A/N: I figured there would probably be a lot of hurt/comforts for 'graze' so I tried to do something on the lighter side. Hope it's still enjoyable.

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"Almost-" Dean grunted, stretching, fingers barely grazed the cardboard.

"Dude, just let me-"

"I can do it!"

Stubborn, he lunged for the top shelf, finally making the box lean forward in his direction. Momentum pulled the cereal box down, up-ending in mid air, showering him with marshmallows and crumbs. Pieces bounced off of the kitchen counter, tiny sugar coated projectiles shooting in all directions.

His younger brother didn't try to hide his amusement. Dean grumbled, wiping cereal dust off his face. He picked up the container, finding enough left in the box for an entire bowl.

"Laugh it up, Sasquatch, but remember that short guys get the sugar." Dean pointed to the cartoon character on the bright red box. "All the Jolly Green Giant had were vegetables."

Sam paused a moment.

"So if I'm broccoli, that means you're a fruit loop?"

"Shut up."