Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge

Prompt Word: "graze"
Word Count: 100 on the nose

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Disclaimer: Neither the boys nor anything related to Supernatural belongs to me. I'm just having some fun with the boys, playing around with Eric Kripke's sandbox.

You Are Such a Geek!

By: Vanessa Sgroi

Dean shifted in the driver's seat, glancing at his watch then his brother.

"Hey, it's one o'clock, wanna stop for some lunch somewhere?"

Sam looked up from the research in his lap, squinting out the window, grounding himself back in the present. "Not really. I'd rather just graze on the stuff we have back at the motel room."

A heartbeat of silence passed before an undignified snort came from the older Winchester. "Graze? Dude, seriously? What're you—a freakin' cow?"

Sam huffed. "Fine then. Munch. That sound better to you?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Man, you are SUCH a geek."