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Prologue (Epov)

This weekend, I have decided is the worst weekend I have ever had. I had wanted to go hang over at Emmett's place, I mean come on I'm only in 8th grade can't I have even a little fun? No evidently not.

My parents told me on Friday morning to come straight home after school; they said that they had something important to tell me. Believe me, I know that when your parents tell you they have big news that it usually isn't the kind you want to hear. And this time proved no different.

As soon as I opened the door to the living room, backpack slung over one shoulder and ready for the worst, I got the feeling that something very bad was about to happen. How right I was.

My mom motioned for me to take a seat on the couch opposite her and my father. I sat. They looked at each other apprehensively, I waited. And then my father finally turned to look at me, his mouth opening to say something that was most likely dreadful (not a very macho word I know, but seriously you know what? Give me a break.)

"Edward." Just my name, that's all it was, but it had so much layered over the top that I stopped breathing.

"Edward, son, we're moving."

Those words hit me stronger than anything anyone has ever told me. I was mortified, and absolutely angry at the same time. What right did they have to take me away from my friends? The people I cared about the most. What were they going to say when they found out? Emmett? He was like a brother, how I could even think about leaving him behind? Jasper? He was my best friend, the one I told everything to. And Bella? What about Bella? We'd known each other since we were old enough to talk, and now I was going to have to leave her behind? This was too much.

My parents must have seen the shock and fury on my face, because my mother tried her best to get me to see things their way.

"Honey" she said soothingly, "This is what's best for us; it's going to be great. Your father, he got a job as the top doctor at the Medical Institute of Northern Maine. Your friends will understand. They'll still keep in touch, everything will be fine."

But I didn't hear anything after she told me, whether by accident or not, that we were going to be moving to Maine. Maine. As in the other side of the country. And she thought they would keep in touch. Was she insane?

I couldn't handle anymore of what they had to say, not now, not ever. I stood up and walked to the stair case, never looking back. They could move, and they could take me with them. But that didn't mean that I was going to be happy about it.

Next year was the first year of high school. Freshman year and my friends were going to be going into it without me. After all the plans we had together, I wouldn't get to see them follow through.


Today I had to go tell them I was leaving. I would be leaving in two days. On Tuesday. Thank God it was still summer vacation; I couldn't have handled walking into class in a school that had already started.

I called Emmett and Bella first. There was something to be said about them being twins. Even though they looked and acted nothing alike. At lease I didn't have to make 3 calls. I told them to meet me at our place. A big willow tree in the Forks school yard that had branches drooping all the way to the ground that you could hide in.

I called Jasper next, let him know that we were meeting. He said he'd be there in 5, and knowing him, he would. Even though it took 10 minutes to get from his house to the school.

I was there before any of them, so I sat down, back to the trunk of the tree, and got as comfortable as I could, knowing I wouldn't be here very much longer. The rest of them showed up together in under 5 minutes, which must have been a new record.

Emmett, being the largest of all of us, at 6" 2', and weighing over 140 lbs. sat facing the trunk, to give the rest of us room. Jasper was tall and blonde and lean, and sat down on my right side easily. Like he knew that's where I wanted him. Bella was slight, only 5"2' and weighed less than 115lbs. She sat next to her brother, her eyes focused solely on me. Like she already knew what I had to say and was bracing herself for the impact.

With the contrast between her and her brother though, the seriousness didn't look as intimidating, she seemed so small, so fragile.

I cleared my throat uneasily and looked each of them in the eye. This was going to be the hardest thing I ever had to do, I was sure of it.

"Guys" I said, as steadily as I could manage, which wasn't saying much "I'm moving." At the end my voice seemed broken somehow, defeated.

Their cries of disbelief immediately assaulted my ears and I had to yell to be heard.

"Guys! I know, I know. I don't want to go, but I have to. I have to. I'm sorry." By the end I thought I might cry, which would have been embarrassing, so I just shut up.

Emmett jumped up and started pacing, cursing under his breath that something like this could befall our little group. Jasper remained as calm as he could, and Bells just looked serious. I was right. She already knew something like this was going to happen.

We stayed there together till well past 10:00pm before I said that I had to go home. I had to pack after all. Emmett said bye, told me he'd be there at the airport to see me off. Jasper said the same and they walked away together, talking. That's when I noticed that Bella hadn't left yet.

I turned and there she was, standing there, just looking at me. A sad expression across her face, and I knew she was taking this harder than anyone but me.

"Bella" I murmured. I opened my arms and waited for her to walk into them. We were the best of friends. Had been there for each other through everything. She got me away from the stupid bimbos that lurked the school hallways, and I beat up the losers that hurt her. And now, we wouldn't have that. It was a harsh blow.

"I don't want you to leave" she mumbled into my chest. "It's not fair."

"I know" I whispered, stroking her hair. "I know". Something came over me then and I tilted her head up so she could look into my eyes. Hers were pools of confused mahogany, but I didn't let her in on what it was that I planned on doing.

I lowered my lips slowly, afraid of rejection. This was my first kiss after all, but the fear was never needed. As soon as our lips touched, it was like nothing I had ever known. I know cheesy right? But again, only in 8th grade what the hell am I supposed to think?

We broke way slowly, reluctantly. She stepped away and turned to go, tears pooling in her eyes. This was hard for both of us, especially now, now that she knew I liked her. Now that we had kissed.

"Never forget me." I whispered to her as she swept the curtain of willow fronds away from her body so she could get out.

"Never" She whispered back to me, and then she was gone.

The next day I was finishing my packing when my mom showed up at my bedroom door and told me there was someone downstairs that wanted to see me before I left.

I took the stairs two at a time and was rewarded with the sight of…..Lauren Maloroy sitting on my couch.


"Hey Eddie!" she squealed. God how I hated that name. Now that I thought about it I didn't exactly like the person saying it either. But being the gentleman that I was I politely asked her if she would like to go out on the porch to talk.

As soon as we were out there, she said "I'm going to miss you Eddie", and latched herself onto me.

I tried to get her off. God knows I did. But this was one of the stronger bimbos I had to deal with.

Unfortunately stuck up in my thoughts as I was, I didn't notice her coming closer and closer and soon she had her lips over my own. I fought, I really did. But she was like a leech.

And then I heard it, the sound that made my heart drop into my stomach. A gasp, coming from the direction of the path that led to the front door. I turned my head to look, and there she stood, tears running down her face.

"Bella!" I called "Bella, WAIT!" But she didn't, she just turned and ran back down the path. Away from me, as far as she could get. I pushed Lauren off me with all the strength I had, and rushed after her, but it was no use, she was already gone.

The next day I stood by my parents waiting for the plane to be ready for loading. Emmett and Jasper were there, wishing me good luck and goodbye. I waited till the last possible second to see if Bella would show, but she didn't and my time was up. I boarded the plane side by side with my parents.

And as it ascended into the air I looked out the window one last time, only to be disappointed when I knew she was not there.


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