After much time of thinking, Larissa and Dana realized that their place was not in Shuggazoom. Of course they felt at home there, but there was an urgency inside both of them that they didn't realize until they truly examined their hearts. And if anything was learned in their time spent with the Monkey Team, it's that you should always listen to your heart, no matter where it leads you. They both knew deep down that everything would turn into good. Wise choices led you that way.

Otto and Gibson worked together to build a better rocket for Larissa and Dana to travel in. It was large and full of weapon systems and made a good home and headquarters. Larissa and Dana felt like they wanted to travel around the galaxy and help any others who were in slavery or in bondage. They didn't want anyone else to go down the road they did. And both of them, though they didn't say it aloud, felt like Mandarin was still out there, somewhere, and that he would come back even more powerful.

There was no doubt in anyone's minds that Larissa, Dana, and the Monkey Team would again cross paths. But it was still a bittersweet goodbye. As soon as the two friends felt their mission was accomplished, they would return to their home. But that was a ways off.

As they shared their goodbyes and the Monkey Team watched the rocket shoot into the sky, they felt a feeling of peace surround them. Larissa and Dana were out to fulfill their destiny, to follow their heart. That itself was the greatest reward. No matter what they faced, Larissa and Dana had each other, they had the Monkey Team, and, most of all, they had the Power Primate dwelling within them.

Even though Larissa, Dana, and the Hyperforce were far in distance, they were close in heart.

But, most of all, through everything they had faced, Larissa and Dana had finally found a place to call home.