Playmates: A Ben and Annie LOST Fic

by the Screwy Dame

Some info – In an attempt to flesh out Ben's backstory where his mysterious childhood friend Annie is concerned, I have drafted the following fic starring the pair. Hope you enjoy!

Prologue –

"As Much As You Want"

It was a hot day in August when Benjamin Linus met the love of his life, a sweet and wholesome little girl named Annie who gave him a chocolate bar and told him he could have as much as he wanted.

He didn't know it at the time, but it wasn't just the candy she was offering him. It was her friendship, and her smiles, and the way she sometimes snorted when she laughed too hard. It was the pigtails in her hair, and the endless games of tag, and the way she always found him when they played Hide and Seek, but she somehow always managed to elude him when it was his turn to be It. It was her tears when she was sad, and her arms when he grieved.

It was her love, all told, and she was telling him that he could have as much of it as he wanted.

And he knew from the start that he wanted it all, and for as long as she was willing to give it to him.