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A/N: This was a fanfic I attempted three years ago but never finished. I'll upload more if you like it!

Han looked at Leia, her rage contrasting against the softness of her white uniform and hair. 'I'm sorry if you feel that way, your worship.'

Struggling to suppress her fury, the princess turned coolly on her heel and attempted to walk away.

His voice followed her down the corridor, irresistibly baiting the prey. 'It's not my fault you can't resist the old Correlian charm.'

'Charm?' She spat out the question like distasteful liquor. Again, her inner Alderannean decorum was defeated by her desire to strangle this man.

'Enough to have Jabba chasing after you, but that's all.' She found her voice bellowing back. 'Not to mention the walking carpet.'

'Hey, sister!' His voice took on a mock-wounded tone as he closed the distance between them. 'Now you're getting personal.' He towered over her.

Leia drew herself up to her full height and glared disdainfully. 'You would know all about that, wouldn't you? Being Mr Sensitive?' He opened his mouth to reply but her words tumbled out in a violent storm. 'I heard how you addressed me to Luke.'

He grinned sheepishly, taking a more level stance. 'You have to admit your highness you can be a handful –'

She overrode him. 'Ice Princess?' He was sure he could detect a note of disappointment in her voice.

'I'd stop calling you that if only you'd warm up to me a little.' He was now close enough to take in the scent of her hair, the angry passion her eyes dissolving every passing moment he drew closer. He could almost feel the burning of her cheek against his, the touch of her lips –

when she turned away, embarrassed, casting her eyes anywhere but on him.

Leia managed to save herself with a scathing reply. 'When all hell freezes over.'

He felt the old irritation well inside him as he watched her make for the falcon's exit. Suddenly he found himself at a loss for a comeback. 'You're leaving the ship?'

Her voice carried from just outside the ship, it was impossible to miss the seething sarcasm. 'I'm sure you'll have the ladies enthralled with this bucket of bolts.'

He sighed as he slipped on an oxygen mask to combat the alien territory, swiping another for the impossible woman outside. 'Chewie, I'm out hunting for hostile wildlife. I'll inform you on the commlink if anything goes wrong.'

* * *