A shadow glided across the floor, seemingly unnoticed. Not that there would be anyone to notice it. The dark, gloomy place had been long since abandoned. Cackling to himself evilly, he scampered over to the lab. Under all the dirt and grime, he could easily see it had once been magnificent. Now it was all his own.

As he turned and rummaged through several dusty files, a faint light shown through the window, so that his sillouthette was visible. Anyone who could see well would be able to recognize him.

It was the evil scum Mandarin.

Finally he found what he wanted. Mandarin pulled out a file and blew on it, the cover on it reading "The Hyperforce Files". Opening it, Mandarin saw what he had wanted to see. He grinned evilly to himself and caressed the file under his arm. Everything was coming together perfectly. He just had to keep his scheme secret, or else Skeleton King might do something to stop him. Or he might try to take over. Either way, Mandarin's plan was brilliant.

Just before he left, Mandarin threw his head back to release an evil howl that turned into twisted laughter.

This was not over yet.

No, it was just the beginning.