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Echoing Resolution

"You did what?!" Hn. Knew she'd say that. I glared over to her before I looked back to the road, pulling into my driveway and parking the car. Still, the pink bimbo next to me continued to yell. "Okay kissing Naruto is one thing, but doing that to him? How the hell did that happen?!"

"You're the one who said I was waiting too long." And that was true. In fact, all week she had been drilling that into my head. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes while she talked. Most people assumed I wasn't listening when I did this, but they're idiots who don't understand anything.

"To tell him you're in love with him! Not that you wanna…wanna do things with him." I could tell she was blushing by the way her voice squeaked at the end.

"I don't love him."

"You've loved him since junior year! You practically said it yourself at your birthday." No, I didn't. Not to her at least. Maybe to myself, but she was just dramatizing everything like she always does. Why can't women just leave things alone?


"Oh don't you 'hn' me mister. You better go back to that party and straighten everything out with him right now. Imagine what you would do if it was the other way around."

"The dobe would never do something like that in public." I opened my eye halfway to watch her run her fingers through her hair and sigh. Haruno Sakura, the girl who had followed me around like a lost puppy for all of our friendship, was now yelling at me for not 'confessing' myself to the idiot. If you knew the whole story, you would probably laugh at how idiotic this entire thing was.

And now that I said that, you're going to start whining if I don't tell you, right? Typical. So yea, I did have a thing for the blonde dobe known as Uzumaki Naruto. Don't ask why, because I don't understand it. Logic is not involved in feelings. Yes, even I can't control them at times. But unlike a certain loudmouth we all know, I know how to contain myself. Just because I don't spout off everything I feel does not mean I'm a robot. People are just too stupid to see the truth.

And especially the dobe. Two years ago, toward the end of our sophomore year, everything was altered when the idiot decided to spar with me. It wasn't a big deal, because he tried to prove he was better than me every week. I was beating him, again, when he came charging at me in the same pattern he always used. Run forward like an idiot, and get beat down. That was his 'skill'. But since he can't keep his mind on one specific thing, Naruto lost concentration when someone called his name. He tripped straight into me, knocked us both down, and proceeded to start a riot with the fangirls when they discovered us kissing on the floor. But while he was being chased around and beaten with brooms (where they got these weapons I wasn't sure), something changed. I was completely thrown off by the weird sensation in my stomach. My lips prickled from the odd lingering taste of ramen in my mouth, which should had disgusted me. After all, ramen is nothing but a heart attack. Still, despite the salty taste, there was a strange flavor mixed in as well. Something that only could be described at Naruto. And as unimaginable as it may seem, I wanted more.

All through the next year I kept a close eye on the blonde and my reactions to him. It was unsettling how my heart would jump in its normal pattern with a stupid grin or how my breathing had a troubling tendency to disappear when he looked a certain way at me. I was not willing to accept any connection between Naruto and these bodily reactions, and so I blamed it on the kiss. After all, every teenager's hormones become more active and less reasonable, so something as simple as a kiss may have set them off. They didn't have the ability to sort out who was male or female, handsome or ugly, smart or a dobe.

And the opportunity to cut these feelings completely off came on my 18th birthday. Sakura, my stalker for years, offered me the chance to rid myself of Naruto. I had left my party to wash my face off in the bathroom. It was either that, or knock the idiot out for hugging Hinata so many times. The girl was shy enough as it was, and the idiot had to hug her so much, her face turned into a cherry. And if Kiba wasn't there to break them up, I was going to step in. So seeing how much affection he gave the Hyuuga, I had to excuse myself from my conversation with Neji and Tenten. It was not because I was jealous, but the scene simply made my stomach sick.

I had just left the lavatory when I noticed that someone was waiting outside in the hallway. And from the short pink hair, I already knew who it was.

"Sakura." She jumped a bit at her name and looked up to me. Already her cheeks were burning, and I arched an eyebrow to say 'what are you doing standing outside of the bathroom?'

"Sasuke-kun!" Why she always added that last part to my name I would never know. I was relieved when she dropped it after the party.

"What do you want?" I crossed my arms and stared down at her. I really didn't have time to listen to her stutter and make some big scene, especially knowing that Naruto was probably still with Hinata at the party. I leaned back on the wall as she squirmed in front of me like a fish out of water.

"I wanted to give you a present, Sasuke-kun." Why did women never meet my gaze? It was the first sign of nervousness, and if you wanted some respect when you were speaking, you should keep eye contact. It seemed the only one who ever looked at me square in the eye was Naruto, and that was because he didn't see me as anything other than a 'bastard'. It was refreshing in a completely annoying way. I glanced around once to make sure that nobody was around to see the conversation between the two of us. If any of the 'fangirls' saw us, Sakura would be dead. And even if she was annoying at times, she was the only one who could play mediator between me and the dobe. I had to admire her courage to get in-between us.

"What is it?" I turned back to look at how easily flustered she got. If she stopped her obsession with me and looked around her, she would be able to find a guy without a problem. It was pathetic, really.

"I…I like you, Sasuke-kun!" I knew that. But I stayed quiet, waiting to see what else she was going to say. "And…and I-I wanna sh-show you…how much." I stared down at her, not exactly seeing Sakura as much as a curious predicament. Normally, I wouldn't waste my breath in saying no, and would walk away instead. I made it clear enough without having to watch them cry. But this time was different. Sakura was a girl who had liked me for years, and I had known almost as long as Naruto. The friendship was there, though normally overshadowed by her obsession. She wasn't a 'best friend', but was close enough to do the job.

"Fine." I almost felt bad the way her eyes lit up. I had no sexual feelings for her, at all. Sakura was just a friend, just like Naruto. So if I kissed her as I had done with the dobe, then I would be able to kill two birds in one stone. I could put the feelings I had been annoyed with into the 'friends' shelf, and I could get my body back on the track with being semi-fascinated with women.

But I should know that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And mine did. Because when Sakura kissed me, I felt…nothing. It was frustrating and I waited a few seconds to see if something changed. And when it didn't, I kissed back to see if that sparked the same feeling. But the flame wasn't there. Nothing but the hollowness of the kiss faced me. The cold reality of my feelings for the dobe came resurfacing faster than I could control. I pulled back from the kiss, my mind too busy with the thoughts of a blonde haired, blue eyed boy that my mouth went forward without permission.

"You don't taste like ramen." Sakura stared at me in shock, her eyes wide as she slowly took a few steps away from me. Well, too late to take that back. I pressed my lips together slowly and glared at the wall away from her, crossing my arms.

"Sa-Sasuke-kun…" I barely shifted at the broken call of my name. I was almost used to the voice since Sakura was the twelfth girl that made the realization that I was not her prince charming. You would think they would understand this when I told them to leave me alone, but they don't. Call me a bastard for using this as my way to end Sakura's crush, I don't care what you think of me. "Y-You…"

"I don't like you, Sakura." I turned my head to look up at the tears in her eyes. That was expected from a teenage girl who just got her heart broken. She would cry, her friends would console her, and she would spend the rest of the night eating ice cream and thinking about how she could ever fall for a jerk like me. Remember, I had done this before.

"You like Na-Naruto?" Well that wasn't in the script. I narrowed my eyes and took a few steps toward her, though she was already putting the puzzle together in her head. Leave it to me to let myself slip up with the one girl who was too smart for her own good. "You do! You sai-said ramen and the only one who tastes like ra-ramen is Naruto!"

"How do you know that?" Did Sakura kiss Naruto too? Highly doubted that, since she was infatuated with me.

"Naruto only eats ramen every day! Of course he'd taste like it." Even though she was crying, I don't think she realized it. She seemed too focused on her new discovery to follow her body's actions. "When did you….you know…turn?"

"I don't like men." That was true. I didn't. I liked Naruto, who was one boy, and would never become a man.

"That's why you won't date any girls."

"Stop Sakura."

"And why you always hung out with Naruto! You really like him, huh?" Suddenly she stopped when I stood in front of her again, glaring quietly. Because what else was there to do? Uchihas didn't lie, and though I had never told Naruto how I felt, I never lied about it. He just didn't asked. And I had never been in a position like this before. It was the dobe's fault.

"Hn." She stared at me with knowing eyes, making it clear that even my lack of answering had been enough to tell her what she needed. I think she took that harder than my actual rejection of her, because she swayed a bit before falling into me, crying. My initial reaction was to shove her away, since normally only Naruto touches me and that was how I treated him. I either walked away from girls before they started to cry, or they ran away when they sobbed. But never had one ran into me like this, clutching my shirt and crying. I left my arms at my side, staring in discomfort at the ground. I think it was better that way anyways.

I spend the rest of the night with Sakura, sitting in the hallway and being forced to talk about how I discovered I liked Naruto. She laughed or rolled her eyes during most of the story, even though the tears still hadn't dried on her cheeks. There was a survey done saying that both men and women would rather talk to women about their issues than men, because they have a natural aura of warmth and understanding. I never really understood what it meant, since most girls around me were completely animalistic to each other.

Sakura had been like that too. She would threaten any girls near me, try to sweet talk me into dates, and even bought me several random presents throughout the year. So now, seeing the girl next to me actually call me names only Naruto used, was…better. She seemed much more relaxed and calm, like she was with the others when she didn't realize I was around. She had an anger issue at moments, and I understood why someone as weak as the dobe would get scared of her. But she did have a softer side, which seemed to accept the idea of me being gay much easier than even I had.

Maybe a little too much now.

"Sasuke!" I wanted to bang my head against the steering wheel, but I refrained. Could you honestly see me doing that? Is my name Naruto? I think not.


"Turn the car around and go back for him!" Like I was going to do what she said. Instead, I opened the door and moved from the car, waiting to hear her door shut before locking it.

"Stop whining." She placed her hands on her hips and stared at me in anger. Sometimes I almost thought the old Sakura was better.

"You are going to hurt him, you know that? You're going to drive him crazy thinking about what you did, and then he's going to think he's strange for thinking about it and he's going to avoid you. You're his best friend, and he's going to need you to help him realize he likes you too!"

"We're not women. We don't need to talk about it. Go home Sakura." I turned from her and moved toward my house, only hesitating in my walking when her shout echoed in my ears.

"Don't you love him Sasuke?! Doesn't he mean something to you? Go after him!" Didn't she get it? My eyes closed while I sent her a careless wave, continuing my way back to my house. "Sasuke, if you don't tell him, I'll make you!"

Sakura didn't understand it at all.

If I went after him, it would only make things worse. And so I didn't. True to Sakura's words, Naruto avoided me. When I would go online, he'd sign off. He'd make sure to hang out with Sakura when I wasn't there. In fact, the one time I had seen him in town, he practically dived into a maternity store to keep away from me. He made it so painfully obvious, that he could have worn a sign saying 'keep me away from Sasuke' and he would be more discrete. It would have been funny if it wasn't me. But since it was, the idea suddenly became annoying.

So annoying, I forced myself to go to Sakura and Ino's New Year's Eve party. It was loud and a complete animal house, especially when Kiba decided to let his dog Akamaru sit on the table with all the food. It was disgusting, but most of the guest didn't even flinch when taking their snacks. Apparently I gave them too much credit in their manners.

"This is such a drag." I heard a familiar voice and turned to the couch, seeing Shikamaru laying on it.

"Why are you here then?" He stared up at the ceiling before glancing over to me, shrugging.

"Could ask you the same thing." It would have been a legitimate question. I never bothered to come to parties like this. In fact, the only two non-birthday parties I had gone to were forced by a certain blonde, claiming they would 'be the best night of our lives' or something. They were not even close.

"Ino drag you?" He nodded languidly and popped one of the pretzels he was eating into his mouth.

"Naruto drag you?" I crossed my arms in immediate defense, which he picked up on much faster than most people. "I forgot you two were having a lover's quarrel."

"Not even close."

"So you say." The guy was more trouble than he seemed while he stretched on the couch, closing his eyes. "Naruto's been pretty bummed out lately. You two get into a fight?"

"It's none of your business." I said it quicker than I should have if I was trying to play unconcerned. He seemed to pause in his movements before sitting up, settling the bowl onto his lap and starting to eat the salty snacks again. I glanced down at them, being reminded of another salty food, which normally connected to a blonde dobe who ate said food.

"Your right, it's not." I snorted and rolled my eyes. He gave up way too easy. Shikamaru was never a fighter if he could get out of it. It amazed me that he was so close with Ino, especially since the blonde was only surpassed by Naruto in her need to argue every little detail. For a while she had pretended to be infatuated with me just to make Sakura angry. The girl was seriously a handful.

"Hey!" I glanced over to the voice to see Sakura, who was waving to me energetically while holding a drink out for one of her guests.

"Guess I'll see you later." I nodded to Shikamaru before I sighed and walked over to her, starting to make it clear my reason for being there. Well, until I realized the reason I was there was there. As in, was standing there, taking the punch from Sakura. She set me up. "Hey Sasuke."

"Sasuke?!" I would have smirked at the way Naruto stumbled with his drink if not for the fact I was extremely uncomfortable in the situation Sakura had just put me in. Leave it to her to make a bad situation worse.

"Dobe." He instantly flushed and I remembered the last time I had spoken to him was a few seconds before he had come. Apparently, he remembered too.

"Te-teme!" His hands tightened around his cup but he didn't look at me, staring down at the drink in his hands and scowling. "Why are y-you here?"

"None of your business." He didn't seem to like that answer because he glared up at me, suddenly forgetting our awkward moment in favor of his anger.

"I'd kick your ass if we weren't as Sakura's party."

"You'd try."

"Boys." I glanced to Sakura who was giving a look that was pathetic compared to the Uchiha glare. But to normal standards, it was pretty good. "This is a party, not a wrestling match. Can't you two just get along, please?"

"Just keep him away from me and we'll be fine!" He pointed a finger at me while he shouted to Sakura. He was way too easy to rile up.

"If you were any louder, you'd break the sound barrier." I couldn't help but throw in some extra insults. After all, he was the one avoiding me all week. They collected interest after a while.

"Sasuke…" But Sakura's warning tone did nothing to stop Naruto from getting angry all over again.

"That's it! I'm going to knock you out so fast yo—ah!" I blinked once when two feminine arms came around Naruto's neck, jerking him back to an evilly grinning blonde.

"Now now Naruto, there will be no fighting at my party. If you are going to holler like a mad man, I'm going to have to kick your ass all the way back to your house, got it?" Where had Ino come from? I thought she was at the door greeting people? Then again, Naruto's voice had a tendency to echo.

"I know! How about we all start the game of 'I never'! Okay?" Sakura clapped her hands together to try and get the two blondes from glaring each other to death while I sighed. That game was dumb. It was when everyone put out a hand, and someone would say something that they've never done. If you have, you put a finger down. Whoever has fingers up in the end wins. It was normally played between hormonal teenagers that wanted to see how far their friends had gotten so that they could top it later. It was pathetic.

So why I found myself playing, I didn't know. I glanced around the room, seeing that only a few people were left. Kiba, Ino, Shikamaru, and surprisingly Hinata were already out. The dog boy must have corrupted Hyuuga much faster than we all thought possible. Sakura, Naruto, Lee, Neji, Tenten, and I were all still in the game. Both Lee and Tenten were only in by one finger, while Neji, Sakura and I had three. Naruto had the most with four. Who would have thought the loudmouth did the least amount of stuff in the entire group.

"I knew his big mouth was making up for something!" Kiba shouted from the couch, the six remaining people sitting in a circle on the floor. I could practically feel the fire that Naruto shot out at Kiba through his glare.

"Shut up dog breath!"

"It's Tenten's turn!" Sakura interrupted, which seemed like the fifth fight she had stopped since the game started. Most of them were between Naruto and someone else in the room.

"Alright. I've never…kissed a girl." I shrugged and threw a finger down, along with Neji and Lee. The green shirted boy sighed dramatically and stood up, placing his hand to his heart.

"It was the sweetest kiss I have ever gotten from the beautiful lips of Sakura." Sakura's eye twitched before she grabbed her shoe, hucking it and hitting Lee in the forehead.

"That was CPR! That doesn't count!" The group laughed while Lee fell over onto the couch, sitting next to Ino and Kiba. "Grr…it's Neji's turn."

"Avenge me Neji!! Strike down that bunned woman in my name! " Now it was Neji's turn to twitch. Lee seriously drank too much soda tonight.

"I've never been on a softball team." Tenten was the only one who put her finger down, but it was enough to get her out. Lee's cheerful cries were enough to make Neji hit his forehead. "Why did I do that…"

"My turn!" Naruto seemed to stare at the four fingers he had left; concentrating in his hand for a bit before he suddenly perked up and smiled. "I've never been to Europe before!"

"That's not fair; you were too dumb to make it on the honors trip to Italy." Despite Sakura's protest, all three of us put our fingers down while Naruto grinned in his victory. "Only one more good round and it'll be me left!"

"Not if I manage to get you out first." Sakura laughed at his pout before she placed her finger to her lower lip. She glanced around at the three of us, her eyes finally stopping on mine before she smiled. She was up to something. "I've never been in true love before."

"Hn." I closed my fist completely and pushed out of the circle, ignoring the shock that was pretty evident in the room. Let them think what they wanted. If anyone asked, I'd just ignore them. So I moved to the wall and leaned on it, watching the game continue after Neji left the circle as well. He sat with Tenten, who giggled and kissed his cheek. The two had been together for two years, it was no wonder he was fine with admitting it.

"Alright, now it's my turn! You're going down Sakura!" She simply smiled at the dobe while he pointed his three fingers at her. "I've never gotten an A+ on a paper!"

"They don't give A+s in high school Naruto." She smirked while he pouted before she continued. "I've never done anything sexual with a person older than me."

He blushed as he dropped one of the fingers he had been so proudly holding up. He had dropped his first fingers on a question involving sexuality too, and he had been quiet afterwards. Wait, how did he only have two fingers left? Maybe I missed a question? Hn.

"Well I've never given CPR to bushy brows." Sakura growled at the reminder before she curled her finger. I could tell Naruto was getting over his embarrassment quickly while he grinned. Well, for a second anyways.

"I've never gone past second base." I was starting to feel a bit uneasy with the way Sakura was getting Naruto out. I had thought her plot was to just get me out. Apparently, there was more to the plan that I had known. But I couldn't really stop the game without clearly giving the impression that I was somehow involved with the game. And I did not have bushy brows, so that wouldn't work.

"I-I've never taken a lifeguard class. So ha, you lose and Uzumaki wins!" Apparently Naruto wanted to get this game done as fast as I did. I let out a silent breath, smirking a bit at the smug look on Naruto's face. It was quickly cut off, however, when Sakura's finger stayed up.

"It wasn't a lifeguard class. I learned it from my survival class when I worked at the camp last year."

"What?! That's the same damn thing!" Naruto shouted, glancing to the group.

"No it's not. You learn completely different stuff," Ino defended, nodding to her best friend and smiling. "Forehead could never be a lifeguard; they'd mistake her big forehead for a shark fin."

"I'm going to ignore your snort, Ino-pig, so I can win the game. We've only got a little while until the ball drops." Sakura said it so maturely; you would almost pass over the childish insult. I would have been impressed with Sakura's intelligence and abilities to read moves. She had made sure to throw in her CPR comment to lead Naruto to think she had taken classes. I said 'would have' because I was not happy with the fact that the game was not over. She didn't want it to end just yet. Sakura didn't waste time in listening to Naruto's complaint as she threw out her next sentence. "I've never been kissed before."

"That's a lie!" Naruto shot up from the floor, forgetting where he was while he spoke. "You kissed Sasuke, I saw you do it! You can't say you didn't get kissed! If you didn't kiss him, neither did I!"

If Sakura was as surprised as I was that Naruto had seen us, and just blurted out that me and him had also kissed, she didn't speak up. Instead she leaned forward; placing her finger on his and making him curl it back into his palm with the rest of his fingers. "I kissed Sasuke, not the other way around."

She was too smart for her own good. I faintly remember saying that before. And now, staring at the blonde who was frozen in his spot while Sakura smiled, I felt my stomach drop out. This was what she meant that night? Making me tell him? I knew Sakura wasn't ashamed of what she did, because she didn't look away from Naruto or pull her hand back from his. There was tenseness in-between them, Naruto ready to lash out at any minute. But something held him back long enough for him to jerk away from Sakura before he sprinted out of the room and up the stairs within a few quick seconds. I watched him go before sighing and turning back to the group. Every pair of eyes was trained on me. Feeling defensive, I glared back and crossed my arms.


"Are you stupid?! Go after him!" I would have been upset at the comment, but coming from Ino, it wasn't worth my time.


"Because he's upset? And you guys told me he's the smart one?" She just didn't stop. Shikamaru was going to be a lot happier soon if she kept opening her mouth. Maybe my plan to dispose of Ino showed on my face because Shikamaru sighed.

"Naruto won't talk to us. We're not the reason he's embarrassed."

"Okay, does anyone care about the fact that Naruto just admitted to kissing Sasuke?" Apparently Kiba was out of the loop. Didn't really matter, since he was completely dense anyways. I was more shocked by the fact that he figured it out as quick as he did.

"For once, I agree with Kiba." Well, it didn't surprise me that Neji didn't know. He was a year older than us, and was in college. Seeing the distress on her boyfriend and cousin's face, Hinata placed gentle touches to their arms to try and calm them. She must have felt them relax because she turned her concerned gaze to me.

"Sasuke, um…" She took a deep breath before she spoke again, much faster than before. "Naruto-kun is really confused right now and it would mean a lot to him if you went after him."

"Hinata's right!" Ino said quickly, placing her hands on her hips. Really, Sakura and Ino were so much alike, no wonder they fought. "Naruto has always had a special spot for you and now you're the only one who can tell him that the feeling is mutual!"

"Who said it was?" I asked, glaring at the group. Nobody spoke, seeming to realize the fact that maybe their little predictions were completely out of line. Until a brave pink haired girl stepped in front of me.

"I do. I say you like Naruto as much as he liked you. I say you like Naruto more than he likes you. I say…you love Naruto." And she could say that, because she was the only one who knew exactly what happened. The others could assume anything they wanted, but they would never know. But Sakura, staring up at me with determined green eyes that sickly reminded me of my best friend, knew.

"…fine. If it means you'll all stop talking I'll get the dobe back." The entire room smiled, and it made me roll my eyes. They really were a bunch of pathetic romantics. It wasn't like I planned to go pour my heart out or anything weak like that. I moved up the stairs quietly, knowing that he had run to the guest room since it was the only one closed. I was just going to go in, grab his arm, and drag him back down. But remember, mice and men…

It was locked. Great, now I had to actually speak to the idiot.

"Dobe, open the door." I leaned my arm against the locked door while I spoke, glancing around the hallway without interest.

"No! Go away bastard!" Why was he mad at me? Not like I forced him to say anything. Besides, it's not like they knew what happened afterwards. If he ever had control of his emotions, he could have just said I kissed him as a joke or drunk…except I never joke, or drink.

"The girls are making me do this. Open up."

"Oh because that makes me wanna see your ugly face! Send one of them up here!"

"If I do, will you open the door?"

"No!" Then why the hell did he ask for them? I controlled my anger as I spoke slowly, trying not to break Sakura's door. I had the money to pay for it, but only Naruto would do something that stupid.

"Open it before I break it." But he didn't have to know that. He seemed to stay silent for a minute before he snorted, his voice losing some of its anger.

"You can't, I…I kind of did already." I stared at the door in disbelief. Somehow, he knew what I was doing and got louder, seeming to walk toward the door. "It wasn't my fault! How was I to know the lock was was that weak?

"You locked yourself in the room?" I asked slowly, trying to understand how that was even possible. But then again, I was dealing with a complete moron here.

"It's not like I'm proud of it or anything. Anyone could have done it with a little effort. I just…I was stronger than I thought alright?!" Now I had to break the door down.

"Wait there. Don't go near the door." I sighed and moved over to the door that led to Sakura's room, checking the lock on the other side. Luckily, it was a simply door handle lock that my brother used to have to his door when we were little. He used to steal my stuff and lock it in his room, with him having the only key. Luckily, I knew how to open both door. So I moved back to the previous one, placing my hand on the handle and turning it as far as it would go before I got resistance. Angling my shoulder away from the door, I used my arm and side to ram into the it, causing the lock to unlock for a second and the door to fly open. I wouldn't actually break the lock, but it made it cave long enough to get in.I looked up at Naruto, smirking a bit at the surprised look on his face. "Even when you run away you need my help, idiot."

"Shut up! I would have figured that out soon."

"It wouldn't work the other way. You have to be on the outside of the door." I moved to check the back of the door, seeing that he had completely ripped the small lock off of the handle. How he managed it, I had no clue.

"I doubt it. If you can do it one way, you can do it the other." And suddenly his body was behind mine, shutting the door. I grabbed the handle a second too late, staring at the now locked door in front of us. The…idiot.

"Dobe, what's on the outside of a door?"


"How does framework work?"

"It stops the door from swinging both ways." I waited for him to click it together in his head. "So what?" Apparently he was dumber than I thought.

"What keeps the door from swinging both ways? From making it not possible to swing one way? Like, away from the inside of a room?"

"I just said framewo—oh."

"Exactly." I moved away from him and to the bed, sitting on the edge of it. How did I get myself into situations like this? I was sure that I had never murdered anyone, so why was god slowly making me start to like the idea of suicide? I glanced to my side when Naruto sat down next to me, scratching the back of his neck. "I don't suppose to you someone to come get us if we weren't back after a while?"

"I didn't expect to be here for a while."

"It's us, you can't count anything out." I don't think he realized till after he said it how much that could be twisted. I looked forward again, ignoring the heated memory of seeing Naruto arch into my hand. Walking away from him after seeing something like that was probably the hardest thing I had done in a while. Not forever, because I was sure that somehow, the dobe was going to put me into another stupidly annoying position or problem that was even worse. My body throbbed once in anticipation.


"That's not what I meant!"

"I didn't say anything."

"You thought something though." I glared over at him, ignoring how the blush on his cheeks darkened the color of his eyes.

"You're an idiot. I don't have sex on the brain 24/7." I said it a little harsher than I wanted to, and I saw him pull back a bit. Then he crossed his arms and scowled.

"You don't have to be such a tight ass." Again with these stupid sayings. I think of mice and men, a nice saying having nothing to do with sex, or the dobe, or the dobe under me during sex, or the dobe saying my name, or the dobe—

Okay, just the dobe. Period.

"If you don't have something of importance to say, just shut up." I moved to stand up, wondering how long it would take until someone noticed I was gone way too long, but Naruto's hand around my wrist stopped me from going far.

"Hey…uh…" He reminded me of Hinata, staring at his lap while he spoke. Out of all the people the dobe could act like, shy girl was not one of them. "Who got you out of the game? Wa-Was it Sakura or something?"

"What?" His fingers tightened on my wrist when I spoke, making me arch an eyebrow. Just what was he rambling about now?

"You said that you didn't like her or nothing...is there another girl or something? You shouldn't hide shit from me like that; we're supposed to be best friends teme! She's probably ugly or something, right? That's why you won't show me?" Maybe the lack of air was getting to his head because he was making absolutely no sense what-so-ever.

"I don't have a girlfriend, idiot. Like I'd care if you didn't find her attractive," I said, trying to weed through his weird questions. I almost winced at how hard he was now holding onto me.

"So who is it then?"

"Who is what?"

"Damnit Sasuke! Who do you love?!" He looked up at me while he shouted, tugging on my wrist. Getting annoyed with the harsh treatment, I ripped his hand from me.

"It's none of your busin—"

"Yes it is! Stop saying it's not because if it involves you, it is my business!" For a minute, I thought he was losing his mind. Because something snapped inside of him then, and I saw a blur before I was forced onto the bed with Naruto over me. I glared up at him, but that didn't last long. My mouth was hit hard with his while he straddled my waist, blue eyes submerged beneath his tan eyelids. I would have been upset, except my body was enjoying the way Naruto's tongue licked and bit my sealed lips, asking for permission to enter. Still I kept them closed, grabbing his hair and tugging him back away from my mouth, giving up both room to breathe.

"Let me up dobe." He shook his head, and I tried to push him off. But my arms were soon thrown against the bed, bouncing once before Naruto's hands caught my wrists. I was having reverse déjà vu.

"Tell me." His mouth was against my ear, growling his words. I narrowed my eyes to keep myself from shivering.

"Let go."

"It's me, huh?" We fell silent for a while, our chests rising and falling against each other. I could feel his hips against mine, and I finally closed my eyes at the sensation of his moving. He hadn't meant to, but it didn't make a difference to my arousal. "You're in love with me."

"Does it matter?" I mumbled, forgetting to fight a while ago. Naruto was normally weaker than me, but the position let gravity play in his favor. There was no use in wearing myself out until I had a plan to escape. Of course, my mind was a little distracted by the arousing scoff against my ear.

"No, guess not." Well, there was your crash landing for anyone who still thought this was about romance. I waited for him to push off of me, so I had to admit my body jerked a bit when a long lick was delivered the outer shell of my ear. "Either way, I'd still feel the same."

"Get off now," I ordered, no longer liking how my mind and body differed in opinions. I was not his toy to play with. I didn't care who it was, Uchiha Sasuke was not going to become a straight guy's experiment. But the idiot only grinned against the wet skin before pulling the lobe into his mouth. He sucked it once and pulled back. I tried to glare up at him, but he turned his face from mine. Using his lack of attention against him, I threw him off of me and back on the bed. His body feel but his grip tightened, dragging my body over his into a reversed position of what we just had. I wanted to growl, but that was what animals did.

"What the hell teme?!" See, like that. I tugged my wrists for a few seconds before he jerked me forward to fall against his chest. I looked up at him, slightly surprised to see how dark his cheeks had gotten since my semi-forced semi-told semi-there admission.

"You blushing for a reason, dobe?" Another shade darker and he'd be an apple.

"Shut up! It's not like I do this every day!"

"Do what?" He scrunched his nose as if I had said something disgusting.

"You know…this." He moved his hips a bit under me, and I bit back a groan. Instead I turned it into a scoff.

"I'm not doing this with you." His eyes widened in disbelief before he glanced down my body and back up at me. I already knew what he was going to say.

"But you're getting hard!" The manners in this town amazed me. I could feel a heat in my cheeks from his bluntness. I ignored it.

"I'm not something to experiment with."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Did I have to spell everything out for him? "I hate science class, why would I wanna do that?"

Apparently so.

"You're not using me to sate some type of curiosity. Is that clear?" I had managed to get one of my wrists from his, but the dobe used the free arm to wrap around my waist, pressing our bodies against each other. Suddenly, I stopped resisting when I felt two sources of heat between my legs. He seemed to catch the smudge of surprise, because he hesitantly grinned.

"Who said I was just curious? Maybe I…I feel shit too." He seemed to like my reaction and he continued. "Ya know…we've only got about fifteen minutes till the ball drops and a new year starts…"


"Grr, teme! I'm trying to say we should…'do stuff' or something." It was almost pitiable how unsure of himself he was. I stared down at him for about a second before I found my mouth accepting his suggestion with a kiss. He seemed shocked for a moment, and it took a minute for his mouth to open for my questing tongue. I shifted closer to him, brushing my tongue against his for a second. Sharply, he pulled back. "Wa-wait!"

"What, dobe?" I was seriously getting sick of hearing his voice, and my second head agreed completely.

"How the hell do we do this?" I let out a slow breath before I shook my head, leaning down again.

"Shut up. We'll figure it out as we go." I took hold of his mouth, coaxing a soft moaned from his throat while I batted his tongue with mine. He continued to squirm under me, our lower bodies rubbing erotically through our jeans. I held my upper torso above his while we kissed, shivering when I felt his hand yank at my belt. Apparently, Naruto was a lot more accepting of this idea than I thought.

We pulled out abused mouths from each other, and I wasted no time in sliding the shirt up to his armpits. He seemed to get the idea (for once) because he pulled my belt from my pants before he started to wiggle from his shirt. With his arms stuck in the sleeves, I smirked and leaned down to pull one of his nipples into my mouth. I enjoyed the noises bubbling past his lips. I licked the pebble once before Naruto jerked my shirt up too. He pressed his thumbs against my sensitive peeks and rubbed slow enough to make me shiver. I glared while he smirked, seeming content in his achievement of arousing me. I tossed the black t-shirt somewhere behind me, starting to undo his pants while I bit over his other nipple. He arched off the bed enough for me to wiggle his jeans over his ass, pulling away from my new fascination called 'Naruto's body' to get the pants, shoes, and ugly orange socks off of him.

But the dobe couldn't sit still for one second, could he? I barely had time to breathe before he was behind me, pushing me onto my hands and knees. And he said he didn't know how to do this? His hot breath panted against my back while he fumbled to undo my jeans, rocking his hips hard into my ass while he did. I moved to complain, but moaned instead when his hand started to tangle his fingers into my happy trail. I closed one eye and held onto the sheets as his hesitant digits slowly slipped down past the elastic of my boxers. Jeans hung at my knees, and I wanted to hit him for his sudden hesitation. I could practically feel his fingertips on my heated skin, which was shamelessly dripping in anticipation. It was more than anyone, even an Uchiha, could stand.

I decided now would be the time to show him who was topping in this. I grabbed his arm that was shoved in my boxers, holding it there while I pushed his torso with my back. It caused him to fall onto the bed, and I struggled out of everything but my boxers while he glared up at me. I ignored him, sliding between his legs and reminding him of our problems by rocking. He bit his lip for a second before pulling my head down for another heated kiss while our bodies practically had sex through the boxers. I nipped his lower lip and pulled away, trying to keep my eyes open while searching for something to use as lubrication. It was extremely hard however when an aroused blonde wants your attention. I sucked in a hard breath when he pushed off the bed, tugging on my ear with his teeth while one of his hands drew sensual patterns onto my back.

"Unless you want to get hurt, I suggest you stop." I finally spotted something in a bottle, and shrugged. Hand lotion wasn't the best idea, but it was better than trying this without anything. I turned my head to him and gave him a short, hard kiss before I shoved him back of the bed. I moved quickly to the dresser and grabbed the possession, returning to the bed before the dobe got up again. He glanced at the lotion slowly and looked back to me, crossing his arms.

"Alright, second question." I was getting sick of his questions. So I didn't waste time in pushing myself over him, sliding my hand along his inner thigh and brushing the nerve filled tip of his member. He hiss and arched up into my hand while his arms immediately unfolded, favoring to clutch the sheets under us.

"Stop talking." I yanked down the boxers in front of me, stopping for a moment to watch the pre-cum dribble from his slit. Finally I leaned forward, licking the mess while listening to his shout.

"Fuck! Wa-wait!" He grabbed my hair and I glared up at him, popping open the lotion while he spoke. "Who sa-said you were…ya know…"

"Because you don't know what you're doing, remember?" He growled while I slid the lotion along my fingers, not bothering to look at him until the coating was done. I pushed his thighs farther apart, looking up at him when I placed a finger to his entrance. "Ready?"

"No! I didn't agree to being the fucking bottom! I'm not a girl!" He shivered despite his protests when I slid the tip of my finger inside. I took it as an invitation, sliding the whole of my finger into him slowly. He squirmed and his legs spazzed around me when I finally had the entire finger inside of him. I moved up to rest over him, seeing the uncomfortable but not painful look he was giving the ceiling.

"T-Take it out," he muttered, a slight flush filling his features. I brushed the inside of my arm along his shaft, making him grit his teeth while his muscles clamped around my finger. "Da-Damnit this feels weird."

"Let's get one thing straight, dobe." My lips brushed his ear while I spoke, my finger starting to move inside of him in a way that got his hips to arch. "I'm not a girl. If you want a girl to do this with, tell me to stop."

"A-arg…I didn't say that…ow!" He glared at me through lust filled eyes when the second finger started to make its way in. By the instant straining and relaxing of his muscles, I could tell he was fighting to not tense against me. Still, he spoke as if we were having an argument instead of prepping for sex. "Just n-not used to this, okay? Can't blame me f-for being…grr…being nervous." Well, that was true. I had a yearish to get used to the idea of being gay. Naruto had a couple days. But considering he wasn't kicking me out of the bed for inserting the third and most painful finger, was saying he accepted it a lot easier than I did. Then again, it was just his nature to accept things and people for what they were.

The pain must have dulled, because his heavy breathing became panting after a few more thrusts of my fingers. And I added to the pleasure by slipping my free hand around his cock, stimulating the tip in time to my digits' thrusts. He was biting his lip while hesitantly rocking his hips between the two sensations. One he was used to from his own hand. The other, he was going to get used to.

"Ngh!" I looked up at the random noise he made, my hands both stopping while Naruto threw an arm over his eyes. He was breathing heavy, his body shaking a bit. "W-what…did you touch?"

"Touch?" I slowly slid my fingers deeper, moving the tips around before something soft caused Naruto's body to arch off of the bed. It took a second for the haziness of watching his erotic body to dissipate, and I smirked with the memory of Anatomy class. "Ah. The prostate."

"Th-the what?" The class that Naruto had slept through half the time. I chuckled and moved over him, slipping my fingers out and listening to the slight groan of disappointment. And he said he didn't want to be bottom? Seemed pretty for it now. I moved to the lotion again, hissing a bit at the coolness of the liquid against my heated member. Once it was prepared, I grabbed Naruto's legs and pulled them up, making him yelp when I gave him no warning or time to tense and slid into him. His moan was filled with pain and pleasure while his muscles shuddered around my cock. I gritted my teeth tightly to keep myself from going farther. I focused on watching his face while tightening my hands on his thighs.

"You're so not thr-three fucking fingers." I snorted and decided that was my cue to go. Pulling out slowly, I moved back in and assured myself that the dobe was fine before creating a rhythm. We were quiet at first, mainly because it was strange to be this close to each other and not fighting. But slowly his arms came around my neck, dragging me down to him and thrusting his hips into mine.

"Fa-faster asshole." Hn. Pretty funny that he was calling me that. But my need to finish was a little more important than making a comment, and I started to move quicker. Our mouths met for a sloppy kiss while the thrusting became erratic and needy. His hands gripped my shoulders and urged me forward, trying to take control even when he was underneath me. I smirked for a second before closing my eyes, feeling the muscles in my body tense with the warning of completion.

"Sa-Sasuke…ah, fu-fuck…Sasuke!" But at least the dobe came first. His muscles were tighter than any type of masturbation technique, and I moaned out his name in completion. White spotted behind my eyes, and I was thrown by how hard my body jerked into his. I kissed at his neck to try and keep some type of sanity, while he seemed lost in his own release. Our bodies continued to grind into each other for a few long seconds, finally falling back on the bed in a limp mess. I didn't care if I was squishing him or not, because my body was too tired to move.

"Shit!" But apparently the energizer bunny didn't stop even after amazing sex. He literally shoved me out of him while he crawled to the edge of the bed, searching through our mess of clothes to find his phone that was playing some obnoxious ringtone. He hurriedly flipped it open and threw it on speaker, trying to catch his breath. "He-Hello?"

"You two have three minutes until the ball drops. You need to get dress and get down here!" I ignored Sakura's voice as I leaned my head back on the bed, closing my eyes lazily. I wondered for a moment if this was how it felt to be Shikamaru every day of his life. Maybe he just had sex every morning when he woke up. Probably Ino. She was kind of like Naruto in the sense that nothing really wore her out.

"We can't. The door's locked."

"Unlock it?" Well, he deserved that.

"I mean it's stuck! I uh…broke it." There was a moment of silence between them before suddenly a fumbling of the phone was heard.

"Damn Naru! You were in that much of a hurry to get screwed by Sasuke?" When did Kiba get the phone? And wasn't he just utterly disgusted by the idea of us kissing? Ah whatever, he was an idiot anyways.

"S-Shut up dog breath! When I get down there, your ass is mine!"

"I guess you need a new one since Sasuke owned yours, huh?" I could practically hear Naruto's anger. Kiba's laugh echoed through the phone before he continued. "Aw sorry man. Didn't mean to be a pain in the ass. Bet you got enough of that already."

"You better hope I can never get this door open! I am going to kill you!"

"I feel your pain buddy. Oh wait, can't say I have." Another set of laughter went through the phone before more scuffling was heard, Sakura coming back onto the phone.

"I'll come get to you guys in a minute. Just uh…try to clean up or something." And with that, she hung up. I closed my eyes and relaxed for about two seconds before I was shoved off the bed and met the floor in an unwanted greeting.

"This is all your fault teme!" I slowly looked over to him, arching an eyebrow.

"Kiba's terrible jokes are my fault?"

"No! I can't even walk right anymore! Did you have to hump me like a friggen dog?" Wasn't he the one who told me to go faster? Idiot.

"Pull the sheets off the bed." I started to clean myself with the untouched part of the sheet before I shrugged on my clothes, Naruto following my lead at a much slower pace. I turned to glance out the window while he did, seeing the obvious embarrassment that would be expected when you practically have to clean your ass in front of someone. I knew Naruto had a condom in his wallet, but I hadn't thought about it at the time. Next time we do it in a public area I would. Or at least try to.

"Done." I turned back to see him standing awkwardly in front of me, one hand shoved in his pocket while the other constantly seemed to brush his nose. I sighed at the obvious sign of nervousness. "What?"

"The ball drops soon."

"What about it?"

"Uh…nothing." By then the minute was up, and Sakura came to free us of our prison. It was a little weird, especially when she showed Naruto how to quickly throw the sheets into the wash. By the time we got back to the living room, the ball was at 20 seconds.

"Good! We didn't miss it!" Sakura said, sighing in relief. I rolled my eyes and stared at the screen.

"You know, there's a rumor about the ball dropping. If you kiss the person you love when the ball hits zero, you're supposed to be happy with them for the entire year." Ino's pointless words meant nothing to me until I remembered the awkward blonde in the room earlier.

"Dobe." I turned my head to him when the ball hit one, only to find his lips were already eager to find mine. We kissed for a few seconds, ignoring the coos and catcalls of the others after their kisses were done.

"Guess the psychic was right." He mumbled softly, and I rolled my eyes.

"Well she had you pegged right at least." He blinked once before tilting his head.

"I was in it? No way! Who was I?"

New Year's Resolution: Find Naruto's brain.

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