There is a secret test Hidden within the SAT. This test does not measure a students aptitude at reading, writing and arithmetic. It measures a student's innate ability to lie, cheat, fight, and kill. Those who score well are recruited into a secret paramilitary academy. Some call them seductresses. Some call them spies. Fools call them innocent. They call themselves D.E.B.S.

A picture of four girls suddenly dissipated into a man with a polite smile. "Good morning D.E.B.S." his polite voice said. "ATTENTION, D.E.B.S.!" The man screamed suddenly. Madison jumped up her gun pointed readily. Her eyes rolled when she realized what was going on. "Attention! Emergency Alert!" the voice continued to scream. "That means report right now! Right this second. You have no time to sleep ladies!" Madison powerfully stomped to a room to wake everyone up. "Go, go, go! And I mean now, Ladies!" The man persisted.

"Jonica." Madison said over the annoying man's voice. "Come on. Phipps is freaking out." Madison continued. When Jonica didn't budge Madison rolled her eyes. "Five minutes." she said almost closing the door. "And no boys allowed upstairs." She said before leaving.

"Out." Jonica said grumpily.

"What?" The boy asked laying next to her.

"Lets go! I want everybody up!" Phipps continued to yell. Madison walked to another room. "Kyla, five minutes."

"Have you seen my gun?" Kyla asked in desperation. For the third time that morning Madison rolled her eyes and closed the door. "What did I do with it?" Kyla asked herself.

The phone started to ring and Madison picked it up. "D.E.B.S. Madison her. SPENCER IT'S FOR YOU!" she shouted.

"Hello." Spencer said into the phone while she continued to get ready. "No. No! I'm not-I'm not talking about this anymore." she said annoyed.

"Get out." Jonica said pointing to the door while the boy in her bed looked up at her in confusion. "And take you clothes with you. I don't do laundry." she threw him his clothes while Phipps continued to yell. "Let's go! Let's go, let's go! Move it, move it, move it! I don't have all day, D.E.B.S. I do not have all day! Ten!"

"Aiden, seriously, it's not a good time." Spencer said as she hung up her phone.

"Nine. Eight." continued Phipps.

"When? When is a good time?" Aiden said through the cell phone.

"Stop calling." Spencer pleaded.

"SPENCER!" yelled Madison.

"Five. Four. Three."

"I'm coming!" Spencer shouted back.

"After all we've been through?" Aiden continued on Spencer's watch.

"Two. One."

"Goodbye, Aiden." She said rushing out the door.

While the four were in the car, the music blasting and the hood down Spencer gave everyone the news. "I broke up with Aiden."

"What?" Kyla asked.

"I broke up with Aiden!" Spencer shouted again.

"Oh, my God! Why?" Kyla asked.

"He was just so boring." Spencer explained.

"He's an ass." Madison said.

"Wi," Jonica said.



"I like him. I think he's sweet." Kyla replied.

"I'm just not in love." Spencer tried to explain more.


"I said, I want to be in love!" Spencer yelled as the music was turned off. Kyla looked at her like she was crazy.

"Why are you yelling?" she asked. Spencer only rolled her eyes and stepped out of the car. The three entered the restaurant Spencer getting greets from everyone.

"Hi, Spencer."

"Hi. Hey, Mr. P." she said as she sat next to him.

"Don't call me that." He said in his deep almost mysterious voice.

"Hey, Mr. P." Madison said.

"What's up Mr. P?"

"Bonjour, Mr. P." Jonica said as they all sat down. Soon a waitress came over to there tables to take there orders.

"Hey, can I get a farmer's daughter short stack and bacon, well done." Spencer asked sweetly as the waitress wrote it down. "Tofu scramble, peach smoothie, non-dairy." Madison said.

"Cheeseburger, extra pickles." Kyla put in.

"Coffee, black." Jonica said in her heavily accented voice.

"We have a special guest with us this morning, Ms. Petrie.

"Ms. Petrie?"

"Ms. Petrie."

"Ms. Petrie? She never comes down here!" they all said. Suddenly an old females figure appeared in front of them.

"Ladies." she said.

"Ms. Petrie, I just want to say what a pleasure it is to meet you." Madison began but Ms. Petrie stopped her.

"No time for pleasantries. Phipps, a matter of some urgency has come to my attention. Carmen Diamond is back in the states." the woman began.

"Oh, my God." Madison said.

"Oh, shit!" Jonica breathed."

"No way, I'm writing my thesis on her." Spencer said excitedly.

"I expect to be kept in the loop on this one. Let's show some hustle." Ms. Petrie said before clapping and disappearing.

"I can't believe she's back." Madison said blankly.

"Who's Carmen Diamond?" Kyla asked expectantly. Mr. Phipps began to explain. "Carmen Diamond," he started a screen popping up in front of them. "She's the last surviving member of the Reynolds crime syndicate. Her family did battle with the Schaffers…in a vicious blood feud that lasted a decade. After her father's death, she inherited the keys to his kingdom: Illegal arms-running, smuggling, gambling, and her specialty, diamond theft. She's protected by a loyal band of mercenaries, led by this man…Glen. It is believed Carmen Diamond was behind the plot to sink Australia in '99. Three attempts have been made to apprehend her. All failed. In she went underground…and has not been seen or heard from since." Mr. Phipps finished.

"Yikes." Kyla said.

"That's not even the bad part." Spencer informed her.

"What's the bad part?"

"No one has ever fought her…and lived to tell about it." Mr. Phipps said. The screen disappeared as the waitress came back with everyone's food.

"Peach smoothie, farmer's daughter, tofu scramble and cheeseburger. Coffee." and with that she left.

"So why do you think she's back in town?"

"Our Intel suggests she's in town to meet this woman. Ninotchka Kaprova. Ex-KGB, now freelance assassin. They're scheduled to meet tonight, hours. Find out what Carmen is up to. Strictly surveillance. Do not try to apprehend her yourselves. Madison, you're in charge. Spencer, you're second. And D.E.B.S., be careful." Mr. Phipps said before disappearing like Ms. Petrie had before.

"What does a reclusive criminal mastermind want with a Russian trained killer?" Spencer asked to no one in particular.