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Note: This is a series of unrelated drabbles containing Naruto and Sakura. This was originally something I wrote when I participated in a mini drabble contest a while back and I thought that I'd post this here was well. First up, keyword: Scars.


As they lay on the green plastic tanning chairs by the local pool, Sakura could not help but stare at her best friend with envy. He was sprawled on the chair haphazardly with bright orange swimming trunks, fairly large sunglasses and a glass of lemonade in one hand. His skin was flawless, she noted to herself as she stared at his face and worked her way down to his bare chest, then all to the way to his legs and feet. Not a single flaw, she noted enviously. How was it that a boy was capable of having finer skin than she? The thought was preposterous! But yet, the sad truth all the same.

With a sigh, Sakura glanced down at her own tanning figure, clad in a dark navy bikini. There were little scars and blemishes randomly scattered through her body that a sense of self-consciousness overtook her at times when she was in the mood for a swim or wear something that revealed a bit more skin than what her usual attire covered. If it weren't for the fact that this pool was littered with Konoha shinobis and kunoichis like Naruto and herself, she wouldn't have even bothered stepping anywhere near the pool.

Sakura stole another glance at his flawless skin and fumed. It really wasn't fair! What she'd give for skin like that, but knew that the days of smooth childlike skin were gone years ago and sadly would never return.

After sensing his teammate steal glances at him for the past few minutes, Naruto could not help but cast his friend a questioning look. "Is there something on my face?"

"No," she answered bitterly, earning her another questioning look. Sighing, Sakura raked her hand through her hair briefly and turned to face her blond teammate.

"It's not fair," she started out and at his confused expression she continued, "How can a boy have better skin than a girl? No blemishes, no scars, no nothing! Your skin is flawless!"

Sakura wanted to hit him over the head the moment those words left her lips and a smile etched itself across his face.

Sakura scowled at her teammate. She noticed that his smile and laugh had died out some time ago, replaced with a thoughtful and guilty expression. She wondered what could have stopped his laughter until she realized that he was staring at her arm. The scar from when he injured her in his four-tailed form was still there, though not as noticeable as before. She could tell where his thoughts were drifting for he had yet to remove his gaze from her arm let alone blink.

She decided that she needed to break his train of thoughts before he started to mope again. "I've told you many times that it's not your fault, Naruto. You weren't in control and I know that you'll never hurt me."

It seemed to calm him slightly for his offered a slight smile. "But you know one thing the fox is good for?"

She couldn't help but raise her eyebrow at his question.

"I don't need make-up to cover my scars and blemishes!" he said with a cheeky smile.

Needless to say, Sakura did not feel the least bit guilty for shoving him into the pool.

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