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Note: Wanted to try something different with this one. It's all in present tense rather than my usual past tense stuff. Keyword: Present/Gift.


He is surprised the moment he steps through his apartment. It is unusually dark and he swears that he left the curtains open. He slips into a defensive stance out of instinct but is taken aback when the lights suddenly turn on, blinding him, and a chorus of "Surprise!" rings through his ears.

His whole apartment is crowded with people he has known for years: the Rookie 9, Team Gai, Konohamaru Corps, Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-taichou, Tsunade-baachan, and Shizune-neechan. His heart swells with joy and he is afraid that he might have a heart attack at the sheer amount of people. He smiles bashfully at the sudden realization that his place was an absolute mess and that it must have taken hours if not days to clean up the mess. No wonder Tsunade-baachan sent him out on a three day mission.

The party was one of the best that he could ask for. There were decorations everywhere along with piles of food, incase Chouji decided to leave none for the other guests, and a bright red swirl, like the back of his jacket, cake with the numbers "16" decorated in candy. He couldn't help but laugh at that. He loved candy almost as much as he loved ramen. They danced and partied the night away, stopping only in the middle for him to open his presents and gifts. He could not believe how well everyone knew him and smiled bashfully while thanking everyone repeatedly.

He is further surprised that as everyone files out of his apartment, Sakura made no move to leave. She asks if he likes his present to which he offers a wide grin and points to the new black headband with a red swirl on his head. "Of course!"

She smiles fondly and shyly tells him that she has one more present to give him before she heads out for the night. He is naturally curious as to what it could be and is pleasantly surprised when she stands on her tiptoes and pecks him on the lips, a blush appearing on her cheeks before she waves and walks through the front door.

He is still dazed from the bliss of that kiss and falls backward onto the couch, a goofy smile on his face. He knows that if anyone were to ask him which present is his favorite, he'd answer "Sakura-chan's" in a heartbeat.