissing me gently, "As I love you."

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