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Edward Cullen…Edward Cullen…Cullen…Cullen…Cullen.

No, this could NOT be happening. This was what I always dreamed would happen, and then when I woke up, NEVER wanted. Oh no, oh no oh no oh no. This is screwed up. Why did all of this always happen to me? What the hell did I ever to do to get the higher being above pissed off at me? I mean, I'm always the good child, I do all my homework, I have straight A's, what more did He want from me? Well I guess it's no use crying over spilt milk now.

"Mr. Cullen then, I would like you to take the seat next to Ms. Brandon, over there in the second row."

"Yes sir." Uggh. There was his voice again, sinfully smooth. Wait, what am I THINKING? Oh this is so wrong. And now he has to sit by Alice, who sits right behind me. Oh well, at least I don't have to look at the guy.

As he walked past I made sure to have my face conveniently hidden inside my English book. This might not be so hard after all. All I had to do was avoid the guy. Easily said, not on the other hand, so easily done. You see, at Forks High there is a maximum of 300 students, and everyone knows everyone. All too soon Emmett and Jasper will discover exactly who the new kid is, and there will be no chance to avoid him. Unless….oh yeah, that just might work.

I felt a tap on my back, but since I didn't want to turn for fear he'd recognize me, though I admit I have changed for the better in the last 3 years, I wrote a note on the back of one of my old English assignments and handed it back to Alice.

What is it SS? I don't want to turn around so if you could just write, that would be great. Signed BB.

BB what's wrong, you've had your head in your book since NK came in. And what's with our nicknames all of a sudden? Signed SS.

I wanted to tell her what was wrong, but with Edward sitting so close to her; I didn't want to chance him seeing what we wrote. We only used the nicknames when it was an emergency or our chances of getting caught were higher than usual, and it looked like Alice wasn't about to give up. I'd tell her later.

Look SS, it's just, I know the NK and let's just say I don't want him recognizing me. I'll tell you later, but I know I've told you and BB2 about him before. Signed BB.

I could practically feel her eyes widen at the note, and then she was frantically tapping me on the back, waving the note in front of my face. It's a good thing Vadenball is so unobservant. I grabbed the note to stop her waving hands and read it.

OMG! BB THAT's him? That's BK? You've got to be kidding! Oh jeeze, now I really don't want him sitting by me. What if he's infected? Oh BB, I'll kick his ass first thing out of this classroom, just say the word. Signed SS.

P.S.- If you don't let me kick his ass you know BB2 will right? Along with TB and CB. That pretty face won't be in tact much longer.

I stifled my laugh at her antics. I love Alice, but the picture of her taking on Edward Cullen with her 5' 2" frame was just hilarious. But she didn't know that Emmett and Jasper had no clue about what Edward did.

SS, calm down. TB and CB won't do a thing cause I never told them what happened. It didn't seem important enough and they were his best friends. I'll deal with it, and let BB2 know that she isn't to kill him when you see her in Bio. Please ? Signed BB.

Fine. But if he does ONE more thing BB I swear, he will be so sorry he won't set foot in this school EVER again. Signed Your Little Devil, SS.

Good, at least she understood, and believe me when I say I will definitely take her up on her offer to kill him if he does one more thing to irritate me. Now all I have to do is set plan avoidance into action. Where's Mike?

I looked around and saw him in the front. Now all I have to do is get up there as fast as possible when the bell rings, and I'll be fine. I won't have to talk to Edward at all. This is going to be so perfect.

10 minutes later the bell was dinging and I was up.

"Mike! Hey Mike, wait up!" I knew Alice was watching me, wondering what I was up to, but I didn't care, all I wanted was to get as far away from Him as fast as I possibly could.

Mike stopped right outside the door to the classroom and I grabbed his arm and led him down the hallway as I talked. Didn't want to run into anyone or anything.

"Listen" I told him, "I need a favor". I waited, gauging his reaction. I knew that Mike liked me, it wasn't like he tried to hide it, and I felt bad using that to get what I wanted.

"Anything Bella," he assured me. I breathed a sigh of grateful relief.

"At lunch today I need you to wave Rosalie, Alice, and I over to your table. We…got into a…disagreement with the boys, and need a break today. Can you do that? Please, we won't cause trouble." I sounded almost desperate, but Alice was coming down the hallway toward us, and I didn't want her to know the plan…yet.

"Uh…yeah Bella, sure, no problem." He was stammering, but at least he was going to help me out. I felt pathetic.

"Thanks Mike, it means a lot." I rushed off, leaving him standing there looking dazed, grabbed Alice by her petite little arm as she rushed me, and ran in the direction of our next class. I was so not looking forward to lunch, at all.

"Bella, what was all that about?" Alice asked as we reached our next class, Geography.

"Um…look Ali, I'll tell you later okay?" I didn't want to be pressed or overheard. I looked around; at least He wasn't in this class. I might've just died if he was, and that wouldn't have been good.

"Humph" she muttered, "fine, but you WILL tell me even if I have to strap you down and force it out of you."

"Alice, I'll tell you just as soon as lunch rolls around and we can get as far away from him as possible."

I left it there and got to work. I hated geography, but at least it helped get my mind off everything else going on. This was just too much for me to handle.

All too soon the bell rang for the end of period 2 and we were off to our last class before lunch. I reminded Alice to tell Rose everything that had happened so far, and set out on my own. My next class was Trig; the one class that I swear was out to get me and my un-mathematical ways.

I hardly paid attention when in this class, but managed to keep a good grade. It was…weird. Today I decided that staring out the window would be a good distraction and set to it. The teacher usually out to get me, noticed my mood and left me alone. That was the only good thing about today; the teachers were more lenient on the first day of school.

And then it was lunch and I was on my way to find the two greatest friends a girl could have, Alice and Rosalie.

They were waiting for me near the lunchroom entrance, and we walked in together, heading straight for the lunch line. Rosalie got a little salad, Alice got a mini sandwich, and I got lemonade. I wasn't really all that hungry. They started to head toward our usual table with Jasper and Emmett, but I stopped them just as Mike lifted his arm to wave us over.

I steered them that way, much to their surprise though they didn't protest; they knew I had a reason for everything I did, and this was obviously no exception.

When we got there we sat down, and I immediately situated myself so that my back was facing our usual table, and let them start in on me.

"Okay Bella" Rosalie started "what's up and why are we sitting over here? No offense to you Mike." At least she wasn't being rude, that was always a plus with Rosalie.

"Okay, so you guys both know who the new kid is, not personally, but you know what he did, yes?" They both nodded and I kept going, "Well, I just don't want to deal with him right now. After that he never tried to get a hold of me, though he and Emmett stayed in touch. And no doubt they've seen each other already and reconnected, so he'll most likely sit over there, and I didn't want to sit anywhere near him. So can we play it cool today and see how tomorrow goes?" I was desperate, and my antics were childish, but I just didn't want to be near him. For some reason, it just seemed in my best interest to stay away while I had the chance. I knew I'd have to deal with him sooner or later, but I was hoping later would put everyone at ease.

"Sure" they chorused unanimously. "You can count on us to make sure everything is to your liking." And then the smiled the most devilish smiles I've ever seen the two of them use. More devilish than the time they pranked Jasper and Emmett by waxing their legs before a big baseball game last year. This was going to be fun, especially if they were planning something more creative than usual.


I walked into the English classroom and looked around; I didn't see any of my old friends so I went up to the teacher to introduce myself. He turned around when I cleared my throat, and gave me a reassuring smile. Not that I needed it. When I said I didn't see any of my old friends, I didn't, but that didn't mean I didn't know most of the people into the classroom already; with a few exceptions. For instance, the short black-haired girl over by the window, I wondered briefly who she was before I was turned toward the class by the teacher and told to introduce myself.

I did, using as few words as possible, and waited for the teacher to direct me to a seat. Seemingly aware of what I was waiting for the teacher directed me to a seat alongside that of the black-haired girl I'd noticed earlier, and I headed in that direction.

Passing by a few other desks on my way, I absently noticed a girl with brown hair sliding deeply into her seat. I didn't make much of it other than the fact that class had started and she didn't want called on. I sat down, took out the English book I had been given in the office, and tried to turn my attention to what the teacher was doing at the front of the room. Hard to do though, when the girl sitting next to you, who, now that I took a good look resembled a pixie, and the girl in front of her, the one with brown hair that had been sliding deeper into her seat when I walked by; were passing notes.

You'd think that as juniors in high school note passing would have grown old, but I guess not. I watched as the pixie passed a piece of paper forward, and the brown haired girl read it, wrote something and passed it back. When the pixie got it, her eyes widened at something the paper said, and she quickly scribbled something down before passing it back. The brown haired one let out a small sigh as she read what pixie wrote, replied and tossed it behind her.

If possible, pixie's eyes widened even further and she sent a glance in my direction, before replying to her friend and sending me a quick glare. Jeez, I hadn't even been back a day and now people I didn't even know were shooting glares full of menace my direction. I sighed, so much for a warm welcome back to the town I had been loath to leave behind. I couldn't wait to see Jasper and Emmett, and most of all…Bella.

The guys were my best friends, but Bella, she was more than a best friend, she was someone you could tell everything to. And I had an apology to make. After that one day when Lauren (shudder) kissed me, I'd been afraid to try to talk to Bella. She hadn't shown up at the airport the day I left, and I assumed she didn't ever want to talk to me again. And I completely understand where she was coming from. I wouldn't have wanted to talk to me either. I wonder if she told the guys what happened. If she did, I'm in for a beating, and not a friendly one by any means.

I looked over at the two girls again, and they were still passing notes, no wonder, this class was getting increasingly duller by the second. When did they have lunch here?

At that point the bell rang and I nearly jumped out of my seat, but not faster than the two girls from earlier. They must have some really important business to take care of.

"Mike!" I heard the brown haired one call out, "Mike wait up!" Huh, maybe her and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight over something. I still couldn't see her face, but for some reason the thought of her having a boyfriend was unsettling. I was officially going crazy.

I walked out into the hallway to see her and the guy, Mike, not 20 feet down the hall. He looked dazed, she looked pleading. Wow, I wonder what the hell she did; she could do so much better anyway.

Whoa, what the hell Edward, where did that come from?

I turned to go to my next class, when I was pummeled from both sides. I looked up to find Jasper and Emmett laughing and congratulating themselves on a great tackle. I take it they don't know what happened between me and Bella. And I thought she told Emmett and Jasper everything, Emmett was her twin, and Jasper was close enough to a triplet that no one argued when he referred to her as his sister. At least, that's how it went back then, I wonder how it went now.

"Good God, I'm being mugged!" I shouted.

"Hands up punk!" I heard Jasper gasp out, wow, his voice got deeper.

"Not so fast there officer, he's got back up, you're gonna have to go through me!" Emmett yelled, and tackled Jasper; allowing me to get my feet back. They got up too and we all looked at each other seriously for half a second before breaking out into laughter that no one could top.

"We're glad you're back man" Emmett told me, giving me slap on the back.

"No doubt" Jasper put in, "it never was the same without you. Two musketeers can't do half of what three can."

"I'm glad to be back" I said smiling. Now this was the welcome I had been hoping for.

"What are your next classes?" Jasper asked taking my schedule from me. "Sweet," he turned to show the paper to Emmett; "same as us, let's get going before we're late."

We took off down the hallway, and as we walked past the door to the classroom I had just left I noticed a piece of white paper lying on the ground. I bent down to pick it up, and saw that it had writing all over it. Maybe this was the note I had seen the two girls passing back and forth. I went to throw it away, and then decided against it, instead stuffing it into my jeans pocket and walking away with the guys. I'd look at it at lunch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two hours and a whole lot of lost brain cells later, I was walking to lunch with Emmett and Jasper. They had told me they had some people they wanted me to meet, but so far no mention of Bella had come through into the conversation. Maybe she had told them what had happened. No, she couldn't have, they'd side with her over me any day, so I wonder why they hadn't brought her up yet.

5 minutes later we were situated at, what the guys said was their "regular table", and still no sign of who they seemed to be looking for. Finally Emmett seemed to see the people we were waiting for, and he stopped short, they weren't coming over to sit with us, but going over to sit with the Mike guy from earlier. Ouch. Emmett went to get up, obviously headed to where the three girls had seated themselves, when Jasper stopped him. That's when I noticed who the girls were. There was a blonde I had absolutely no idea about, but the other two I had seen. It was the brown haired girl, and the short little pixie from English. They usually sat here?

"Wait Em, they probably have a reason, let me go talk to them." Jasper was reasoning with Emmett, trying to get him to see that one of the girls would never do anything to purposely hurt him. Huh, so Emmett had a girl now, and it was one of those three? Interesting, I'd been out of the loop, and now I felt a sense of loss that I didn't know what was going on.

"Fine" Emmett grumbled, "But get her back here, where she belongs." And he pointed at the chair seated right next to him.

"I'll get them all over here." He assured Emmett, "Wonder what they're doing anyway" he muttered under his breath.

As he walked away to talk to the girls, Emmett started in on his food, seeing no more reason to complain. I snorted at him, not impressed, and dug into my own food. Mystery meat, lovely.

What seemed like hours later, Jasper walked back to the table and sat down. The girls were still at their own table, and I wondered what had happened that not even Jasper could fix.

"Where are they now?" Emmett grumbled sullenly.

"They will be gracing us with their presence shortly, but something seems to have the three of the riled up, and they refused to tell me what it was." I immediately remembered the pixie girl's glare, and the note still hidden safely inside my pocket. I took it out and handed it to Jasper.

"I think this is theirs, I saw the black haired one and the brown haired one writing back and forth to each other in English."

Jasper looked at me, then to where the girls were still sitting debating their choices, and then to Emmett who looked ready to burst into laughter at any second.

"What?" I asked. Whatever I had said had struck a chord somewhere, and I didn't see the humor they did.

"Brown haired one?" Emmett choked out before throwing his head back and laughing uproariously, dragging attention from almost every table to the one where we sat.

"You don't really…I mean seriously Edward how can…oh my god…" Emmett couldn't even get in a full sentence due to his gasping and spluttering.

"Let's just say" Jasper volunteered as the girls started to get up, "that you my friend are in for a big surprise."

By now the girls were walking toward us and I could see their faces. The blonde was stunning, the pixie like one beautiful, and the brown haired one, oh jeesus. Now I could see why they'd laughed at me. She was gorgeous, with her hair framing her face perfectly, and the way she walked exuding a shy confidence in herself, I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed before. I felt like an idiot, because striding toward the table where I sat, was the most amazing person I had ever seen.

By the smug looks on their faces as I turned back to them, I could tell that Emmett and Jasper had realized the look of recognition on my face.

The girls reached the table and just stood there. The blonde looked menacing, the pixie almost dangerous, and she had the most beautiful scowl planted on her features. And I knew why.

"Edward" Emmett intoned politely, "this is my girlfriend Rosalie." He was pointing to the blonde, and I nodded her way, showing that I had caught what Emmett had said.

"And this is my girlfriend Alice." Jasper told me, trying not to laugh at my face as her eyes turned to glare at me again, just like in English.

"And since Edward seems a little shocked we have no choice but to introduce you too." Emmett nodded at the one person I had been waiting to see again for the last 3 years.

She looked away as my gaze focused on her.

"Edward this is"

"Bella" I whispered. She looked at me quickly before looking toward Emmett once again.

"Emmett" she snapped "now that you've upset my appetite I need to take care of some things." She walked off, only to run into someone in the middle of the lunch room, Alice and Rosalie not far behind her after giving their boyfriends apologetic glances.

"You bitch!" the girl shrieked, and I recognized her voice instantly. Lauren Malaroy, my worst nightmare.

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